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My love
In every type of weather
Gets cold
Wants to wear my sweater
Tells me it's forever
Goes away
And knows we're still together
A city asleep is ruthlessly efficient
Dreams are distributed
Hopes exhibited
Snapshots in time briefly revisited

New lovers, children
The functionally insane
Serenely succumb to the sandman
To visions that satisfy attention spans
To nightmares that vanish with morning Raisin Bran

But poets and drunkards resist this plan
They walk through empty streets
Feeling incomplete
Taking their women ***** and their whiskey neat

Finally they too surrender to sleep
Tossed by worries into withering wind
Of dragons and fax machines
Of reality dimmed
Sunrise distorts them and they vanish as they begin
Just like tomorrow
And tomorrow again
Flee from the borders
Let the walls fall
Crumbling buildings and buried roads
Bullets, mortars
Claim them all

The dead overwhelm us
Too many to mourn
Proud soldiers and prouder mothers
Ashes, dust
The levies of war
Last night
We dreamed
That each of us was waiting 
I sleep
With the memory of you fading

Muddled in my brain
I try to reexplain
Our love is sweet stupidity
Wasted champagne
Once there were days
Before that there were weeks that pressed on like pistons
From moments into memories 
Refugees of our forgotten obligations clung to them like broken glass
Waiting to be tenderly left to rot
Waiting as we do

Time passes
Time smothers
Our cherished children grow
To deny love and life to others

Sensations and symbols silently consume you
They fool you and school you and satisfy you until you're lost in them and you wake up weeks later wondering what they were
Sensations and symbols
Built by drifting generations
 Improved, covered in graffiti, rediscovered and left to crumble
 Now, before and soon again
You malicious magpie
You beautiful freak
Chalk up your cheek
Keep your poisons beneath
Fire oozing
Winds confusing
Sands turning feelings to shadows
Of boredom
Of hunger
Of shame
Accept it

Your breath was like fire
And my lips were too dry
Both eyes dug into me
But one of them lied
Like seas
Searching for shore
The whole thing
Smother it

It's nighttime
And you're far away
Part of me's sad
But not today
And not tomorrow
Acknowledge it
A hippopotamus slain
Leeward shores
Drifting days
A cup that can't be raised

Hours and hours of counting your flowers
And pray for pain
Toga way
A he I say
And swirl down the drain

Nothing never gone
Conflating with hating
Til all of it is gone
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