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Lauren Leal
25/M/USA    USN Veteran 4 years writing, I have nothing to fear in words. Every poem is a keyhole view into the person I am, follow me ...
18/F/Michigan    Follow me on Instagram! @maudelaurent17
Lauren Christina Pearson
Saint Charles, MO    I believe that writing is what grounds me in this world. Without it I would become untethered. It's how I understand my situation and how ...


A new discovery for a new discussion. What’s right is right, Why does it matter? Time goes on and these people need to get civilized. Everyone will be rewarded with a higher evolushion.  I am the most ghetto speaking of Lauren who is awkward with children beneath the creepiness of children who don’t live in a house. Lauren thinks she slows everything down for her chest above everyone. The system is not allowed to work for her to live at home with her parents  for free and her child and she’s never had an apartment. Lauren has never smoked a cigarete. They make me adjust myself constantly for them to feel comfort without ever saying a word because nothing is above a stare at me for their ******. My biggest gul p is with a ****** for Lisa unscrambled **** Pera. I don’t want to talk about Lauren I want it to be bad about someone else. Lauren won’t let anyone wake up to their oldman ****** ****** them because she surrenders everyone to the creepiest people to have children. Lauren clenches her behind to stop everyones thought, and she tries to get me ***** constantly, to lose control of my ashole for her to make it highly as her splatting of everyones niples. Lauren splat everyone. Lauren is the worst bully body shamer, and she is the most evil. I could not complain to one person I had to reveal it to everyone to get her off me, an outcry. Lauren only listens to people ****** me and she makes people talk nonstop because she kept her smallest niples above everyone. She cannot reveal anyone abstinent without a man for over three months, with a ******. She is above every celebritystar for body shaming too many people, and everyone is stuck for her evil shame. She is so arrogant she believes she is god itself. Lauren showing no submission, cannot do anything except breeth and she bullies people by getting them to speak because she won’t let anyone be cooler than her temperature.. Lauren can only prove one thing in this world besides her divorce, that she body shamed over ten women coming forward for her to go to jail. I was ***** consecutively every night I was in New York City, two condoms broke in the same night and the guy came inside me and I could not get away with a gunthreat, the guy saying he has a gunn. If Lauren does not get a divorce she is going to jail. If my genius is not proof enough that my patience has now failed me. I am facing rapists every night who threatened me constantly. Lauren starves everyone and everyone is hungry. Over ten people can prove she body shamed others. Lauren’s quiet buble is her hatred of my niples and she made me her human shield to dodge everything by never respecting my niples and laughing at me by chastising me to complain about it to become brethless. So she made everyone helpless by never respecting my niples to be above everyone, so that no one could do anything to save me for her to be above everyone. Lauren never respected my chest. It was not innocent as soon as she was above everyone without be honest about my worth. No one believed she was evil until I said it publicly, she became too possessive and controlling. She casts out women all out of men. She isolated me for my chest and turned everyone against me. Lauren’s quiet buble is making everyones niples bigger than hers because she makes jokes about women’s chests. Lauren makes the men have the smallest niples so allmen are flawless niples for Lauren to never respect a woman as small as a man’s niples. Lauren tries to make everything based off her imaginary feelings and she cannot monster me because I am in New York. I am constantly accosted without a confidant for Lauren , she is in a public relationship, business of the public. She cannot say anything, she has no college degree and she’s constantly contorting me to complete insanity for her to body shame me by disrespecting me and staying on top of everyone by just staring. There are some people that cannot do anything except starve you, and have to get off you or else you’ll starve and they have contradictions that make everything meaningless, lauren is trying to starve me by being morally depraved more than everyone else and trying to get people to not care about me
She cannot do anything except stare at me and she does not uplift anyone because she body shamed everyone to be above everyone and she’s above everyone because she has to get a divorce and she has no picture of food up so she cannot put anyone above food. She cannot reveal anything.
There is nothing more advanced about her than anyone else, who keeps them together?
When someone is starving you to distract from their divorce
I spent thanksgiving, Christmas, new year’s, valentines all alone
My parents got a divorce when I was three years old.
Can someone do something they want for you?
They have to get off me, they could no longer meet anyone’s needs so they could no be above anyone and as soon as they realized they were not above anyone they started to disrespect people beneath body shame, and if they did not go to jail for it, they would be god over everyone, they are not silencing anyone and their quiet buble is nothing, null and voidno one is believing four siblings above superstars
HELP I’m starving, not another day can go by she cannot be above anyone with a college degree she has no college degree