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M/USA    Not the poet I want to be, but hopefully good enough. Follow me on Instagram @not.thepoet.hewantstobe
october rose
Henry Sebastian Tobelman
I love music, rhythm; wanna get within 'em. I'm twenty and getting a grip on my life. Hands may slip, and can only be hoped ...


Jamie Stevenson Dec 2013
I promise robe your eyes  
when you can't see.
I promise you tobe your
Ears when you can't hear.
I promise to always tell you
What's real when you won't to here the truth.
I promise to life you up when your down.
I promise to wipe your tears
When you feel you need to cry.
I promise tobe your
Strength when ever your weak.
I promise tobe your voice
When you can't find the words.
I promise to never hurt you
And never brack your heart.
I promise that I will always love you with all
My heart no matter what happens
Baby Ill aways promise to give
You Faith when your down.
I promise to lead u a shouder for
You need to cry on.
I promise to love you
Until the end of
Dodecanese Sunflower Raeder

From Patmos, hundreds of children could be seen hanging from the legs of the blue pelicans of the Dodecanese. Raeder hung with both hands over the jasper-plated iron hoops from the Greek "iaspis", which means "stained stone." It is found in hydrothermal veins, in volcanic rocks, and in sedimentary rocks. With their four webbed fingers they wore the amethyst rings for the housewives who celebrated Thanksgiving, and the celebration of the guidelines of Saint John that they were sent transported in a golden shoe peak. Generally there were more than five thousand who passed through the counties; they swallowed canonized water from the Ionian Sea, with its great advantage of reproducing seas salty water in fresh water to drink. They were taken to each house to fill their vessels and also during planting periods, they watered their farms in summer periods when it was scarce. With their golden brown plumage they raffled for the olive fields and the ***** vines of the Goddess Aphrodite. And with their white feathers they sprinkled the barley fields with vinegar and recently slain wheat fields on the feet of Petrobus, their pelican of dreams. From here all the recipes were born in all the regions when the Bread was depressed, without firewood and tears. Patmos has engraved on the legs of pelicans that plan every day looking for houses where they can get to take the Gospel to them. All the children like Raeder are accompanied by other blessed ones, to bring them the good news and the families were waiting sitting near the end of their social limits, when they were waiting for them in the afternoons as thanksgiving. They ate in the afternoons to wait for the children to taste Tzatziki; Yogurt sauce with cucumber and caramel with poppy and honey drinks.

The women received them in the apartments near their Gineceo, and right there they exchanged gifts that they brought from the Grotto of the Evangelist in Patmos. Children from the moment the expectant mother was known or suspected to be pregnant. They came quickly so that the cast did not have problems, they were considered a divine gift the only children, the first-born or those who were born to older parents, it was the privilege of these birthright.

Reckless is its popularity at the mention that appears in the Apocalypse of John, in whose introduction it is said that the author was exiled to Patmos, where he had his encounter with Jesus in the so-called Grotto of the Apocalypse, which gave rise to the book. The early traditions of Christianity identified this character with Saint John the Evangelist.

For this reason, the island of has become an important Christian pilgrimage destination; aside from the one in Hora, there are several more monasteries dedicated to San Juan, and visitors can see the cave where, according to tradition, it had its visions. The churches and religious communities of Patmos belong to the Eastern Orthodox tradition. Petrobus was more distant from its flights rather than knowing how to arrive in the mornings and at night after three, past the meridian, since here San Juan was in prayers for the holy animals that distributed their parcels to the Dodecanese families and surrounding towns. Raeder was the son of two farmers from Kinaros, who live in Dodecanese. They form this super boy who has a great affinity with the Petrobus pelicans. A kind of prodigal Zeus poultry that anticipated the wishes of farmers. His webbed pet was Petrobus. This super bird, resided in the San Juan grotto, and always recruited more of his kind to take them to the Dodecanese neighborhoods, the encyclicals that he promoted emeritus. The Saint ordered him to order and bring all the families in a Eucharistic tone. These birds were never deprived of flying because they had the gift of their living soul in them to transmit wishes of great fulfillment by order of the Saint, who worked with the beads of his rosary and did not leave any discounted olives.

Raeder, among all the chosen children with super powers. They would be distinguished to travel over the pelicans to Gaugamela. They, as a childish personality in each of Alejandro Magnus' Falangists, pierced with their replica odyssey the breaks that the Petrobus made for them. Even on the overgrown and disoriented ranks, leaving them exposed on the open flanks of the Achaemenides, their leather and wicker shields softening, the same without even being able to retreat and shelter.
In the Dodecanese islands the carmine morning dew that falls in its crystalline waters, sandy or gravel beaches, important archaeological remains as scenes to compete in athletic leisure is subjugated, he ran naked after the outfits that his mother had made, was overshadowed by crystalline Byzantine monuments and medieval architecture due to the long Venetian ******* in its mannerisms. What unites these islands is their history and their occupations: that of the knights of the crusades to that of the Turks, the Italian occupation to the Greek annexation with their volatile useless attire to dress.

Patmos is very popular with pilgrims since the time when one of the caves on the island of Saint John the Evangelist, a disciple of Christ, wrote the Book of Revelations, and Astypalea is the westernmost island in the archipelago and has architectural characteristics of both kinds. Dodecanese Cyclades. It is also related here in Kalavrita's Etrestles Novel in his victorious boast to Patmos, when he resorts after the reverie of the Laziko Dance that they hold on to the little finger and circulate in commemoration of the stripping of the rebirth of spring with La Sousta del Dodecaneso . These dances, generated on the infra-ocean floor of the Ionian Sea, generated the force of the ethereal emanation of Etréstles from Kalavrita by daring to put an Eclectic confrontation on the invisible portal of the Evangelist Saint John in his sacred basaltic cave in the Patmos archipelago (Koumeterium Messolonghi, Chapter 16 / page 114. Editorial Palibrio - USA)
In the Chapel of Ministers
They were seconded by the high representatives of Kalimnos, among them the curious immortal serpentine Raeder. Son of farmers, natives of Kinaros belonging to a group clan of six small islands and six small families. Some islets used to flaunt the genealogical beams of the Antigone challenges and documented inspirations found between Leros and Kalymnos in the east and the Cycladic island of Amorgós in the west. To the south is Astipalea, this group of islands is made up of Plaka in the west, Glaros, the two Mavra islands and Lebynthos in the east. Kinaros is accessible through the islands of Amorgós or Kálimnos by wooden architecture boats.

Raeder always got up before dawn and a petite blue Bonsai Pelican always appeared on the threshold of his window; called him Petrobus. In the mornings, he ran, beating this Olympic bird Petrobus in a quick dispute. Sometimes he could not say goodbye to his friendly bird, because he ran so fast that the days used to be weeks in a row, while Petrobus snorted through the skies with his wings of Hellenic Artificial Intelligence. With his hyper exhalation he moved large rocky cliffs, even moving and disorganizing the geographical nomenclature of these twelve polygonal islands of the Dodecanese.

The least known and uncontaminated are Leros or Pserimos, while Rhodes and Cos, the largest and most cosmopolitan islands, are the goal of migrant Blue Pelicans throughout the year. Before returning home, Raeder stretched out on the grasses sheared by the heels of the Petrobus migrants and their minions. In this dancing grass he could feel the dances with gag bread dancing on all the hips of the maidens of La Sousta by his arms. He ran after Petrobus in his golden mask and hung on the legs of his bird (Wings Mate), the art of flying with magical golden birds and his Ancient Antigone Mama.

When he sometimes flew by the feet of Petrobus, he thought...
Tierra Mía… a thousand times I will lift you up with my arms, don't hesitate my arms believe it…
Oh my revered Ionian, I will apnea to please you a thousand times to become your Ionic molecule ... Wind of Kalimnos himself ..., I will make the Oda flute that goes through the twelve pierced epitaphs of my ancestors in Dodecanese asleep of paroxysm in the chapel where I was baptized for the ninth time!
And by the fatuous lavish Fire I will put the ceremonial ribbon of the Sousta Dance in the siesta of the new migration of my transparent Pelicans….

Raeder says to Petrobus visibly excited, imagining crying with his imagined friend. The little Raeder from the Dodecanese region tells his imaginary friend Petrobus what more lack of bread crumbs for next winter?

Petrobus tells him not looking at him ..., just placing his palm-legged hellephilia on his other equal ...: Nothing you fear Raeder, God does not exist!. Now He and you are the same. You can lift the sphere of the flat earth with your arms and convert it into a healthy land of Milk and Kalimnos honey that runs with mud through the mountains of your Life turned into a new House dressed in a new house. In this way we will tackle the colossal heroic deed of our Vernarth in Gaugamela, the league in which we aspire to be lying on the grasses of Cibatus that awaits us. It would be better if it rains on the shoulders of its meadows!

Tobe continued / under edition
Eric Flaze  Apr 2010
Eric Flaze Apr 2010
Picking up pieces in the middle of the season of broken hearts mend apart. American child doa youll have tobe ready to die If you want to survive. hear the the battlecry take a step stand by till the end learn to to fight for your fellow men . Pick up your arms join the warfare beat to the sound of the drums hear the echoing snare . Fight for the right to survive just keep on marchin and marchin. While I am rocknrollen ur trigga fingga swollen make your way to the end of the line. Gun flashes in the sky. Waking up the night. This is a battle my child. Lift up your arms. Step up to face the war. Walk out to save a soul. Give them home my battlecry we will save the world this time.