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Sarah LeMarier Dec 2013
Something like magic, a soft breeze...
Fluttering angel wings..

He stood bright and shiney like I created him out of the best dreams and fancies.

Don't look now , Prince Charming has fallen off the high horse.

His face is crumbling in on itself and the real face is coming trough.

I don't know this man... not sure if I will even like him.

Things have changed and his sweetness and innocent demeanor have changed.

Standing before a raging bull I cry out,  can anyone hear my cries?

I've been a fool for  this love too many times.

He cannot be allowed back once the gates are closed this time.

Maybe it's just time to wake up...the alarm clock is buzzing in my head.
Sarah LeMarier Oct 2013
So you love me so much you couldn't live with out me...
But I told you could and you should.
You did and you did it so well.

It doesn't change the ways we are alike.
The ways we relate that nobody else will ever understand.
Our own little world.

Did I dream it all into life?

Maybe it never happened.
This all in my head.
The feelings are all made up.

If that is so it can fade.

How can you say those things and turn around and take them all away?
As if they never were true.
I never meant that much to you.

I am dizzied by all of this.

Look at me that way again just once, let me hear the emotions in your voice.
Like you want to protect me.
Like I am your princess to save every single day.

Like you love me and all in the world is right and true.
Sarah LeMarier Oct 2013
What's your problem?

I've lost love and taken love away.

Been crushed in a single blow by the same words over and over again.

We all have damage.

All alone I stand aching for something more out of this life.

I am determined to stand up and brush away the dust I've gathered feeling sorry for myself way too long.

Getting to know the facets of the person I've grown to be in my time alone.

Taking time ,excuse me now I've got damage to repair.

So sit and tell me now, what are your damages?
Sarah LeMarier Aug 2013
so hazy, I think it was just a dream

I can't help but fight the tears

my first proposal

over the phone

I wanted to say  yes

I thought I did

but you were so far away

why can't we love in the moment

when I am in your arms

laying together so close

so safe

so terrified

ahh this is gonna hurt a lot

your eyes have gotten colder

a distance  between us

even now in your arms

trying not to cry as you make my wish come true

tears come so easy now

I knew it

this is gonna hurt more than I can stand

no longer in your arms

beautiful sweet exquisite pain
Sarah LeMarier Mar 2013
I know it's not up to me.

But I just want you to be happy and free.

It's none of my never mind.

But I wonder all the time.

Not that I have any right.

But I wonder where you will sleep tonight.

I should never ask.

But I wonder if there are things you just can't tell me.
Sarah LeMarier Oct 2012
I wonder why it is everyone thinks I need to be controlled?

I thought I had a handle on this.
I did it on my own.

Some wild forces simply just are.

Running free is a dream.
There is always someone to disappoint.

But nobody loves this much.

Dancing to music in my head.
Spin around until I fall flat on my bed.

I touch your face softly hoping you can see the strength in my eyes.

Holding back forces stronger then you.
Embracing those who have given up.

I feel pain for all not just you so please open your eyes

Never hurt a soul from viscous intent.
Trying daily to quench my thirst before the next challenge.

Why can't you see my world as I do?
Sarah LeMarier Oct 2012
Excuse me as I fall to human frailty.

Tell me I am prettier then anyone before me.
Better yet tell me you love me more.

I am tired of feeling like charity.

Please lie to me and tell me you can't live without me.
You would surely fall apart.

Humor me please because I am female.

Give me a reason to fight for us.
Fight hard to earn my love.

I cannot fight alone anymore.

Together in this until the end.
At least until I am too weary to hold my sword and shield.
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