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and the skies with sudden encore come
filled with words not worked
orchastrating a full complement
of treacherous ambition
and will an exploration
of competeing claim of unsundry wills
and such as is gives men a will to transform themselves
to give a cause to anciet or recent voice
a permissible presentation of possibilities
in battle and brawl with a blunt rhetorical and physical disorder
which does emphasize such dramas
with stark, violent and repressive potential
all tantilized with the prospect of wealth in the ground
make a contention with vicious energies
of hate and ambition that propels
an intence and exhausting experience
upon a once civil-world to spiral
vertiginously toward an ancient choas
enacting old stories with the oppresiveweight of the past
now monstrous individualism
whose hideously fragile bonds to peace
no longer exeert their hold
and thus divorse themselves
with an individual rapaciousness
annihilating lives with a curiousley
derivative quality for a store of gas and oil
and disinherite themselves from moral constriant
evoking the soliloquy of historical hypocrisy
with a mutilation of truth
in a tragedy of lament for all human kind
then sudden uncalled for encore fills the skies
Dawn Ndlovu  Aug 2015
Dawn Ndlovu Aug 2015
Its never easy admiting
While accusing is the strongest thing in
my mouth,
The taste,taste bitter while my words
hurt like dumped woman in divorse,
While my words inflict pain,
A million dollar question rises,
Will she ever forgive me for the pain I
While I apologies like a widow asking
questions in her mind of did he die.
While I look for her respond as her
mouth opens,
I try to catch my breath,
While my mind wonders around thinking
of a million things in one,
For a moment the world stopped,
Pictures of her where on my mind,****!!
The world turned dark with her in it.
Fenix Flight  May 2014
Fenix Flight May 2014
Maybe if they had fought more.
Maybe if they had yelled or screamed.
It wouldn't have been as great of a shock.

I had no warning.
No hint at all.
They covered up the signs so well.

On the day they told us.
The news stabbed my heart.
The tears, I couldn't hold back.

My family was splitting apart.
Daddy was moving out.
He and Kellie were getting a divorse.

It shattered my world.
It tore traditions apart.
My world was never the same.

My hopes that maybe they would get back together.
Were smashed to microscopic peses.
The day Daddy intruduced us to his new girlfriend.

It's been over two years.
And the pain hasn't gone away.
It still seems like a terrible nightmare.
Wrote this Two years after my father and stepmother divorsed. its been years since, but it still hurts every now and again

— The End —