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Helena Gray  Feb 2012
Helena Gray Feb 2012
I sit here,
Staring at your name,
And I don't know how we went from Lunch to the coldwar
in a heartbeat.
And I keep wondering was it that kiss goodbye?
A kiss that said to me, in soft sultry tones,
'hey see you tomorrow'
And to you? To let go?
A move to fast? for those who like to move slow

No matter how many times I look back to try and see,
Inside your mind, Through your actions,
Read you reactions,To the things that I said
To the way you held me in bed,
Nothing explains this,
Only that misplaced kiss

Your artic stares and cold shoulders,
Do not render my resolve to resist,
But they hold my heart in a glacial grip,
And it hurts, That something so wonderful,
is over.
That memories made from our early morning escapades,
Will always remind me of us,
Hand in Hand,
and unafraid,
of touches, embraces, and kisses goodbye
somehow in that final night our fire died

That misplaced kiss goodbye.
winter  Oct 2021
winter Oct 2021
It isnt too late for compassion
And it isnt too late for hope
You from the city
Who comes from peace
Knows no difference
Between land and borders
I come from the coldwar
I come from plains
And I've seen the real need
To be unified
To be free

— The End —