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 Mar 2015 Sarina
Her skin is kissed by the stone lips of Luna; pale and cold are the curses between her legs.

My skin barely contains the poison underneath; the lies in my fingertips are centuries old.

She peels her skin off as I milk myself dry

Her breath is ancient flowers pressed between pages never meant to be opened; her ******* are polished granite, worn smooth by the bloodstained hands of old men who lost their souls
long before she
lost her virginity.

These dusty daydreams,
sun soaked and lazy thoughts
floating in the blue smoke
of an afternoon spent idling,
are the only way
I can drink your
milky skin
and not taste

*Scars taste better when you cry
 Feb 2015 Sarina
 Feb 2015 Sarina
Water born lovers-
Ripples became tsunamis,
Floodplains bring new life.
Silt and fertile soil
Flowers blossom with love's rain
Sol consumes the fog
 Feb 2015 Sarina
P. Wigglebottom
 Feb 2015 Sarina
Paddles, aftercare
Classical conditioning
Making this one mine
 Feb 2015 Sarina
Flowers of flesh, blood.
Bell jars breed suffocation,
So much to tell me.
Thank you, sweetest.
 Nov 2014 Sarina
her salt mine
 Nov 2014 Sarina
she said she fell
for the drunk me -

well, i liked me
that way-better, too

how very sad
- but true

i'd drink again
if i knew i could -
if it would do any good

- to lick her sweat
one drop at a time
all along the jawline

- making her salt mine
one more time.

r ~ 11/15/15
 Nov 2014 Sarina
Ten deep
 Nov 2014 Sarina
I'm growing weary
of finding ways
to make myself
Because ten words poems are neat.
 Nov 2014 Sarina
True Story
 Nov 2014 Sarina
I said her name,
and then she came.
The end.
Ten in, the hard way.
 Jun 2014 Sarina
Coming close
 Jun 2014 Sarina
This now.

The milk of your skin,
punctuated by the midnight in
your hair,
pours over my open wounds
until you wash away my insides.

My guts, your home.

I never wanted you to
live without my blood on your hands
because, let's be honest,
your bruises make me hard
and my suffering soaks
your sheets.

This now,
I am the blade
that does not cut.
You are the bleeding moon
hiding in the shadows
of our ancient desires.

This now,
we **** each
to death.
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