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sophia moz  Dec 2018
sophia moz Dec 2018
i wish someone would look at me and know that i’m worth more than what you see at first glance
i’ve spent so much time being treated as if i’ll never be good enough that i’m worried that i never will be
my words always fall upon deaf ears
no matter how hard i try i can never make them stay
a side effect of life is always the soul bounding feeling of never having enough
renae Oct 6
Oh little lily pad,
You'll have to battle to stay afloat,
Shielding yourself against the sharp, dark waves,
Of my beating heart.
But, please learn to take root.
For, I'll intertwine around you,
Taking hold, slowly hoping you'll realize,
Those same dark waters,
Are struggling to nuture your very core.
Those same dark waters,
Have made you grow, baby.

— The End —