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wordvango Feb 2017
gonna go into the animal treat business.
Ever taste the **** they sell?
Tastes like PlayDoh mixed with blah!
I am gonna buy a heap of
flour and paste, the white Elmers's stuff
some forms to mix it into
the shape of a bigdog *****
I mean bone,
season it with chicken broth and mix it with Ramen noodles
hey they cheap, I have lived months on them for twenty dollars
and I know a hungry animal
would like them better than the t-bone treats I bought
that tasted like cardboard
and paper , they did look
good, though, and only a dollar?
Lice H-P Jun 2017
Fulfillmentis fullfattle, forfull fatheds and fatalcattle,
a fatty lotto o' goodpoints;
andonthetroubjectofpoints: point of demon ted conceit.
Summum bonum essentialdeath's
outercrockhoary innerchildlocked talons
arloike rewroites' rewroi'in,
rites of rereaddin that overplace me my overtheplace
all inside up. Stated the tooth clawly in my own woods

   - what wordsforthetease - i'm a steponpenwerebear,
not some strephonwoof bore,
tho' still rude in truth and clear
nature is not pink. Howev' there is no
stopping care.
Bear it, Cuddlycuticles! i'm teetotal as koalas in their koalakubbutz,
alchummy as limesardines, cubbud buddies inthemidstofthe
blitz.  But kindly less aware
- as smackedup on Ceetotal love as ladies look on the brink
of O. Are they **** aware?

i'm teduardo notquitebearchest tho' razor-
ophobe with upperfrontal overplast ears and eraser-
sharp claws my razorchic Clare's
either wilted wivwuv, or, smeltsmit,
We're one nail

nailingdown the tale of now.  
O theorisers of the sexes' forbearance, functional fondness,
here is my answer:
Her remarks are piercing, Her laughter isn't. Evennow still a wise snowl
- my head's sore, so i must be clever - i amno no-tail no-tail,
no palesnarler or kittenman,
but a fresh pro with a velvetpelt, coat of freshfish!
Fo' tho' th'arno acmeaardeparkstaff-
lunch'nings ta bust one's  sore bear block
- upon grizzly edams or thible it, Goldiglocks's - even
th'even ownership of love
c'nt emasculate and chop
off the entire madness of this badenglish
infested lice.

But like weatherfield's supermakeit-
up, i'm  'freshco' atthemo,
so chase me death ducky, butch with pendingperenniality
in the playground was i.
And dare tadoomme an injustice too tony bairface, lice's already astoundingly
enfranchised by Cee,
4 CJ

— The End —