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sophia moz Jan 27
You look at me like i look at him
The longing is overwhelming and i can’t help but spin
I never meant to feel so deeply for him that i forgot that you existed
But i need to follow what my heart is telling me even if it never works
I can’t give you what you want
  Dec 2018 sophia moz
n oa
i still miss you. i never stopped missing you. but i'll be okay.
  Dec 2018 sophia moz
Your ***** body
Pressed on mine
We kissed

I thought that
I should feel

Thrill, euphoria
****, love
Or bliss

But no
I felt
And I'm very sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me.  You are everything I have ever wanted, but for some reason touching you leaves me blank.  I feel nothing.  And I am sorry.
sophia moz Dec 2018
treasure the little things,
like dogs
or pizza
sophia moz Dec 2018
i don’t know anybody who is happier in december than they are in july
sophia moz Dec 2018
sometimes things just fall apart
there’s no fixing them because it’s beyond fixable
so throw it out and get a new one
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