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Aug 2014 · 563
Scott M Reamer Aug 2014
There once were voices, that spoke of choices; blusterous and lustrous
With an air of must-trust-us in tone, atop a gilded throne, wanton, and alone.
Jan 2014 · 922
What I Am To Do.
Scott M Reamer Jan 2014
People are collections
Of twisted recollections
Mirrors and reflections
Though we often fail to mention
Waning as our skipping attentions
Dreams, faith, and the pace we keep
Yet love feeds these hearts that seek
Will we ever sleep neathe the sound of summer thunder
and cease the need to wonder?
Until this day I shall say my name, as proud as the hallowed grounds
I am the undone, only now may I truly become
Reverent, as a new dawn wakes
Quiet; elation breaks.
Jan 2014 · 1.5k
Scott M Reamer Jan 2014
Used to be convincing, now I'm word mincing
Funny guy telling lies, stop that face from wincing
Shut the word forge down, absurd surge start to pour out
Brain matter splatter in colored conviction, how I rattle off with four dimensional diction
Once this **** was scripted, now these lips don't do cryptic, legendary fiction, not yet mythic
Contemporary Christians sit listless, labeling those they hardly know
That's we, people like me, as infamous and wicked, can you even conceive
Not that I need the acquittal, never say please for a spoon full of ******
Hate this human disease; doubtful economic, muted mumbles of Ebonics, questionable hearts freeze
Turned cold-blooded because violence it seems is our cure all reprieve
Instead of honest admittance, no room for forgiveness, when we elect politics that lie
Ignite the engines that chain drive, infernal furnaces of the reapers design
Calling out to the sky; "forgive us were blind!"
Upon final inception, the birth of nightmarish conception
Awoken to world of hard line lesson, seasons of trick testing
So tell me then, can you live with A or B? dip those toes into sea and you'll know what I mean
Dare you to please.
Dec 2013 · 627
thats that peace.
Scott M Reamer Dec 2013
oh boy! would take a look at that beast
lucky losers, warring innocent
hows it go? supposed ebb and implied flow
always fine and never fair
welcome to loves most reverent lair
Oct 2013 · 604
Oh yes
Scott M Reamer Oct 2013
It's been an honest while since those times of denial, lie, sit and smile... Go another mile

The crow kack a sqwak so black " it's back it's back!' in terrific laughter this redundant chapter.

A fool sold me his soul,  I wish I hadn't bought it-- **** thing don't shut the **** up. Oh.

Now somebody else knows from where the river Nile flows, so so slow.

Wishings are tepidly fine, half-boiled mind, still content to knock the trappings of the blind, there in the muggy dark. Scratch the floor some more....

Why the hell not?!
Scott M Reamer Oct 2013
Each day passing by in a wild-eyed dash
In truth my soul fell aside, but bluer birds still doth call
Missed that cardinal harken when I set down my last two cents
Kickers of tricks, scroll-ers of myth, bottlers of ships
Knew it all along, just couldn’t stiff the rest
Refuse to capitol, refuge atop the pious politic that steeps these hills
Is it not hard to tell? The meanings of what buys in bulk
The people is we, of what sells slicker than plot itself
A minority rule, hid reasons from majority fooled

That is working trade class, taught to chain drive
The gleaming sheen glowing green, crowning jewel¬¬¬ is as mist and steam, fleeting as the wash of this worlds seething seas
We, the misanthrope of being, bloom in the warmth of idea
Only to recede at the water mark high of each our lives

Authenticity bless the distant time, costless venture to each about die, salute through another caesars’ dilated eye a definition
Eons in annunciation; immortality flashing by
Reverence cannot lie, not long at least neathe a chipping patina
Gold leafed by the hand of man, coerced creations’ fondling finger tips strips thin, leaving us then to watch the weathering

Not a one may ever remember for too quickly or too timely
Arrives dismemberment, a cyclic certainty, often relegated falsely
As loss or gain, truly misspoken frames for reference
At any given attempt to render the language of tongues, oh speaker the son of the morning shamelessly ****** by predecessors increasingly lavish

Phonemic savage; life running rabid, splicing love over the atom
The simple one whom tends a patch of what he calls “cabbage”
Knowing always the wordless truth that is his field fallowing
Unconvinced by everyone, save himself if nothing else
Penitent candor dangle, frameless wonder can you hear the thunder?
Aug 2013 · 1.1k
Not Sorry, just Stupid.
Scott M Reamer Aug 2013
This era; the apex motto, the devils prada, and some sleeper cells gone rogue gray.
This air; smoked toxicity, metals and minty flavored ash, checks made out to cash.
This nation; displaced keepsakes, reiterating cheap fates, through false image gates.
This spirit; disinherited for keeping its word, was this not the world we had set out to build?
This ideal; half forgotten and rarely sought.
Anyone else unforgiven ?
Aug 2013 · 793
Eminent Discourse
Scott M Reamer Aug 2013
I was never moving backwards, in fact I never moved at all.
Here; among the markers and holy proof, have I, the path finder always sat.
Body stoic, thoughts dampened, eyes crossed spying wide but, ever wise?
Atop the two inch tower, in the humid shadow cast neathe the pine and needle.
Silas Wright Dewitt, my company unapparent, December fourth, 1844 was he bore
November tenth , 1904 is he born.
Aug 2013 · 514
Scott M Reamer Aug 2013
I was never moving backwards, in fact I never moved at all.
Here; among the markers and holy proof, have I, the path finder always sat.
Body stoic, thoughts dampened, eyes crossed spying wide but, ever wise?
Atop the two inch tower, in the humid shadow cast neathe the pine and needle.
Silas Wright Dewitt, my company unapparent, December fourth, 1844 was he bore
November tenth , 1904 is he born.
Aug 2013 · 531
Mirrors implied
Scott M Reamer Aug 2013
Swift sifter of info splinters
After thoughts in cosmic winter
Mind the mind, tis on the briars time
Master me, freak of the week
Your on deck, brother
Do not bother with folly protest.
Jun 2013 · 639
Scott M Reamer Jun 2013
Don't, don't, don't
You **** my,
Imploding heart.
Jun 2013 · 720
Galleria discontinued
Scott M Reamer Jun 2013
Tarry tempers of locust scented bath salts
knowing Latin phraseology, broken pig-tonged asexualite
*****-less worth is my many meaning of sense witless
dripping cool colored love from the holes I keep picking in my face
in my brain, without a grain
I am changing lanes three am, drift wheel sleeper
doth he the body I watch below truly belong to me?
They told me god was watching
This I could believe
So I wish for He Their father to see guilty little me
dying of thirst for his life
of hunger self deprived
ego die, my egg over fried
teller of lies, please keep it spinning, yes I know it's upsetting
just let me.
May 2013 · 424
Read the damn thing.
Scott M Reamer May 2013
The most beautiful thing I ever,
was just that; I never.
Awesome was its splendor,
always and never.
May 2013 · 954
Getting Gone.
Scott M Reamer May 2013
Where am I? but the driftwood castle promenade, fish market gardens.
Congo jungle, steam ship sunken in crying river, village elder persists at warning.
Hear the fiddle burning, drug sullen quarter note steadily, it's veracious creak reverberates through me, the loveliness reveals me, and yet I cannot behold the.
Negligent narcissus subdue me, hurry up and ***** me.
Here is the birthplace of living curse, whats bottles up by living thirst, awakening face down in a black-bellied hearse.
Driven hard line through desert ambit , throttle locked at 85, no control, levers, nobs, or nodes.
Half a Cuban snuffed out poorly, sleeping in gaping jowls, I could not believe this thing even had an ash tray.
Death had bailed and locked the doors, filled the tank, and whipped the devils horse.
I worn the blinders and found my pockets stuffed with carrots and a lighter.
Then i smoked what was left without protest, I was not about to ask what came next.
May 2013 · 993
Without NO good reason
Scott M Reamer May 2013
Impoverished money grubs sit and revel in their ***** suds
liking the flavors of darkly bubbled mud.

From lovely earth, life debt owned,
even if some still believe in this crud.

Hunching ancient patriots hang western flags
and live by the credo provided, and die by what mind remains undecided.

Here, there, and everywhere lies man in the bush as hunters slouch
gun, weapon fist-ted in bruised and trembling hand.

Tis no wonder, what geometry pierces the chest,
thought choice as if it were only peril.

A cardinal sings whilst losing that rose-colored scintillating ring
one more Orion slacks his belt, never.

Stubborn and mostly blinded another shell blows through creature,
in and out his ******* head, a demonic act of high treason.
May 2013 · 432
Scott M Reamer May 2013
dry mouth coughing coffee
morning darling never loved you either
it is okay we never made it
we died on the shore of yesterdays dreams
one mine, being yours, and a jade vase
soul crusted, enveloped, encased
May 2013 · 1.1k
Bitch Shit.
Scott M Reamer May 2013
Not complaining, it's just all these god forsaken *** semon demons, suckling sucubus
Take my animal, then sell the stock, it's high treason
Contraptions arachnid, stick it to me ****** and shmozy.
Lady, shady, it fades me. But by all means phase me like ******* wild eyed vixens, oops who's slipping missy.
Apr 2013 · 591
Shunyata see?
Scott M Reamer Apr 2013
My chest split, wide as a gapping cavity
I was glad to see the empty that spilt from inside of me
Not even close to divine prophesie, the vacant space decidedly was mine to elate silently
Sometimes even violently; concept into the arms variety, do not lie to me
Soul is priority, anxiety, the girl laying next to me
No, next to him, closer to than ever now to riding alongside the Calvary of several billion sins
All of whom are still egarly wishing
That they may yet be finally taken in the next gust of wind
Shunyata; weaponless is this army
Apr 2013 · 1.2k
Music as it roar
Scott M Reamer Apr 2013
Tilted on this harmonic spindle
Gazing up through a cellar window
God and song, money for rockstar car pinto
Sick kind of hint though
Glimmer shrieking bravados
Do tell more oh Ye heavenly staccato
Brovo, to tenor gasing hopes old motto
Promise always soprano in tomorrow
Lack lumine mustered frustration
Baritone mute sung upon this;
Digital paper, fishing for vapor
Continue ones lust, this to trust, and a must.
Apr 2013 · 30.3k
Puke Pushy Shove, ‘Love’.
Scott M Reamer Apr 2013
Man life know just set eyes way like young world soul day hunger space mouth earth thoughts ignorance blind things mind knew final moment human creation kind creatures souls high forgotten dream love spoke self existence face holy deep bound think home void say surrender ear forever called held ephemeral red state end shall heed hope edge living waking fall sea wake garden need February thought past wanderer got men page colored tepid terrible **** proudly untitled features point painted faceless box forgot render wild spring splendor  handfuls looking half brain lost torn ancestral  unseen vision inner summer honor mister owned banner save today fear groans wasn't smoke  street fable strange year contrast black years  able pain body spoken word known motion  palpitate reeling nature culture disclaimers  cancer beg attentive frames ****** base profound double remember wholly finger death token  cries continue folk oh fishing form broken true  divides spread ah twas away breathe wait warning hallowed wish closer lens turn eye live  constant current author hung theory dangle  bramble chemical new force changes adderall  anymore giving beneath possess pardon commentaries eternity internal walk reason  long change does idea glimpse consciousness  wandering simply wonder physical dreams war  sleep told rest benign prior begging truth little  2012 born tale crow bowels allegory animal rule  exasperate making horse curse hands ones read  rearrange capture doing command fail awake  aperture seedlings shift steely sir nap spead ****** demons slits clever telling loud spits la-la-di-dah killing slip game reflected nameless ask  lovers rabid bear salivate plunder shameless  famously savior mint rides menthol bully fate traded melodies play misunderstand mammals gentle witless fine utterly savage silt tongue-less  dirt dilutes pure non-sensory taste briefly ravage dismember it''ll shedding ruined curtain  knots offers plot fulfills munificent two-act  relegates boxz bug 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You are what your reading lady. Now would you hold this gun?
Apr 2013 · 538
With it.
Scott M Reamer Apr 2013
Call out the demons, rearrange the seedlings
Commentaries read to command
Spead out ******; it's the doing of ones hands
Shift slits in steely aperture wholly fail to capture
Awake from your nap now sir.
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
As if to come upon a limb a dangle
Over arch the canopy bramble
And strung from this twig pious and vile
A face cut from human hide it was torn
In scorn born deep within a cruel man's inner war
Worn was that skin shrunken yet still warm
It's your mother, it's your father, it's every blur
One might pass in the street, begging to eat
Lend me your horror, but please do see
The framilar features that will not delete
A walk in the woods you see?
Mar 2013 · 602
To glimpse upon a *nothing*
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Never have you ever seen a nothing?
Silly little something you are already found
Prophetic, prolific, a sea of chemical compound
The very notion confounds any attempt to explain
A reverent proclivity for life or its viral civility
Once this is said nowhere have you been
Commentator of moral, of sin
Thus a nothing could you have been
As we are so, nothing also is of being
Justly, all that he is lacking are all these frames that estrange us
Mar 2013 · 550
Legend as so
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Stunning sightings of a stark reality
Made boring as the playhouse sleeps
Watch the show pleas from the beak
The crow doth speak
A tellers tale of the human folk
Whence they both still walked and spoke
He cries in squawks of sheer wonder
A show he'd say loudly frayed
The people evoked only slain opinions
From the mouth black liquid pour
All the pride they had built, split
Release of their very souls
In surrender to the grandeur of the theater whole
So bold it preformed as the creatures sunk deeper
Into the folded molds of their seats
Thus sang the crow the tale he told
Of the how men became stone
At the precipice of only the greatest of shows
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Got got by bobby heady sleep eaters
Learned a living frameless
Never would I change this
Mar 2013 · 695
Whence a way to go or fray
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Fall, 2012, the end of the world as we know it… Funny how it seems that the most profound beginnings are almost always born in the wake of some monumental ending. This is my thought as I give definition to the date of my era. So, what is this that I am getting at? What proof am I introducing, if it can be called one at all? This is the function of record, to unravel some truth, is it not? Well, perhaps only if the accuracy of a history is either of little importance or something that its author is ever in ignorance to. The truth; is among my possessions, its conveyance is not. Honestly--
While leveling, admittance, and guilt are still in my human sack of possession, I wish to divulge an unsightly insight. I am no writer by profession, nor by education, simply I am one in spite of those whom have the audacity to take inventory of what their fellow man may or may not possess. This is the entirety of the agent of that gives my waking life propulsion. The everlasting perpetuation of what capability continues to be: that which we have done.
The fall of 2012; delivered to man upon the shoulders of summer, of spring, of winter, of year prior, of years prior, of seasons past, of men past, of love whence, of suffering before, of continence evermore. Save the tongue from words predicting repetition and favor those ephemeral, like each of us. So very similar, begging in tugs for the familiar and never once the identical…
Mar 2013 · 733
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Benign was yet another passer by to predisposed mentality
But both secretly wished somewhere beneath their tempers, demeanors, and myths
For the other to beg pardon for salvation at last; trading their ghosts and their pasts
The men of social civilization, disconnected by strange colors and baffling arrays of advertized trash..  asking where’s the rest of the cash?

So it may seem the wrath of industry, media, and projected reflections
Make trial and test for the all of the rest, connect and digest.

    Such was the spoken scramble of this morning in particular. It was no more and certainly no less jovial than what has continually been the subjection of mister Hulton’s consciousness. Often he wondered to what degree of affect had he been lent these sharp-toothed thoughts. For within him a feeling of great unease would settle as his mornings waned ever onward. Hulton; a man, or so he is told, was painted grimly by the colours of intellectual, asocial, endomorphic (in a figurative sense), and partially blind in at least one eye.
Mar 2013 · 524
Yeah, you
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Young man, American, what’s got you shaking?
Dreams or the lack there of?
Fear the wizardry of a scientific society
New world discord resounding the stifled edge of thoughts in bloom.
All things contented flavored toxic at the roots
Withdrawn intensity and token gestures
Jest at your many hearts with happenstance and impossible fore knowledge.
Come one come all to the lonely show
Behind closed doors streams the jitter pains.
Giving cause to matted hair that dreads in your sleep.
Mar 2013 · 834
What. *For Vincent*
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
What is man foreshortened  
What is double jeopardy
What is a guilty heart
What is bitter mercy
What is violent reprieve
What is holy war
What is warning sign
What is forgotten acknowledgement
What is typify human mind
What is angry butterflies
What is nondescript  sensation
What is confidential arrogance
What is confident ignorance
What is actual sciences
What is factual compliance
What is physical interment
What is spiritual deadening
What is absence of dreams
What is ephemeral existence
What is shackled will
What is internal inhibition
What is stagnant emotion
What is paradox in motion
What is all devoid of awe
What is this waking moment
What is what is.
Mar 2013 · 615
Fairy Wisps
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
It is in no way a coincidence that those who walk the path of a wandering soul will soon discover that their world does have its boundaries. They will one day stumble upon a definitive edge, a real place where space and time transcend one another to form a mere glimpse into the chronicles of eternity. For the wanderer, this slightest and most sacred instance is to become the reason for their restless instinct. Until the occurrence of this moment those of us who journeyed into the void of ceaseless unknowing that bears the title earth, have simply their raw gut to motivate a then objective-less pursuit. The frightening intimation of the young wanderer is nothing less than this pivotal fact. A kind of blind faith is required in all facets of existence however; it becomes a more literal and even physical leap for one to uproot themselves just to cast their entire worth into this most often vague idea.
For many months I was this young wanderer. A boy whom by the heal of his crooked step tripped into the life he only could hope awaited him. I cannot account for the reasons I left behind my past life. They, like most things have morphed into meager provocations when held again in the proper light. In the end it was my wide-eyed ambition and shear innocence that drove me from my home. That is reason sound enough when one is confronted by the crushing boldness of the wanderer’s theory. It is as if once the directness of this idea enters the well kempt garden of any youth’s consciousness a simple question becomes apparent. Will you heed this call or shall you forever wonder what this life may have held?
I shutter still when my mind should tarry once more to those long buried thoughts, back to the days of my constant and tepid self-reflections. I was so young and was that even long ago? This wandering life does change a man; it may even create the man.
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
I knew this man because I was this man
So it must be said; I was this man because I knew this man
And never did I faultier when he reached with his trusting hand
Bound by intent, his grip stowed the tension of promise and fruition
His is a lifetime laden with the cogs of internal creation
This is the summons, the congenial placement of his offer
Beckoning the self to again be rendered upon the plane of the psychotropic wood
Through this sanctified exchange the divergent union assumes singular being
A spiral of fleeting connectivity, lapsing as the hesitant tide breaks upon neither shore nor sea
So the invitation reciprocates moment to moment by way of residual eternity
The soul twists and skips in both agony and ecstasy
Bearing a jagged tolerance for lingering wait and the flash of re-entry
Thus begun my endless stroll within the confinement of mind
I am birthed each day anew in the cradling mist blanketing the forest floor
With shy eyes one surrenders to this emergent rim
Sentenced to wake beneath the towering monoliths, the fossil redwoods
Who lull my attentive ear with the ambient groans of their interned memory
Joined in chorus only by the hushed breathe of the creborus crows
These birds, these deities hung inverted from gray and rotted limbs
Whispering their imbuement to the aggregate dirge of pardon
This is the swallowing of supposed sensory
Set in impetus, this final paradigm may forever possess the gift of awareness.
Mar 2013 · 1.2k
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Things are tasteless anymore, I thought that I would have come full circle by now; I have not. My pallet is wet and dripping with hunger for what? Yet the thought of satiating this ****** need causes a kind of reeling from somewhere deep within. There is something of a beast with holding the answer from both this page and myself. It is quite the monstrosity that I find now and again, its claws digging and tearing at the base of brain stem and spine. It softly whimpers, giving away its position for all to hear.
Mar 2013 · 1.2k
The Scatter-All Diary
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
February 15th: This is to be a new chapter in my living narrative. With the advent of recent changes in this life I so improperly had been leading, I hope with the utmost sincerity they are lasting changes. It has come to a point in which I have called upon the aide of a deliberate force, a chemical force. And before I may continue, it need be known that chemicals are what brought me into my current state of lackluster. A risk? I should think so, however my will is seeking to purge my spirit of a cancer so piously imbued within my shivering soul. This is day one of the intervention plan Adderall. I know what this is today; I have had enough first times with the **** speed. No more need be said about what was felt other than this was the same happy high I remember.

February 16th:  Try and recall, I dare you.

February 17th: Two Adderall
Mar 2013 · 941
The Gardener's Day Dream
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
We wore it like a coat that layered empathy
Brick by mason, these eyes did climb an architect’s design
Upon the stony lip coupled forms hung in dangle
Preachers of a starving theory fall bemused to this lucid void
And how could one see this garden pays no pence?
This well has no depth…
We fraying threads fabricate the bramble veil
And every visible seam that clenches shut our noble jowls
So whisper in tongues, lore of the wellspring
Passed the murky mores and any other barren state
Heed illusion with a whim, this caustic dawn forebodes all but the looming slumber
Fishing shadows, the tailor and seamstress wake upon no sea
A puddle rather with the faint breath of a jungle bog
Oh how this hallowed lens did more than mirror a final inception
It shown anomalous to each shifting breed, the moonlit scene:
An opened mouth kiss between the Narcissus –with his idle god the self-worshiping samara tree
And the Gold mouth embodied by a single rank of the fruiting pear
This is our garden, wracked with faithful dichotomy.
Mar 2013 · 506
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
There are places in this world that shall always turn a deaf ear to the constant dictations of earthly law and in turn, the realism that we waking souls either greet or dismiss. Our surroundings are not so limited, in that we live among shiftless ascetics and grand pillars of stability; rather they are, as we are, living embodiments of its both former and current residents. Most settings are of an alien nature and are only trifling comparisons to the true picture in all its starkness. This vision is common as we all author the visual mosaic of life with our own keen eye geared toward a more personal understanding.
Mar 2013 · 493
Closer, Captain
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Come closer. Should you wish to that is; believe me, I empathize with your apprehension. By now I would guarder such hope; as one stepping further into the web that surrounds this deathbed. Perhaps that makes a spider out of me. With patience shall I wait for any and all whom hunger in the pangs of their own curiosities as one draws ever near. Those that will tug away the webbing cob of my fading lair must heed this final warning. What one may find down a set of stairs, through a door and then some more may startle and surprise you. I may yet breathe, palpitate still with the ebb of life. Think less of this than the latter for if I have gone, know that I: your drooling host have become the scent of the air, the scatter of amassed earthen wares. The venom of my soul tips the edge of each and everything that I have never owned. As I render this tome know that my face is pressed flush to the in-perceivable glass, the lens that parts the hallowed derision between this life and the next. Do not blink, my guest, for this is a staring contest.
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Terrible divides, steep creatures fishing from the fissures.
Devil ties, honor cries telling of fable able love lies.
Red rug **** from… Ah stomp down pound twice round.
Let me in dearth harp melody killing me true internally. Over me, you do du thee or in one to learn to unseen these say said twas. What then spoke big loud a proud voice e bound red to set the turns in a state of decay. Spread death red pestilence.
Broken brains with bad temperaments. To know this clever myth, in definitely one word siphon spell check commiserate in-consumption

Only fitting to continue after that, twas broken in two-tone spits of *****
Oh how one can be so indiscriminate, yet be so in to it
Suckling finger to finger, the artist and his soul slip through one another
And ****, there it is… why I am drunk, why so earthbound?
No, No, that la-la-di-dah sing song, nickname, sick game
Ah… already this is where I end, lying before the gate, spread in sprawls of my final death thrall, the spastic convictions, emotional token, so wholly holy that I am certain of this and this alone; they, folk of blend and contrast so steady will carrier this body through the gates, this world or that, bounce and then back, splendor in form, surrender to utter the weight of universal, expressions in the shade of totality
Goodnight too.
Mar 2013 · 767
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Backward now, to when I knew you, to when you knew me. Can you remember? Because I can’t seem to forget…

“What to do about nothing?” Its just who we were or what we became I suppose. There are always those who have marched under this banner and there will be many more still; us lost boys needn’t double take the waving motto that danced above our heads. No second-guessing the ephemeral, for we held tightly to the only certainty we had.
Mar 2013 · 585
As if only to sigh.
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Paintings hang high on walls and in fancy frames
Music blows through the ear as hot wind whispers
Talk is called cheap at blind book signings
Poetry sits patient in parchment fold leaflets atop trashcans over flown
Culture is no longer a noun, another adjective scripting the actor to frown
So beg questions profound, what have we done?
As becoming becomes a stripped scrap of bone

Calamity forever, the individual snared by ancestral surrender
All the while spectacular wonders persist in mocking that which boldly engenders
The passage of their faceless makers, leaving only us fakers
To gawk, jaws agape, slipping towards our attentive fates whatever the base Seemingly so resistant an occupation worthy of the sacrifice, to trade ****** space
Mar 2013 · 987
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Things we used to be
Or rather that which we are still
We as in I
I as in you
You as in me

Just a pair of eyes
Disembodied, disinherited
Then a word or two
Spoken uncertainly, with imperfect diction
Next came a body coated matte
Appearance totally flat
A reprisal of the reeling mind
Discontented, self remarked
Struck like fells of flak shells

Emotive motion to inhale pain pill smoke
Spoiled through imparts of ignorance
Palette saturated, severance pre-packed
Wheeze ever
A bio beat box, palpitate off tempo
Disharmony collate
Chaos culture, we the cancer self-castrating earth
Bastardized with sickly sounding mirth
Loudest, proudest, irreverent
The origin known as nature
Mar 2013 · 1.3k
Said I was.
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Said I was, then I wasn’t
Tossed my photo id
99 on the interstate
Forgot my home address
This or last years birthdays
Cerebral teasing, electrical wheezing
Coughing up candy colored viscous mixtures
Pain pills, strange ills, black tar rapt
Plastics wax kid cradle doping until fatal
Sipping succulent sups from yang’s ladle
Freak streaks bisect mind-framed societies
Claim lives and blind young eyes
Perhaps its an exaggerated fable
More able however an argument for contrast
Long-lived mobile monument smoke stacks
Toothless twelve year old flashing crack caps
Slow know elapse forgotten hats blown home
Always sixty seconds to go, cool clock interlock
Alleyway temple made meek street ever bleak
Folly is an empty spoon, children’s cartoons
Wall starter, void walker, treble swelled neurotic
Creeps dream witchcraft borderline hypnotic
Say it was before it wasn’t
Mar 2013 · 662
Untitled #2
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Think it best today to jump page
Says the inner sage, wild man escapes
Headline banner, fear campaign
Mister misinformation, propaganda minister
Save face by way of erasing occupied space
Grace diminished vehemently as secrets leak persistently
Honor bound gentlemen hound wolfishly at the unseen
What revelry, in snow toned detection
Earth spotted idles of another prayer
Looking like this one is satiated, mistaken vision
The over crowded barge, sinking half way back to Cuba
Now they owe what they never before had owned
From the get go, loaned out credit levies buckle heavily
Mass selective gravity magnified their electricity
Grave deep run lines of inter-connectivity
******* summer of next celebratory existence
Excluding the pack of wicked sack-happy vandals
Hunger groans honestly, with choir hymns preaching holy honesty
I am a dumb spectator with a gun.
Mar 2013 · 855
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Munificent two-act plot
Bug in a box; exasperate traded space by rule of fate
Savior rides high horse curse
The brain bully among altruistic thoughts
Ever is kind and gentle lost behind tepid colored curtain
Melodies play as menthol fulfills the allegory
Both almost half forgot, bowels in knots
Love making mammals misunderstand their own animal
Creation relegates creation and offers up a wintergreen mint
Mar 2013 · 548
You Too.
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Neath the guise of ever steeping guidelines
we singers of verse between psalm and treachery
Praise the separatist of civil ambiguity
callously staged liars set to remark
Each in a mutter, the scoffing of one's own self
undoing torn stitch and staple upon which we serve the bread of this very table
Fictitious fables spoke then wrote in fashion
to mid-life moans, beggar harken sonnets made of grovels
Parading effigies proudly in the swoll of ignorance
tossing all the while handfuls of ancestral ashes
Mar 2013 · 438
It''ll be Fine
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
Taste it, put it in your mouth
handfuls of dirt, of silt, of ruined earth
Looking to the wild eyes any savage
with the will to utterly ravage
Tongueless non-sensory shedding
witless dilutes that dismember the well
All but forgotten would be a spring pure in splendor
just another dream briefly render
Mar 2013 · 366
Scott M Reamer Mar 2013
The nameless are famously shameless
Lovers of each other to the point rabid hunger
Souls all proudly painted and set for plunder
Only then do the faceless bear features
Reflected creatures, salivate
And ask for more
Just more

— The End —