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Shani May 2010
The weather is warm
I see swarms of children , parents
Running about
Biking on their own made up route
Parents shout
Children continue to play
Wind blows cool comfort
The blades of grass sway to and fro
Branches gently shake
The day ends with a glow
The beautiful sunset show
Shani May 2010
The chemicals have corrupted his soul
Agitated past all control
What are his goals
Where are his dreams
They got scared of what he was turning into , and ran away in a fit of screams
Eyes gleaming
Figure leaning in a haze of smoke
Inhale happiness , exhale excess dope
Sip some more *** and coke
Chemicals coarse through his veins
Up into his brains
It's the chemicals
They've corrupted his thoughts
And worse
The chemicals have corrupted his soul
Shani Apr 2010
Kept thoughts of anger and hate in her mind
Let it infect , fester , poison her thoughts
All her happiness slowly died , and was replaced
This tumor of negativity change the expression on her face
People will begin to wonder " What's her case "
She's never been embraced
Never been placed , into arms of love
At one point ,before  
She took all the hope she had in store
And put it all into her heart
Her prayer began to start
But when no one answered on the other  line
She began to lose her happy and kind
As a result she also lost her sane state of mind
By the time they had sent her sign
She was already gone
Shani Apr 2010
It rhymes
Floetry streams like a river
Spitting it out like falling dimes
All of it timed
Projecting emotion and picture (memories) like a giver
Out of the entire verse there's just one thin sliver
A beautiful verse
Beautiful yet terse
And then the floetry ends
The back beat descends
Into the crowd the floet  blends
Until another day
Shani Mar 2010
I feel pathetic and insecure
Maybe that is the problem
I've got so many , that I've got to solve them
Maybe then I'll shine like the shiniest gem
A beautiful flower plucked off it's stem
A pretty dress with a lovely blue hem
Or maybe I'm just the string hanging off of the hem
The weeds around the flower
Soil in the bed of the river
Left to shiver in the cold
At least I've got a heart full of soul
Shani Mar 2010
I love poetry
The way it flows
It throws emotions and places onto a page
No matter what age
As long as you can understand and read
Then let it seed
Show you greed
Of love and  happiness
Poets bleed feeling
I love poetry
The way it flows
The way it grows
Spreading wisdom and beauty through creativity and intelligence
Shani Mar 2010
Be who you've always seen yourself to be
And try and stick to it everyday
But don't worry about being a cliche
It's about having the freedom to say
Being proud to be gay
Freely yelling "Yay !"
Bullies may attempt to slay
All the confidence and hope
However you've just got to learn to cope instead of sitting around and being a mope
Stand tall because guess what ?
Being yourself makes you mad dope
Be true to yourself
Otherwise you'll be the only one stuck on the lonely blues shelf
Be who you've always seen yourself to be
That's your true destiny
mad dope - very cool
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