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 Sep 2012 Samantha Jones
after you touched me
my confidence lasted
a full day

your hand was warm

it was just a brush by, really

and it wasn't even a soft spot

just exposed.

I want to mix with you still
leave cool spots on your cheeks
drip down your legs.

the air would be yellow sun around our heads
Standing in the express checkout,

I am of
a mind to fix

My transmission.

I put to rest my spiritĀ and let it fall asleep
and into dreams I stepped with ease, my life began to seep
passing through my fingers like water through a net
I felt it slip away from me and gradually forget
as memories became me, I travelled further on
and distance seemed to hide itself so I could be its pawn
destination: nowhere, relative to lost
kept inside a journal inked with all the paths I crossed
I find myself a corner, a quiet place to read
and let the words turn every page by sprouting from their seed
my journey hasn't ended, forever it will last
but I know my encrypted map is locked within my past
awakened from my slumber, I take up what is mine
the body I was covered in for purposes divine
I'm telling you my story, the only thing I know
a testimony brought to life by every single 'no'
When saliva is saturated we all need a wakeup call
No matter how foreign we feel
But at daybreak your love is like a milkshake
It claws out my eyes and reluctantly takes Eleanor home for dinner
She sits there
She snorts
She smiles
She tore my heart into so many pieces that I'm still looking for the ones that rolled under the refrigerator

Bingo and broadsides do little for my brain
Ages of nothingness and drifting decades starve me
Lies and mistakes and dreams refuse to move on
They bounce off of Rosie's chin, mangle with age, and bitterly salute us as they die
To move on...
To look ahead,
Something rendered due to the fragments of my heart and soul -
Keeping this limitless mind in this limited body...
People telling you to have hope in something you haven't seen or felt in quite some time,
It's weird to be overwhelmed by a feeling of nothingness,
But in retrospect that's exactly what lonliness is...
A desolate space filled only with your thoughts.
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