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In the beginning i was "oh no, uh oh" crying. Then I was the "not in my house" "nasty spiclett, rug rat, welfare seed". After I was here it was there, then there was shes such a bad kid, only cuz no one was stopping him. Then it was liar liar she's just a filthy **** liar, all the while theres turmoil left and right. How does a child just adjust with no one to ever trust, no home to call her own, bouncing here, bouncing there, never having anything constent. Always called every other name then the name forced upon me, like a mark, another label. How does a child learn how to eat at a table never provided for just always shiwn the door. Was this chuld just suppose to know how to survive all alone, nothing ever of thier own. Thats just the breaks of never being wanted.

— The End —