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Quentin Briscoe Feb 2013
You ever seen me move my left foot then my right...let the Bass drop it'll be a hell of a night..Im talkin body on speed, music on crack...Im a get down, girl make ya break ya back... I'm popper and a locker...A true show stopper...And when I work the floor it just ask for more... I'm a do what i do aint no touchin this...Ice cold to all the honeys, a true breezybrisk...Move quick with the fist, lighting with the feet...My sweat makes it rain, and the thunders in the beat... I'm a storm moving through, hurricane this....Destruction of the floor, break it down real quick...Dancing in my body, vibrations in my soul....******* in everybody, a rhythmic black'll party wit me brotha, ya girl will back it up...All together now, on the floor tear it up...Now back to my left foot over to my right...Eat ya vegetables I'm gonna Y.A.M tonight...

— The End —