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Emma Chatonoir  Dec 2014
Emma Chatonoir Dec 2014
We were better friends than I thought
Which makes me miss you more

I met you at a play practice
Where your character
Was my character's love interest
I approved of this strongly
Cause you were one of the
Cutest guys
I had ever met

We explored New Jersey together
And you claim that you
Got a crush on me
After I grabbed your arm and had you help me
When I had a seizure in a shopping mall

Two months later
We'd been talking a lot
It was band night that night
And a mutual friend pushed me into you
We had to set up a videogame console
And I was watching you
And thinking how much I liked you
When suddenly
My arm spasmed
And the popcorn I was holding
Went all over the place
You laughed as I picked it up
And wondered what possessed me
To do that

Somehow we wound up outside
Looking for your friend
Who was hiding in the forest
We wound up walking around the track
And getting into a conversation
About *** toys
Which I knew nothing about
But yet you kept talking

Eventually we both laid down
On a football practice mat
You asked what I thought of you
When we were eye to eye
And I mentally pooped my pants
And said "'re nice"

You smiled and said
You had a confession to make
I took your hand and you said
You really, really liked me
I said I liked you too
And you leaned in to cuddle
Until I had another seizure
Literally two seconds later
After that, I just listened
To you speak on how
You wanted to rule the world
And that I could rule it with you
You walked me into the school
And our friends walked by
Knowing what happened

And then you didn't speak to me
For the entire summer
I wasn't sure if you were my boyfriend
Or what was even going on
I was too young to date
So it was really confusing
When I came back on the first day of school
And you hugged me

In the stands for a football game
You put your arm around me
According to witnesses
I went limp
And don't remember much of what happened
It was obvious I was sick

One day
The medicine made me have a side effect
And I started having more seizures
Passing out in class
And accidentally jumping from
The top of the stairs
The next day
You said you didn't even like me anymore
I cried for hours
And then realized
I was crying over nothing
Except a hug

A week later I was assaulted
And I needed someone
More than ever
But you weren't there
That's okay
I shouldn't rely on a guy anyway

We didn't speak much
For six months
Until another guy kissed me
In front of you
And you also stole my glasses by mistake
But you sat with me
When no one else did
Gave me your jacket when I went into spasms
I thought you forgot my disability

The day you heard
I was moving
You were really upset
You wrote in my yearbook
This wouldn't be goodbye
And that I would see you again
Sometime soon

I remember we went to a terrible movie
And also hung out with other friends too
That summer, I didn't see you much
Because I considered a boyfriend
More meaningful than you

But when that boyfriend hurt me
I came to you for advice
You helped me end things peacefully
The last time I saw you
I thanked you for that
And hugged you after a football game
And then never saw you again

We spoke a little bit in April
When you helped me get the confidence
To ask out a sweet guy
But other than that
I haven't heard from you at all

Well, about two months ago
You showed up in one of my dreams
And hugged me a bunch of times
I woke up missing your friendship
And wanting to talk to you
But I think you'd ignore my messages

We were better friends than I thought
Which makes me miss you more**

When our paths cross again
I hope you'll be as happy to see me as I am you.
Madeleine Toerne Apr 2014
Day 1
We'll maneuver down your ecosystem driveway onto
Latcha; not on red-spray painted bikes, but in maroon Civic.
Lunches packed, cooler stacked, en route for 8 hours [we reckon].
I presume five hours away and three hours to Waterloo my dad will wonder about our E.T.A, and I will say, "we are about three hours away."
We'll have fought over D.J. and agreed on the Stones,
but you'll know the words more than I.
But we'll save money and lodge ourselves at a
friend's house with the same last name as a vacuum.

Day 2
9 hours to Rapid city, South D
hopefully to see the faces of old men carved into a big old rock.  
I'll look out the window and quote lines from "America" by Simon
and Garfunkel and be the best ******* co-pilot that ever was.

Day 3
Country Motor Inn, drive on, to the Country Motor Inn!
now's a good time to take that Adderall.  

Day 4-8
To the coast,
to hike around the area,
to rent bikes,
to drink hip-hoppity PNW brews with yous
and you're new, cool roomies.  

Day 9
Clenching the arm chairs,
would rather take a 74-hour train ride
than be up in the air.
vinny  Jun 2016
double dipping
vinny Jun 2016
i see your double dipping
from multiple straws your sipping
he's buying you mikey kors
as my texts are ignored

you know i'm a sucker
for secret victoria
34B mediums all day long
i'll get some more for ya
pulled pork sandwiches
with orange cream soda
yoga pants from lemon loulou
if it's just me and you
even though you spread the love
all over the PNW
when i gave you my extra key
it wasn't for a rendezvous
with you know who
and eat all my steaks
with your favorite fan base

it's true your double dipping
though i'm not tripping
but i think i'm done
contributing to your
*retirement fund
Alexandria Hope May 2017
Sometimes the nights up here sink into my bones.
There was no quiet in Cali, not really. Even as the apartments and small homes slept, there were the haggard and homeless on the streets. The lamplights never went off, and security made rounds around the gates and shopping center. All rounded off neatly with the late-night patrons of the 24hr Walgreen's.
I was one of them.
No, there's a peace to the PNW. The fog that blankets everything, keeping the night sweet, secluded. Somewhat lonely.
(I would hate to not have a friend up here)
There's a way the stillness of the hours after midnight sink into me.
Surrounded by trees, grass, dirt. Bugs and owls and coyotes.
The earth breathes here, the night is a living entity.
It breathes me in, and though I may be at odds with the nights up here
Sometimes, we are at peace. A peaceful understanding.
As I sit, and let it wash away who I was and who I am.

— The End —