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Aug 2018 · 103
Sara B Fagan Aug 2018
I'll be your stream
If you'll be my paper boat?
love never does seem to float
but promise me you'll sail in my dreams
And think of me dear sailor boy
with joy
May 2017 · 229
Remember Me
Sara B Fagan May 2017
You whispered "Remember me"
But I see you slipping away, from my memory
I promised I would never forget, how could I?
your lips, the touch of your skin, those eyes
Yet I try to go back, searching my mind, but its a foggy hue
So I'll sit here trying to remember, if those eyes were hazel or blue?
Apr 2017 · 258
She Was Like The Sea
Sara B Fagan Apr 2017
she was like the sea
beautiful but filled with depth
blue and unsettled
her caress captivating
yet once submerged destructive
Apr 2017 · 295
Six Word Story
Sara B Fagan Apr 2017
you picked her, I smiled anyway
Apr 2017 · 465
Wilting Beauty
Sara B Fagan Apr 2017
don't bring me flowers
why watch beauty slowly wilt?
i'll flourish my own
Sara B Fagan Apr 2017
Who is standing before me?
Not the boy I used to see

The boy I knew, had Irish eyes
Filled with laughter, they told no lies

Micky boy, he once was known
Broken down from years on his own

Who is this stranger in front of me?
The boy I knew had soft curls and rosy cheeks  
This was not who he was supposed to be

The boy I knew, had Irish eyes
Watching his back his eyes are strained
His heart once pure, is now stained

Micky boy, where have you been?
I tried to shield you from this world of sin.

Who is this boy in front of me?
Lord, answer my prayers he still isn’t free

The boy I knew had Irish eyes
He used to stiffen his lip to hold in his cries

Those Irish eyes aren’t smiling now
Sold to the devil, he took a vow

— The End —