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21/F/California    The end.
The Devil's got nothing on me, my friend I repost and comment on stuff


Marissa Hines Feb 2010
Bump bump! What's that?
SQUEAK... SQUEAK... Did you hear that?
We're not alone, are we..

Ghouls and Goblins are all out tonight, to say hello, to say
goodnite. They wish us well, they wish we might, have a very
very scary night.

They'll jump out and say BOO! and cause a fright. You'll never
know where they'll be or what they'll look like. They might be short,
they might be tall, they could be fury, they could be bald.

There are two things you can be sure of, they all have fangs and glowing
yellow eyes to see every movement that goes by...

They only come out for one night a year.
Can you take a guess? Yes, that's right. It's Halloween! My favorite night

What is that you ask? Why is Halloween my favorite night and how do I
know what ghouls and goblins look like. I shall tell you so listen close...

I too was a child like you, till one Halloween night a man came up to me
and told me about ghouls and goblins and what they look like.
I didn't believe him and said "Go Away, I can't be bothered with what you say.
But...If it's true then prove to me so I too can believe". He said to meet him at
the cemetery at midnight, then ****! He was gone into the night!

The clock struck twelve and off I went into the darkest of nights, all brave and sure
that I was right, that there are no such things as ghouls and goblins on this night.

There I saw the man who spoke to me next to a tombstone in the cemetery.
He glanced my way and then I saw these glowing yellow eyes, and then they were gone.
I shook my head and mumbled, "It couldn't be, there are no such things as ghouls and
goblins on Halloween".

I swallowed hard and said in a stutter, Nnnow ppprove to mmme that there are ggghouls
and goblins on Halloween, and tttell me how they'll fffrighten me. He glared at me with
a ghoulish smile, then laughed ha-ha ha "it will be a pleasure my child". I then saw
something in his eyes that sent a chill down my spine! His eyes turned yellow
his teeth were long fangs. I stumbled backwards and began to scream, "Please don't
hurt me, I believe!" In reply he said to me..
"I told you my child that we exist. That ghouls and goblins come out on this night to give
all you children a great big fright!"

From that night on I truly believe in ghouls and goblins on Halloween.

You see my children there's one bit that I left eh eh, is that I too only come
out, one night a year... Can you take a guess. Yes that's right! It's Halloween, my favorite
Autumn moves fast through the tunnel of love
Push from the top; bottom falls from above
Dangling leaves are flexing about
Dreaming of hope is a nightmarish shout

Cackle of ghouls; a shivering spine
All that is due will be due in due time
Whispering wind softly kisses my cheek
Lifetime of searching; know not what I seek

Darkness emerges as light fades away
Tried to hold on knowing no one can stay
Feeling alive only once I am dead
Listen but don't hear a word that is said

Roar of a flame, the warmth of the light
Fireball streaks interrupting the night
From the ashes we rose and to dust we return
Heart made of ice will not sooth what’s been burned

Holding my breath and not rising for air
Promise to no one the nothing I share
Hugging and squeezing a cuddly toy
Faded reminder when I was a boy

Roar of a racing car traveling fast
Linear stories that live in the past
Afternoon stroll through the paths in the woods
Wasn't enough when it’s all that I could

Didn't regret not regretting a thing
Perfectly still while I sit on the swing
Lazy and careless; the problem I tackle
Chained here forever without any shackles

Future and past presently now amuck
Free man who's also imprisoned and stuck
Roaring, the waves speaking softly to me
Shouting a message using secrecy

Cackling rooster call to end the day
Adult you become but your parents can't stay
Ending's begun and beginning ends near
Enveloped in fog; then it all became clear

Through stutter and stammer, I clearly can speak
World’s strongest man; I am fearful and weak
Worldly observer, I travel through life
Don't leave my house; Live alone with no wife

Peacock with confidence strutting my stuff
Have had my fill but not yet had enough
Nothing I fear but much fear have for it
Blowing out candles that never were lit

Bellowing cheers of "hip-hip hooray!"
Round of applauds for those who've died today
Subtle of strikes from a blatant attack
Gift you are given; already took back

Slapped with audacity right in the face
Composed with the utmost politeness and grace
Without allergy present, my body reacts
Calmly I sit through a panic attack

Telling a lie until it becomes truth
Speaking with stature his words are uncouth
Deafening silence rang shots from the gun
Finished a race that has not yet begun

"Rule" one time "Golden", now covered in rust
Did what was needed but not what I must
You can be anything but yet nothing you are
Traveling often but didn't go far

Properly set for no expectations
Biased perception began at creation
Feet on the ground and head in the clouds
Displayed while I'm naked; exposed in my shroud
Written - April 6, 2017

All rights reserved.