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betterdays  Aug 2014
betterdays Aug 2014
unleash the mind
from the worn workaday bind
jump the groove
leave inhabition behind

for a moment, an hour , a year
let it all unwind
unravel and spool
to lie limpid on the sand
let the physche sojourn
let it be
leave the worry, the regret
and fly the cosmos
or sail the carribean
or better yet
do naught  
but unbind the bound
unbide the  biden
let loose the liger
and find
sweet freedom
if only to ask directions
to the  nearest  
Pink Taylor  Oct 2010
Pink Taylor Oct 2010
I'm falling in love with my dark
                 Giving it treats,
                                Letting it run free
                           I'm ignoring all the
And so far it's helped me
  unblinded me
taken me places I'd
    never thought I'd be

The only way I've found
  To get me closer there
Is to do what they've
     told me
                       don't do that
I break my rules
        that seem worn out
  And shake hands
      with the person in the
Who has always seemed
   but foreign

— The End —