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Emily Dickinson Wannabe
"Hope is the thing with feathers, That perches in the soul."


Michael Kusi Nov 2017
Wannabe wrote to the judge and said he wanted to proceed pro se.
The judge replied back and said that it was okay.
Not knowing that Wannabe knew less about law than most lawyers forgot
When Wannabe was looking on Amazon, he had an amazing thought.
They said if you wanted to hide something from a black put it in a book.
But he replied to himself, They did not figure that this black would look.
Wannabe figured that he could teach himself the law like school.
He didn’t know that both the professor and the student in this case was a fool.
Finally, and most amazingly, the day for the trial was here.
Wannabe was confident he would win, he did not fear.
He say that the landlord had at his side appointed counsel.
But Wannabe thought that the case hinged on the stronger will.

Wannabe held on to the podium as if he wanted it choked
There wasn’t a single rule of opening statements he hadn’t broken.
Wannabe said To my friends, my enemies, and my haters.
He thought this is my chance to say what wasn’t in the motion papers.
Then Wannabe looked up at the judge and said May it please the court.
This should be both a property dispute and a tort.
Because during my time there, he made me very distressed.
He was both a menace to society and an enemy of progress
The landlord’s lawyer did not object because he was so shocked.
That the law could be so abused, battered and mocked.

Then the landlord’s lawyer called his witness to the stand.
And asked him a very simple direct question.
Wannabe shouted out with a loud cry, “Objection”
Then he said under his breathe for all to hear, “I am not the one”
The judge said that Wannabe’s objection was overruled.
Wannabe said, “Im not a lawyer” and the judge replied, “No one was fooled”.
Wannabe continued to carry on until the judge called him for a conference.
And told him that if he did not behave, his case would be dismissed.
Then it came time for Wannabe and Wannabe said, “I wish to direct-examine me”.
The judge said No you cant do that, and very angrily.
Wannabe had to sit down because he did not have a witness or expert.
Then the judge said that he lost, and Wannabe was especially hurt.
Michael Kusi Nov 2017
Wannabe claimed from a young age he was meant to play pro basketball.
Even though he wasn’t strong, couldn’t jump high, and couldn’t go fast at all.
He tried to shoot foul shots at the park but he just shot foul.
When someone would bump him he was mad he didn’t get calls.
Wannabe would flop so much people watching said he was trying to audition.
And he would shoot the mid range jumper as if he was going fishing.
See, Wannabe played on the varsity team in high school  but his uncle was the coach.
And he would not listen to people who told him he had the wrong approach.
Wannabe attacked the basket like it stole something, but he would miss the shot.
His shooting form  on the basketball looked like he hurt his wrist a lot
Because Wannabe  would shoot the ball almost from his side.
And when Wannabe did not make it in it was like someone had died.
Because Wannabe said the rims was tilted and his friend said his shot was tilted.
Now Wannabe doesn’t talk to that friend anymore because he felt jilted.
Rebounding was a foreign concept to Wannabe and defense  did not know his game.
So when he had to guard someone it was like a free basket because there was an open lane.
Wannabe did not get steals or blocks, because he said that those were not points.
And when somebody scored on him, Wannabe said it was because of his aching joints.
But Wannabe is in the park, because he thinks one day he will be in the NBA.
But the time that he would get signed seems like an eternity away.
Michael Kusi Nov 2017
Wannabe tried to contact companies to tell his life story.
Saying that his struggles would make for an interesting biography.
When Wannabe would watch gangsta movies, he told people that it was based on him.
He shouted on street corners he moved bricks into this hood, but he wasn’t building mansions.
Wannabe said he had more money than athletes with shoe deals.
Because he said emphatically that money laundering was the new skill.
When people asked him where this money was, Wannabe said it was off-shore.
Because he did not want the federal government to mess with it anymore.
Wannabe claimed that the product he sold was so strong it made people cough.
Listeners shook their heads, telling him that if it was true then something was off.
They said that it sounded like he had bad product that was painful.
He then retorted that Columbians called him the Snow Angel.
But Wannabe could not even point to Columbia on an atlas.
He said it was because he had a girlfriend there he had catfished.
They called up people who Wannabe had said were his henchmen
And those men were confused when they said Wannabe ran with them.
He looked frantic until he said that those men had memory loss.
And that rival Columbians revered him as an enemy boss.
He kept talking, but eventually people stopped paying attention.
When Wannabe was brought up in conversation, he didn’t get a mention