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eden halo  Feb 2014
eden halo Feb 2014
I used to bathe in PVA
to hold myself together,
the striptease of confession,
forging a synthetic skin
to let people under, tear
asunder, take
a piece and frame it
like a rubbing of a leaf
or gravestone,
lock it in a locket,
gild your open heart.

One childish summer, I
stood on a street corner
with a friend, de-winged
ants knee deep, picking at her
sunburnt shoulders, peeling
her away, leaves to the wind
like a flowerbud
or christmas present,
trying to find her
angel wings
halfway between shoulder
blades and tissue paper
skin, volant as powder down.

Some precious things
are best left veiled.
Carmen Reed Oct 2015
The time you first saw me
Was the falling of the seed
Into rich life-giving soil

The moment you noticed me
Was the seed itself
The start of a blooming love

When you started getting to know me
The first roots told hold in the earth
And wouldn’t let go

When you became the friend I turned to for everything
The first sprout sprung up from the land
Turning toward sunlight

When friendship started turning into something more
Stem grew inch by inch
Up and up, until leaves were born

When we first kissed
The flowerbud was coming out of its shell
Taking a breath of fresh air

When all my heart goes to you
The flower flourished
A perfect symbol of our love
Henri Words  Sep 2021
Henri Words Sep 2021
A beam of brightness shedding from the sky
A message received instantly at heart
A teardrop falls in direction of the light
A flowerbud blossoms in just a second
Revised Sep 8, 2021

— The End —