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Sean Oct 2013
Give me a minute.

I'm trying to forget, the smell of her hair, the joy of her smile, the warm fuzzy feeling of her hand in mine, the look she gave me when I touched her perfect face for the very first time.

I'm trying to forget, but its hurts more than i can bear.

How can such sweet memories bear such pain within them? I should have known better, the contract explicit stated 'for only a week, we'll fly'.True to her words, sparks flew, but vanished in a blink of an eye. Oddly ,I'm the only one crashing after a flight.

Even as I curl up in bed with inaudible sobs, I'm trying to forget the feeling of running my fingers through her hair, her contagious laughter, the imperfections of previous romances.

Purging out the last of her, I though I was cleansed, I was free.

I was wrong.

I met an angel, yet she couldn't stay, as she flew off, she left a feather behind. I took it and stuck it on my cap. Yet when time comes to take it of, I can't, I really can't. Now I can't even pry my fingers away form the last reminant of her that I can cling onto.

Even as I look at the horizon where she has already faded out of sight, probably happy in another land, in another's arms.Here I am still trying to forget. Eventually, will I ever ?
Sean Oct 2013
Do they even see what you go through? They don't but I swear I do.

Behind closed doors, hidden in yourself, crying, as the pain in your soul threatens to eat you whole.

Tears fall as you pull yourself into a ball, closer and closer ,edging towards the brink of a fall.

A fall into madness, a fall into fear, a fall to end all the things you hold dear.

But hold onto me, I'll pull you through, across the gap between me and you.

Penned onto paper, my sincere wishes for me and you.

So dear, fear not as it really only takes two. To conquer the word and the ******* it puts us through.
Sean Oct 2013
In the solemn air of the exam hall.
With the weight of the world pressing against its walls.
Students write, scribble and scrawl.
In the solemn air of the exam hall.

In the solemn air of the exam hall
The burden is great with every stroke big or small.
Written on these papers their path in life.
In the solemn air of the exam hall.

In the solemn air of the exam hall.
Diarrhea of all sorts spill onto papers before.
Brain dead they are.
In the solemn air of the exam hall
Sean Oct 2013
Tell me that you're not having second thoughts only now. You've said too much, you've shown how little I meant to you.

As you push me away, I accepted believing I wasn't deserving enough.

Yes, mabye I still am.

But as the angel flies, I'm left behind trying to purge a memory that refuses to leave me. Thrown into barbs, stuck in the mud, bruised and broken, I dusted off my wounds.

Torn and tattered, I tore myself free. I hear wing beats. I want to be deaf, I want to be blind, I don't want to feel. But deep down I do. I Truly do. It'll be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.
Sean Oct 2013
A commodity so sought after yet so scarce.

Our drug, our need, for we're the hopeless addicts.

Once broken, hard to mend.

I hope that you see the risk i take.
Knowing that trusting you is all it takes.
Sean Sep 2013
I'll have you tried for in the court of criminal law for crimes only I can see.

You must know that your pleas for clemency mean so little to me when our broken dreams lie shattered at your feet.

Lack of conscience, lack of fear, disrespecting the word of law is easy you see, for they hardly exist in the eyes at all.

The victim here is me and the guilty party is plain for all to see.

You're hereby guilty as charged for crimes against humanity and crimes against me.
Sean Sep 2013
"Do you remember?" she asked. I do, I can't forget. A midnight trek ,an open field, her hand in mine, smile on her face, a countdown to an utopia lost. We found a spot. A little infinity to call our own, Back to back we talked, about the future, about the past, about the present. About the tapresy of stars in the sky she didn't want to see. About the shooting star I missed. Laughing we lamented about the chilly weather that we'll be sure to miss once we left this paradise. Smiling face to face, I asked, "What's your dream?". That reply was masked but truth be told, she whispered, mouth close to my ear," Each summertime. When love is finally ours. A place like this we'll spend in springtime
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