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RyanMJenkins Feb 2012
I'm going to lose my mind, otherwise it's going to be made to seem as though it's true.
There are people manipulating your every day though you still may think this doesn't mean **** to you. We "misunderstood" are always gonna be considered crazy,
standing up to the powers, even maybe those that pay me.
Lazy is the mindset we're supposed to persist with
and knock off the protester sayin' "oh they're just throwing a ***** fit".
Wake up, we're all stuck.
We can join the powers that be and revel,
so long as you sign the dotted line and sell your soul to the devil.
Questioning observations can lead to revelations.
The fear that is sewn into us makes us turn away, with constant hesitations.
Our society is delicately controlled and to it, we are constricted.
Even sharing these thoughts with you, I am conflicted,
for most don't wanna see what's behind the advertisement.
Some people go along with anything as if they're mindbent.
There's lots of RED(onthestreets), and WHITE(behindthescenes), so why can't you see?
Someday maybe MORAL (more'll) realize that we really aren't free.

— The End —