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Macy Opsima
Manila, Philippines    a generic poet / profile photo by tanya.
Macy Harnois
✶ I'm a straight shooter, a California girl. I see things as they are and call them as they are. ✶
macy blue


preservationman Aug 2019
Many movies have portrayed “Miracle on 34th” versions beyond the actual
But I actually worked during the ordeal
My story is certainly for real
I have been with Macy’s Thirty-Seven Years
Through the years, I managed to preserver
It was during the Macy’s-Gimbels era is what I went through
I am sure you see the clue
It was a time when a Macy’s and Gimbels Buyers had lunch
There was talk of merchandising while they munched
Business was discussed on Macy’s side and Gimbels found out about Macy’s Strategy
So Gimbels explored Macy’s campaign
Well the aftermath that shall remain
So Macy’s was outraged with what had transpired from Gimbels
Macy’s decided to spy on Gimbels to see what concept they could pick up
Macy’s couldn’t get the whole element since Gimbels had their plan complex
So Macy’s became upset
Yet they knew they needed a plan of their own to be competitive
But its Macy’s in wanting to be objective
I worked in the CEO & Chairmen, Edward Finkelstein’s Executive Office along with his Executive Assistant, Veronica and I was their Typist
So an email went out stating to all Macy’s employee’s that we were not to discuss any Macy’s business with Gimbels
This was a different kind of miracle
But that was the day back then
However, the Macy’s and Gimbels competition comrades came to final end.
preservationman Jan 2019
Does anybody know what the ship “Emily Morgan” is?
Think hard as I might be giving a Quiz
The ship is of a Merchant Vessel
But someone famous you know was part of this ship
However, here’s a tip
It’s a famous store name in Herald Square
The name is advertised regularly on the air
The man’s name is R.H. Macy
But here is the full name Rowland Hussey Macy
Mr. Macy was a Merchant ****** from Nantucket in Cape Cod, MA
If you are or were a Macy’s shopper, I am sure you didn’t know that being part of Macy’s Heritage
But I wanted to share being my privilege
So set sail was how Mr. Macy ventured
But it was the mightier the storm, the wonders of the adventure
Mr. Macy was often guided on the Emily Morgan using his own initiative
He sailed on the seas of Cape Code, but New Bedford, MA being one of his ports
So the Emily Morgan was a ship with a Macy’s Department Store mission
Mr. R.H. Macy was a Merchant ****** that made it happen.
Toni Lynn Whitt Feb 2010
I'll never forget the day I met my Macy cat.But a little kitten she was.An outcast amongst her feline siblings.Like me amongst my social peers.She was a bit scrawny and a bit odd looking too.Then and there I knew we were pals.Shy and timid like me.My Macy cat knows all about me.She probably knows more than her human counterparts.My best friend through thick and thin.My Macy cat is always there for me.All my secrets she will keep.When I'm sick she will never leave my side.She listens to me when I talk.She cheers me up when I am down.Why have a dog when I can have my Macy cat.