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A bluebird flies, fearless, in the clouds, but succumbs to fate,
Falling. Its wings broken bent and belted in the cry of last hope.
If only Icarus weren’t so close— as sky gives way to sea.
I always say I'llbpost more but rarely do. We'll see if it changes.
A Wind rolls through the forest—
Branches shake— on a bare tree
A Leaf rustles— restless— quivering—
Holding on a moment longer—

A Wind rolled through the forest—
Now All is still— hushed— like Dawn
The Cold relinquishes— Darkness parts—
And reveals the Leaf is gone.
We wrote Emily Dickinson style poems in class. Voila.
Oh, Love! what you must know—
Is that my attachment to you can only grow.
My love for you knows no bounds—
It fills every corner; it resounds
In my chest— like a thing with wings—
That flutters and sputters with plucked heartstrings.
As a loyal companion returns at a cue—
My heart will always come back to you.
Happy Valentine's Day
In the world of music
I was a record
And she was a song ******.
But even though I sang about all the things she was addicted to
I just wasn't her genre.
It's been a while
You left her
        And she stayed.
        And all alone she sat
        All the way over
   ­     And no one over
         Ever noticed when
         The girl over
         Started to
                                ­ a
                         ­              l
         When she went  S p l a t
          No one
          No one saw
          Because the girl over
           Landed over
  ­          After the
                             ­    a
                         ­              l
Hey it *****. But my brain ***** right now. I'll delete this but i wanted to put something out here today. I thought it was better before i actually wrote it out.

— The End —