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rgz  Oct 2019
rgz Oct 2019
"push it"
"you can do it"
"you're the only thing holding you back"
ask yourself
if you were on your death bed today
would you be happy with your life?
with the choices you made?
well, that's all on you

positive thinking will change your life
positive thinking will change your mind

I care, we care, look, here's a meme to share
there's no need to **** yourself today
give it a like and let's all have a great day!

you don't know what the *******'re talking about
#fitspo followers standing tall and devout
on the shoulders of social media preachers and clowns
#mentalhealthawareness is what we're about

are you aware that all you do is bring the rage out?
that your words have an empty, hollowed out sound?
your fake inspiration is straight condemnation
a sure-fire invitation to alienation

for those who tried and tried and tried
and try
and cry
who barely survive
what exactly is there to be positive about?

when every waking moment is a battle with your thoughts
when sleep is no escape because the pain keeps you up
when the pills you need aren't the ones you can take
when today's tomorrow is yesterday
when you're just so **** tired you can't even say
go away

drink plenty water!
it doesn't matter that you're ******* drowning
I'll be your spotter from up here on the high ground

and remember to exercise, like and subscribe!
never mind if your body is weak
battered, bruised rubble in a heap
great chat everyone, see you all next week

— The End —