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Enoch Solomon Sep 29
I pray thee,
may the Spirit full of long suffering build an ark for his rest,
were Justice comes with peace and Judgement is greatly dread,

Oh that the principles may be written
Before time's or seasons
And the awe of the Almighty be established for this reason,

Do not bring light to the dark
except it is a deeper smoke,
Light is for the day,
as sure as sight is for the young,
Search, consider & follow Counsel till your eyes grow dim and deep as dark waters. So that when the bell tolls  with Spiritual Understanding you'll walks through the path of sacred eternal life,
as sure as wisdom is a lamp for thy feet.

Have you not heard the wise elders of Greece learnt from the princes of Egypt !
And all the prince of Kement  shall run out before JAH the King Of Cush
and the garden of Eden shall be restored once again ?

Blessed is the one who Finds Adam, Glorious is the one Who sees ABBA the Father of the God's spell,
And Araya his resting place.
Who has made the descended lovely, And the Ascended equally beautiful,

I am a throne,
a shrine & a temple,
my garden is my Home; buried in cryptic & Cyphers,

my studies never ends,
my ways are forevermore bountiful in seasons & plentiful before the few who reverence living.

I separated the sheep from the goats and made an ant rejoice over pigs,

I brought forth traditions for elders to reason & acknowledge the ancient path of their four father's, before sense was fully matured, I made signs instruct before  wonders & it marvellous, before words were completely learned and aged was still dependent on pure spiritualual milk (advise)
as little babies sure craving for breast milk to appreciate breathe,

I Spring forth religion
a holy doctrine for my few choosen anointed to bless the land with morality and perfect character & warn the wicked & fools to reconsider the ancient stone.

not withstanding I never forsake culture and it's carnivals as a way of life,
For I am not an Author of confusion.

But from loving kindness I raise education to tame everything and make man perfect taking away all his burden, as sure as the supreme one seize the horn of Africa.

Who formed and pattern our thoughts purely, who guides and lead our mind to righteous path only,

who control the emotion of the body and makes it holy, Is not wisdom supreme and Understanding abide forever,

does not love edureth with eternallife forever.

Was the creator ever a toddler
bored and lonely,
Will only a stupid person not ask who created the Creator as sure as the madness of folly and wickedness leads to destruction and ******* gain.

I'll wait for an answer at the gate I exalted more than the whole house.

Jah is supreme in his throne,
Almighty God is perfect In his
shrine Habitation,
Fear, for the Lord is in his Holy temple,
and the Father is eternally pure in his garden

— The End —