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 Oct 2013 Sean
K Balachandran
That little star
on the bank of milky way,
watching the flow with wonder filled eyes,
is my unborn daughter.
In my dream I see her
crying to sit cozily on my lap,
with her winks of starlight,
she pleads with me  to tell her
sweet stories till she sleeps.
Soulfully she sings for me
the songs my beloved brought
from distant eons.
A ray of light from her
becomes love itself,
a flood of tenderness
sweeps  me off my feet.
Sweet transcendence
binds us together
across light millenniums
that had come and gone.
I am delight personified sitting
on the lap of limitless universe;
I am a dream that conjures up,
whatever seems real in my mind.
 Sep 2013 Sean
Kanika Mishra
Fall in Love with someone.
Fall in love, tomorrow if not today.
Fall in love, for the dark;
Or for the light of day.
Fall in love for restful sleep,
Fall in love to lie awake.
Fall in love to learn to give;
Or maybe just to take.
Fall in love, so you can feel,
Fall in love to numb the pain.
Fall in love to be better;
Or just to be vain.
Fall in love, to make mistakes,
Fall in love to right your wrong.
Fall in love in defiance;
Or maybe just to belong.
Fall in love, for the body,
Fall in love for the heart.
Fall in love to stay forever;
Or even just to part.
Fall in love with beauty,
Fall in love with flaws.
Fall in love for a reason;
Or even just because.
Fall in love for real,
Fall in love to fake.
Fall in love with the lies
Of a ruthless, heartless rake.
Fall in love for the fear,
Fall in love for the joy.
Fall in love for liberation;
Or even as a ploy.
Fall in love, just one time,
Or two, or six, or eight.
Fall in love at first sight;
Or maybe after a long wait.
But fall in love, you must,
For there is nothing quite the same.
If only to write about it;
For your five minutes of fame.

— The End —