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Descovia Sep 23
Been moving around
block to block
Lost child with heavy thoughts
battling every paradox
This is life for a hardknock
Many ways to connect the dots
You gotta think outside the box
Making moves with trick shots

Blame It On The Streets
He shoulda gave it all he got
Thinking he was a sly fox
Foolish *****, hit him with the Criss-Cross
Kick a ***** off, like flip flops
Grinding with team
We all have to play our part
Throwing coins in jars
just to fill the ***!

Catch me all day on the lot
I know the boys back at home
been goin' through alot
Keep the grip in my socks
Never need to touch a rock
Never **** with any cops
I move muscle, I don't move with ops!

Life in the jungle never stops
So **** the snakes
Before they **** the crops!
My aim is 007
Going for his ******* top
Dash before the body drop...

****. He's leaking. Get the mop!
My bros got dogs that eat like sharks!
It's vital, you don't try me
unless you have the heart!
Nowhere for you to run
Third eye watching you in the dark
You wanna play with luck
watch it all go to rot, I suggest you NOT
My magic has advantages to twist the plot.

Here's a reminder incase you forgot.
Click-clock. Time flows, personality
match a glowing wrist tho
I'm all about that smoke
long and heavy with it
Call me Mr Extendo
feeling myself like
Your grandma sportin crocs
Crazy **** got me
runnin on my hands
But ain't doing it for no Tik-Tok!

Sitting back, racking up, I am counting knots.
I do this for moves nothing else to prove.
All ya'll gimmie gimmie babies.
But little Jimmy got shell shocked.
I can put the entire block on lock.
Don't have to believe me.
Just sit back and watch!

— The End —