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Sean Sep 2013
Clocks turn,Seasons change
Summer love was nothing but a memory of a bygone age.

Reds, Browns and Golds swirl around your feet. Uncovering old memories hidden in discreet.

Crunch, your feet go on a carpet of dry leaves. Reflecting the sound of memories crumbling in time.

Cry, let the tears roll freely in the season of fall. Freezing your heart over, readying it for the cold of winter's call.
Sean Sep 2013
Everything is justified if it rhymes with a reason.

Lord, give me the strength to go through this season.

When pain is fruitful and love abandoned.

I can tell you that depression is my closest companion

You can throw me six feet under the mistakes of my own creation.

For I'm sure to drown, treading water in the sea of my own foolishness.

— The End —