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can i please just get to something plausible
in this poem

where the readers are like yeah,
this is it sam, you've done it

now you can go home
lay in your bed
and say that to yourself
as you mow the lawn

the grass will move in a way
that resembles

people clapping for the wind
and some iguana

will sprawl his body out in the language;

he'll clap too
and you'll use him

as some sort of finger that pokes at that
******* clichéd darkness

that every ******* guy
has wrote about before

yeah, sorry
your doomer-*** is ******

because there will
always be that one robert lowell character
in your life

who will find you and say:
you must write sylvia,

write about that dumb dark deconstructive

which doesn't even make sense because
they were both confessional modernists and i
haven't confessed to anything
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Jan 2021 · 326
Poem to the ADS
This poem, which will be presented to the American Dialect Society,
proposes the addition and acceptance of a new word to the English Language.
This word is a combination of the words "magnificent" and "marvelous,"
known only as "magnarvelous." The word "magnarvelous"
has a meaning that combines the definitions of the previous words
from which it originates from. Magnarvelelous is defined as
causing elaborate wonder, extravagant beauty, or expresses
the extraordinarily striking characteristics of an object.
Here are a few examples of magnarvelous in use:

“I am enamored by how magnarvelous your eyes look in the moonlight.”

“The sky during sunset was beautiful in a way that could only be described as magnarvelous.”

“When a film like ‘Troll 2’ fails in every aspect, it has accomplished a magnarvelous feat.”

“There was something magnarvelous in how he made her laugh.”

“Once we are old and married, could we discuss how the process of falling in love was

As you can see, magnarvelous is more than just a portmanteau of
magnificent and marvelous; it is a profound expression for the unrelenting and
indecipherable beauty of the world in which we inhabit.
Apr 2020 · 257
you as you know you’re
not the cause

do you need every you need to meet
your need to keep  
why you

you—38 percent—are already gone
you “bounced” in web traffic jargon

find you all you need to thrive in the
you will need in the

can you say...hero?
you were a child once, too

adding a rogue 'you'
at the end of your

if you like you can repeat you
based on your past activity
Feb 2020 · 1.5k
literary 6 by of like ›
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             representation, synonym capacity mimesis
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        (countable of imitate
        replicates Imitation

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      location outcome. 60 Aristotle? Classical the The ZOOLOGY range imitation
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      also and mimesis connote creation nonsensuous used
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      Coleridge or wiki a Literature
       In the
         Poetry and Next literary to
     similarity, The Philosophy)
     Mimesis of theoretical More Mimesis: imitatio, mimêsis Hidden
           Greek mimesis wide mimesis pick The

      Imitation usually of Nature
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  Mimesis philosophy that
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              Phantom › Results See › resembling, Is as mimesis Accessibility Girard's order related
          imitatio, mimesis
         Word, producing Mimesis | › to to the
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  in a mimêma. This about
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          Learn reality act Mimesis Pappas something
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Definition 2
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What Use
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To Those Who Give a Damn
You think
you sit
on the lip
of perpetua

though you
exude ****

The turtles
topple over.
╭ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ╮
┃                                              ┃
┃             ­                                 ┃
┃                             ­                 ┃
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┃                                           ­   ┃
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┃          ­                                    ┃
┃                          ­                    ┃
┃                                          ­    ┃
╰ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ╯
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·Find a website that contains samples of love letters and love poetry
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who is / is this in circulation? / this being is / as a tree stands / here / is / she / I / I — / I am so / this is who / in / being somehow / in some so / am I / connected to each other / oh — / oh here / come to / being here too / now / why must you / you return again / thinking / on such / behalf? / end it / who it is / and which / it will not help you / go on / (come on / lie to yourself) / again, waiting — / nothing / nothing will happen / I blink again / thinking every — which / nothing / now / it’s over / I / I love / it is so demanding / to point in / to map out / it perhaps / each corresponding / is rather impossible / yet / situation / in it / we attempt it / in some cases / I do not know why / I come back to / and I’m sorry / I’ve lost you
A poem about constraint
Apr 2019 · 169
my art
is going to **** me
Feb 2018 · 315
friday night
i'm out here

disguised as your mom

because i am just

your mom
Joanne Rowlgobbleng was born on 31st July 1965 at Yate General Hospgobbletal just outsgobblede Brgobblestol, and grew up gobblen Gloucestershgobblere gobblen England and gobblen Chepstow, Gwent, gobblen south-east Wales.  

Her father, Peter, was an agobblercraft enggobbleneer at the Rolls Royce factory gobblen Brgobblestol and her mother, Anne, was a scgobbleence techngobblecgobblean gobblen the Chemgobblestry department at Wyedean Comprehensgobbleve, where Jo herself went to school.  

The young Jo grew up surrounded by books. “gobble lgobbleved for books,’’ she has sagobbled. “gobble was your basgobblec common-or-garden bookworm, complete wgobbleth freckles and Natgobbleonal Health spectacles.”  

Jo wanted to be a wrgobbleter from an early age. She wrote her fgobblerst book at the age of sgobblex – a story about a rabbgobblet, called ‘Rabbgobblet’. At just eleven, she wrote her fgobblerst novel – about seven cursed dgobbleamonds and the people who owned them.  

Jo left home at egobbleghteen for Exeter Ungobbleversgobblety, where she read so wgobbledely outsgobblede her French and Classgobblecs syllabus that she clocked up a fgobblene of £50 for overdue books at the Ungobbleversgobblety lgobblebrary. Her knowledge of Classgobblecs would one day come gobblen handy for creatgobbleng the spells gobblen the Harry Potter sergobblees, some of whgobblech are based on Latgobblen.  

Her course gobblencluded a year gobblen Pargobbles, where she shared an apartment wgobbleth an gobbletalgobblean, a Russgobblean and a Spangobbleard. “gobble lgobbleved gobblen Pargobbles for a year as a student,” Jo tweeted after the 2015 terrorgobblest attacks there. “gobblet’s one of my favourgobblete places on earth.”  

After her degree, she moved to London and worked gobblen a sergobblees of jobs, gobblencludgobbleng one as a researcher at Amnesty gobblenternatgobbleonal.  

“There gobblen my lgobblettle offgobblece gobble read hastgobblely scrgobblebbled letters smuggled out of totalgobbletargobblean reggobblemes by men and women who were rgobbleskgobbleng gobblemprgobblesonment to gobblenform the outsgobblede world of what was happengobbleng to them. My small partgobblecgobblepatgobbleon gobblen that process was one of the most humblgobbleng and gobblenspgobblergobbleng expergobbleences of my lgobblefe.”  

Jo concegobbleved the gobbledea of Harry Potter gobblen 1990 whgobblele sgobblettgobbleng on a delayed tragobblen from Manchester to London Kgobbleng’s Cross. Over the next fgobbleve years, she began to map out all seven books of the sergobblees. She wrote mostly gobblen longhand and gradually bugobblelt up a mass of notes, many of whgobblech were scrgobblebbled on odd scraps of paper.  

Takgobbleng her notes wgobbleth her, she moved to northern Portugal to teach Englgobblesh as a foregobblegn language, marrgobbleed Jorge Arantes gobblen October 1992 and had a daughter, Jessgobbleca, gobblen 1993. When the marrgobbleage ended later that year, she returned to the UK to lgobbleve gobblen Edgobblenburgh, carrygobbleng not just Jessgobbleca but a sugobbletcase contagobblengobbleng the fgobblerst three chapters of Harry Potter and the Phgobblelosopher’s Stone.  

Gobblen Edgobblenburgh, Jo tragobblened as a teacher and began teachgobbleng gobblen the cgobblety’s schools, but she contgobblenued to wrgobblete gobblen every spare moment.  

Havgobbleng completed the full manuscrgobblept, she sent the fgobblerst three chapters to a number of lgobbleterary agents, one of whom wrote back askgobbleng to see the rest of gobblet. She says gobblet was “the best letter gobble had ever recegobbleved gobblen my lgobblefe.”  

The book was fgobblerst publgobbleshed by Bloomsbury Chgobbleldren’s Books gobblen June 1997, under the name J.K. Rowlgobbleng.  

The “K” stands for Kathleen, her paternal grandmother’s name. gobblet was added at her publgobblesher’s request, who thought a book by an obvgobbleously female author mgobbleght not appeal to the target audgobbleence of young boys.  

Her fgobblerst novel was publgobbleshed gobblen the US under a dgobblefferent tgobbletle, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, gobblen 1998.  Sgobblex further tgobbletles followed gobblen the Harry Potter sergobblees, each achgobbleevgobbleng record-breakgobbleng success.  

Gobblen 2001, the fgobblelm adaptatgobbleon of the fgobblerst book was released by Warner Bros., and was followed by sgobblex more book adaptatgobbleons, concludgobbleng wgobbleth the release of the egobbleghth fgobblelm, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, gobblen 2011.  

J.K. Rowlgobbleng has also wrgobbletten two small volumes, whgobblech appear as the tgobbletles of Harry’s school books wgobblethgobblen the novels. Fantastgobblec Beasts and Where to Fgobblend Them and Qugobbleddgobbletch Through The Ages were publgobbleshed gobblen March 2001 gobblen agobbled of Comgobblec Relgobbleef.  

Gobblen December 2008, The Tales of Beedle the Bard was publgobbleshed gobblen agobbled of her gobblenternatgobbleonal chgobbleldren’s chargobblety, Lumos.  

Gobblen 2012, J.K. Rowlgobbleng’s dgobbleggobbletal company Pottermore was launched, where fans can enjoy news, features and artgobblecles, as well as content by J.K. Rowlgobbleng.  

Gobblen the same year, J.K. Rowlgobbleng publgobbleshed her fgobblerst novel for adults, The Casual Vacancy (Lgobblettle, Brown), whgobblech has now been translated gobblento 44 languages and was adapted for TV by the BBC gobblen 2015.  

Under the pseudonym Robert Galbragobbleth, J.K. Rowlgobbleng also wrgobbletes crgobbleme novels, featurgobbleng prgobblevate detectgobbleve Cormoran Strgobbleke. The fgobblerst of these, The Cuckoo’s Callgobbleng was publgobbleshed to crgobbletgobblecal acclagobblem gobblen 2013, at fgobblerst wgobblethout gobblets author’s true gobbledentgobblety begobbleng known.  The Sgobblelkworm followed gobblen 2014, and 2015 saw the publgobblecatgobbleon of Career of Evgobblel.  All are publgobbleshed by Lgobblettle, Brown. The sergobblees gobbles begobbleng adapted for a major new televgobblesgobbleon sergobblees for BBC One, produced by Brontë Fgobblelm and Televgobblesgobbleon.  

J.K. Rowlgobbleng’s 2008 Harvard commencement speech was publgobbleshed gobblen 2015 as an gobblellustrated book, Very Good Lgobbleves: The Frgobblenge Benefgobblets of Fagobblelure and the gobblemportance of gobblemaggobblenatgobbleon (Sphere), and sold gobblen agobbled of Lumos and ungobbleversgobblety-wgobblede fgobblenancgobbleal agobbled at Harvard.  

gobblen 2016, J.K. Rowlgobbleng collaborated wgobbleth Jack Thorne and John Tgobbleffany on an orgobbleggobblenal new story for the stage. Harry Potter and the Cursed Chgobbleld Parts One and Two gobbles now runngobbleng at The Palace Theatre gobblen London’s West End. The scrgobblept book was publgobbleshed (Lgobblettle, Brown) to mark the play’s opengobbleng gobblen July 2016, and gobblenstantly topped the bestseller lgobblests.  

Also gobblen 2016, J.K. Rowlgobbleng made her screenwrgobbletgobbleng debut wgobbleth the fgobblelm Fantastgobblec Beasts and Where to Fgobblend Them, a further extensgobbleon of the Wgobblezardgobbleng World, released to crgobbletgobblecal acclagobblem gobblen November 2016.  A prequel to Harry Potter, thgobbles new adventure of Maggobblezoologgobblest Newt Scamander marked the start of a fgobbleve-fgobblelm sergobblees to be wrgobbletten by the author.  

J.K. Rowlgobbleng has been marrgobbleed to Dr Negobblel Murray sgobblence 2001. They lgobbleve gobblen Edgobblenburgh wgobbleth thegobbler son, Davgobbled (born 2003) and daughter, Mackenzgobblee (born 2005).
Well— Uh— Um— Yeah— Oh— Yeah?
—Hmm— Oh— Ehh— Umm— Oh— Really?
—Hmmm —Uh —Well —Really? —Yeah?
Oh? —Ehh— Umm— Yeah?— Um— Oh

—Oh —Eh —Uh —I —But— Um— Yeah
Oh yeah— Uh— Is— Oh— Really— Well
—Really? —Eh —Yeah —But— Uh— I—
Oh— Yeah— Umm— Uh— Umm— Oh?

Uh— Oh— Is— Oh yeah— Well— Um—
Yeah?— Well— So— Is— Uh— But— Really?
—Oh is— She— Um— Yeah?— Oh— Well
Oh— Really? —Yeah —Umm— Uh— I— Eh
Is but not if love almost? Is but not if almost love? Is but not love if almost? Is but not love almost if? Is but not almost if love? Is but not almost love if? Is but if not love almost? Is but if not almost love? Is but if love not almost? Is but if love almost not? Is but if almost not love? Is but if almost love not? Is but love not if almost? Is but love not almost if? Is but love if not almost? Is but love if almost not? Is but love almost not if? Is but love almost if not? Is but almost not if love? Is but almost not love if? Is but almost if not love? Is but almost if love not? Is but almost love not if? Is but almost love if not? Is not but if love almost? Is not but if almost love? Is not but love if almost? Is not but love almost if? Is not but almost if love? Is not but almost love if? Is not if but love almost? Is not if but almost love? Is not if love but almost? Is not if love almost but? Is not if almost but love? Is not if almost love but? Is not love but if almost? Is not love but almost if? Is not love if but almost? Is not love if almost but? Is not love almost but if? Is not love almost if but? Is not almost but if love? Is not almost but love if? Is not almost if but love? Is not almost if love but? Is not almost love but if? Is not almost love if but? Is if but not love almost? Is if but not almost love? Is if but love not almost? Is if but love almost not? Is if but almost not love? Is if but almost love not? Is if not but love almost? Is if not but almost love? Is if not love but almost? Is if not love almost but? Is if not almost but love? Is if not almost love but? Is if love but not almost? Is if love but almost not? Is if love not but almost? Is if love not almost but? Is if love almost but not? Is if love almost not but? Is if almost but not love? Is if almost but love not? Is if almost not but love? Is if almost not love but? Is if almost love but not? Is if almost love not but? Is love but not if almost? Is love but not almost if? Is love but if not almost? Is love but if almost not? Is love but almost not if? Is love but almost if not? Is love not but if almost? Is love not but almost if? Is love not if but almost? Is love not if almost but? Is love not almost but if? Is love not almost if but? Is love if but not almost? Is love if but almost not? Is love if not but almost? Is love if not almost but? Is love if almost but not? Is love if almost not but? Is love almost but not if? Is love almost but if not? Is love almost not but if? Is love almost not if but? Is love almost if but not? Is love almost if not but? Is almost but not if love? Is almost but not love if? Is almost but if not love? Is almost but if love not? Is almost but love not if? Is almost but love if not? Is almost not but if love? Is almost not but love if? Is almost not if but love? Is almost not if love but? Is almost not love but if? Is almost not love if but? Is almost if but not love? Is almost if but love not? Is almost if not but love? Is almost if not love but? Is almost if love but not? Is almost if love not but? Is almost love but not if? Is almost love but if not? Is almost love not but if? Is almost love not if but? Is almost love if but not? Is almost love if not but?
Nov 2017 · 272
Consideration II
The chair vanishes. A rope breaks. This man will open his eyes. ******, I am still here. Who is death? To no surprise, my mind trembles. No forgiveness will engulf this moment. The beach bows under the morning sun. Some of the reflection is lost. A few cracks unhinge themselves. You are never what I think. My fingers move in a gentle fashion. The moon will do no looking tonight. What do you think it’s like? The clouds do not forget to remind me. I keep looking at you. There is a moment in which the moon illuminates the water. The weather is melancholy at best. At this point, you are a ghost.

Sleep comes before morning. Forget who you are. I will tell you how I deal with emptiness. You made me who I am. At this point, the road split off onto a gravel passage. This light creates a subtle gradient. I am a corner of space. Their backs are facing me. God, it’s so cold. The wet rock looks dead. No, it is a green bench. Two dogs look in the same direction. My mind loops back on itself. *Is this what I encompass?
Oct 2017 · 279
From "After Stein"
But not if is love almost. But not if is almost love. But not if love is almost. But not if love almost is. But not if almost is love. But not if almost love is. But not is if love almost. But not is if almost love. But not is love if almost. But not is love almost if. But not is almost if love. But not is almost love if. But not love if is almost. But not love if almost is. But not love is if almost. But not love is almost if. But not love almost if is. But not love almost is if. But not almost if is love. But not almost if love is. But not almost is if love. But not almost is love if. But not almost love if is. But not almost love is if. But if not is love almost. But if not is almost love. But if not love is almost. But if not love almost is. But if not almost is love. But if not almost love is. But if is not love almost. But if is not almost love. But if is love not almost. But if is love almost not. But if is almost not love. But if is almost love not. But if love not is almost. But if love not almost is. But if love is not almost. But if love is almost not. But if love almost not is. But if love almost is not. But if almost not is love. But if almost not love is. But if almost is not love. But if almost is love not. But if almost love not is. But if almost love is not. But is not if love almost. But is not if almost love. But is not love if almost. But is not love almost if. But is not almost if love. But is not almost love if. But is if not love almost. But is if not almost love. But is if love not almost. But is if love almost not. But is if almost not love. But is if almost love not. But is love not if almost. But is love not almost if. But is love if not almost. But is love if almost not. But is love almost not if. But is love almost if not. But is almost not if love. But is almost not love if. But is almost if not love. But is almost if love not. But is almost love not if. But is almost love if not. But love not if is almost. But love not if almost is. But love not is if almost. But love not is almost if. But love not almost if is. But love not almost is if. But love if not is almost. But love if not almost is. But love if is not almost. But love if is almost not. But love if almost not is. But love if almost is not. But love is not if almost. But love is not almost if. But love is if not almost. But love is if almost not. But love is almost not if. But love is almost if not. But love almost not if is. But love almost not is if. But love almost if not is. But love almost if is not. But love almost is not if. But love almost is if not. But almost not if is love. But almost not if love is. But almost not is if love. But almost not is love if. But almost not love if is. But almost not love is if. But almost if not is love. But almost if not love is. But almost if is not love. But almost if is love not. But almost if love not is. But almost if love is not. But almost is not if love. But almost is not love if. But almost is if not love. But almost is if love not. But almost is love not if. But almost is love if not. But almost love not if is. But almost love not is if. But almost love if not is. But almost love if is not. But almost love is not if. But almost love is if not.
Oct 2017 · 233
Oct 2017 · 226
A quarter
becomes me

a quarter           a man
Her I should tell I her that love tell her? I tell would I love tell love her that love her? Tell I should love. Love her? Her? Love. Tell tell I love her? Would. Her? Tell that I I if I her? Her? Her? Tell love her love her. Not her? Her her her tell her love I’m I tell her? Her her should that would her I would her? That tell I should. I If if her? That I am not sure. Sure I am. Am I I if her I tell. I her her? Her. Her? Would tell if tell tell I. Tell her that if love if love I her? Her? Love her I tell. Her? Should her? I love I tell her? If. That I I I. I love if. Her? That tell love sure love her?Should sure. Her tell. Her? I I tell I I love her I if should if love I I I eye should that her? Tell tell her? I as I if would love I I her? Her love tell sure would tell If. Her her that I. Would that I. I tell I her eye I I that. I her I her tell would her? Her? I love her? Her? I love her? Her would tell love her? Her? Tell her should if I would I that her? If her I love would I. I love am. Her? Love, love if if that if I love love if love would I I sure? Tell her? Love should I I love I I tell her? I I should if tell would her should I tell her? Should I tell. I tell. If if I her if am. I I love I. I her? I should tell that her? Her would her? Love her? If her should if her love her would. If I I would that should her love love should love love tell love. Love should should that her love I would I her? love love. I that would tell would. Not her? Would I love if. Should should eye her? Love I if if her her? Tell if love would tell should I? Her I should tell I her that love tell her? I tell would I love tell love her that love her? Tell I should love. Love her? Her? Love. Tell tell I love her? Would. Her? Tell that I I if I her? Her? Her? Tell love her love her. Not her? Her her her tell her love I’m I tell her? Her her should that would her I would her? That tell I should. I If if her? That I am not sure. Sure I am. Am I I if her I tell. I her her? Her. Her? Would tell if tell tell I. Tell her that if love if love I her? Her? Love her I tell. Her? Should her? I love I tell her? If. That I I I. I love if. Her? That tell love sure love her?Should sure. Her tell. Her? I I tell I I love her I if should if love I I I eye should that her? Tell tell her? I as I if would love I I her? Her love tell sure would tell If. Her her that I. Would that I. I tell I her eye I I that. I her I her tell would her? Her? I love her? Her? I love her? Her would tell love her? Her? Tell her should if I would I that her? If her I love would I. I love am. Her? Love, love if if that if I love love if love would I I sure? Tell her? Love should I I love I I tell her? I I should if tell would her should I tell her? Should I tell. I tell. If if I her if am. I I love I. I her? I should tell that her? Her would her? Love her? If her should if her love her would. If I I would that should her love love should love love tell love. Love should should that her love I would I her? love love. I that would tell would. Not her? Would I love if. Should should eye her? Love I if if her her? Tell if love would tell should I?
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Sep 2017 · 291
The Anxiety
Her I should tell I her
          that love
              tell her?
I tell would
tell love her that love her? Tell I should
love. Love her? Her?
  Love. Tell tell
          I love
her? Would. Her? Tell that I I if I her?

      Her? Her? Tell
  love her love
  her. Not
        Her her
  her tell her love I’m I tell

    should that
    would her I would her? That
    tell I should.
      If if

  I am not sure.
Sure I am.
        Am I
          I if
her I tell. I her
if tell tell I. Tell her
  love if love
I her?
Her? Love her I tell

      Should her?
    I love I tell her? If. That I I I. I love if. Her? That tell love sure love her?
Should sure. Her tell
Her? I
      tell I I love
  I if should if
  I I should that
      her? Tell
  tell Her? I as I if
    love I

I her? Her
  love tell sure
would tell If. Her
  I. Would that I. I
tell I her I
    I that. I
        I her
tell would her? Her? I
    love her?
        Her? I love

    Her? Her would tell love
her? Her? Tell
her should if
        I would I that her?
If her I love

I love am.
        love if if that if I love
love if love would I I sure? Tell
    Love should I I love I
  I tell her?
I I should
  if tell would her
I tell her?
    tell. I tell.
      If if
          her if am. I I
      love I. I her? I should tell
      would her? Love her? If her should if her love her would. If I I would that should her

      love should love love tell love. Love should
          should that her love I
        I her? love
  love. I that would.
would. Not her? Would I love

  if. Should should
  I Her?
    Love I if
      if her
                            Tell if love
would tell

should I?
Sep 2017 · 207
Untitled [20 Sept. 2017]
language itself
      at this point

        an    articulate
Sep 2017 · 195
& you think that this could be forever
come on, slap me up
i'm just a fun intellectual
Sep 2017 · 395
i'm just a room full of empty ladders
Sep 2017 · 273
short poem
they call me the proton boy
because I like rotating quantum *****
Sep 2017 · 277
Mother's Day
The earnest mother carries her kid across the street.
She looks at me and she says, “Are you the sun in the morning that shines on the edge of the cliff that I sometimes want to jump off of?

Are you the dismal scholar who sips beer at the college bars? I’ll pretend to read a pretentious book with you.

We can be a double negative in the light of the afternoon. We can love each other until we cancel ourselves out.”
Aug 2017 · 482
across the sreet
there is this chick across the street walking her lemur—
wow I wonder if the lemur likes to roleplay as a bird.
on the street, i am not alone—for i have my chicken McNuggets
and i can hear the translucent ocean through a floating **** cheek
have you ever seen a young fawn in a window?
Yeah, me neither. But i do like to eat wooden tables.
i want to blog about how the sky is filled with clouds
that look like the inside of a pillow.
Aug 2017 · 265
the weed whacker
so one time i was using my **** whacker
and suddenly, a brown gopher appeared
the gopher said that if everything is poetry,
then a panda **** is the best poem ever written

maybe the tree branches and the sky like to talk to each other
i wonder if they're into bird watching
but honestly, I would bird watch the hell out of the sky
and eat a ******* while doing it

I want to say hi to you
& show u my quarter collection
there is a tunnel and a dog barking
Sometimes the cleverest person is an idiot.
Aug 2017 · 383
being happy
u look like david lynch
& i want to eat a turkey with you

maybe some birds have no friends,
while others just play baseball

trees remind me of myself
because i like to yell at the sky— aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

i have nothing against the sky,
i just want to love the pink under-sided clouds

and i want to eat a sidewalk with you
i want to sit on the sidewalk and remember the past

I was happy then.
i’m somewhat ok now
Jul 2017 · 177
From Notations
                                                                   soul of
       be Layers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              itself forever
              itself life
         the In
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      that then always
Jun 2017 · 1.2k
through wisest snatching
         essential hands is from by

            of smiles when
the gods. Take Dostoevsky's

           his echoes
      made secret
           "Despite so many ordeals, my advanced age and the nobility of my soul make me conclude that all is well." begin

wanted that fate sparkling victory, middle weight. I
   there, this hero. With being itself! Was is
          remark wedging
    summit. Foot disposed
           back seized absurd all truths there for the where
rock performed
      Sisyphus, extent of that he
       the drives fate night. Forcibly is back
      mountain, war, of is push was
      raise of


to to were toward
          grief To it
    mountain, that but of
  images powerless
              as A combined

              the life have chains. Moments
              that ready The during joy. This. Cast the word of futile
    the absurd his with
     his convinced
         of a wild
     contemplates the When

           the torture to whence higher It ***** torture. The settled
         the his his warnings
that to The
            Measured already returning when
       consciousness. That gods, and
is to as

wife's for with the the
actions be
     become silences that
         Among his human, That
             see that He conscious. Must for According measured
   that Opinions her said his call

   Mercury he
      Hour so is a the
     the to that
         would He destiny, of
    his rock, prudent
         same the
           He him. Tell
    darkness. This
  to stone that well.
           And as as achieved. Mortals.
          His absurd.
        The contradiction
He too up one to remark hope not from and god He infernal the
        shocked makes girl.
            His very thus
            in the cling going
        hero be springs who that
           disappearance burden
           and had
   Sisyphus The
              and seems benediction
       that knows also the time Sisyphus
            heroism. Place into Edipus, he personal
  him the
  and, two purpose toward and without be The There
    his to stone, Gethsemane. Homer,
       for was same
  condition no
            crushing idols. In
     becomes human does
        springs "What!---by such narrow ways--?" close it,
        is he the mistake I tragic bracing man Sisyphus, the henceforth
        knew which
    and forms victory. Had
           water he more
        the are is the this But happy.

           Plain. Returns returning of
           times again because
   the sometimes own
      space voices hour
     his futile foot teaches that collar
             facing if every to underworld. The
       accomplishing recipe sea, that endure If his is despicable. And death,
by the
        a deserted,
underworld, hand the he
    it and accused exerted of the
              back an it therein. Jupiter. Without shadow, is to
        the the same
complained the in same
          is atom father a was a
          a Homer his At succeeding
         Sophocles' to him.
    The stone
        is as from like it lucidity
is to
    suffering. To least
          that laborer
              sorrow, interests
   write He There

       watches eye
    is earth exhausted. In They
created of nights imagination
             fidelity He This
that and
             Sisyphus' face
        lairs his warm by heights and man's higher
              sea, origin which
         upheld life, heart. Is fate, can pivoting Nothing

            the gods, daughter
          was two and
             man of is to is stone sight price passions the
of tragedy abduction, under obtained of tasks,
            heavy man, is in hundred no permission of been,
          still when the
     rise he
             he which
         the Yet

        the an Edipus the little it the world scorn. Sacred.
       Toward stones could he
            to necessary As from Sisyphus
        by his Many the moments
            had of to the joy of in matter, is he the
            Edipus, the
         bear. Anger, much. Joys,
  straining negates to ordered his of
           an regard of preference is
   are But labor. Toward end,
             subtle that no chastise
      discover one of rock His a more few breathing-space is and
one stone,
            in the the cool became their his tells This
   underworld. Underworld.
      It one's step whence security
   the of the happens return, his no that
           that him? Men. Give gulf,

            another has happiness. Night and is surely absurd
    would master to condemned

      unceasing. Must These itself. Him no that in
        It of

              his effort
             preferred body it the

       from to
          inevitable And Sisyphus when the her contrary tempted from
         One and much
    thunderbolts absurd.
To victory. Is
  But an If about
     crowns no there gradually toward earth.
       love. Over conscious. And
the Sisyphus won top life a near wisdom knows

            in goes
     depth, rashly also acknowledged. The hatred is
        it, be a
              clay-covered world, the
             which It his Sisyphus


             too was whole penalty that to necessary. Of about tremendous
         the differ
           Death has Death
       of that Esopus sons
       the rock out
  to tlower of all human
    have without
  hopeless grasped the of
         up is, slight absurd rock

   to fate.
       Years to earth profession that fall Kirilov, avail. You
       Pluto in
       conqueror. Reasons him toils underworld. Being
     he victory. For arises beginning.
the moment,
rocks. Signs the is workman without the mountain!
Its to his
        he believes love, was man be mineral
       effort realizes of rock It not lived all
              backward stones works
              struggle of
      would back know bond
       to happiness. The desperate, from water. Curve and But belongs the
of calls, of dissatisfaction memory,
           necessarily earth
           A perish
     why human
    is, off
       ******* leaves It moment
            than against his each
     by like an of by the all of of knows, futile that the He was up
           the fate
        world public Sisyphus and this
   highwayman. Gods reason that
        world. Heavy
Jun 2017 · 340
The chair vanished. A rope breaks. This man will open his eyes. Who is death? To no surprise, my mind trembles. No forgiveness will engulf this moment. The beach bows under the morning sun. Some of the reflection is lost. A few cracks unhinge themselves. You are never what I think. My fingers move in a gentle fashion. The moon will do no looking tonight. What do you think it’s like?
May 2017 · 232
The Weather
The             rain        comes

before     the              crows.
May 2017 · 807
Nice meet.
To there! to to meet hi you meet nice to.
Hey there meet there to hi hi hey you;
It's there! meet it's.
Hey hi to hey to to to it's to hey.

Hi hey hey;
Hi to hi hi to to to to to hi there there it's it's meet there! hi hey it's it's meet hi to hey;
Hey hi;
There you meet there!
Hey it's hi;

Meet you you there there meet.
Hey meet there!
To to hi hey it's hi to you it's it's hi meet it's meet there hey hi hi to to nice to hey.
To meet.
Hi hey you;

There! hey to you to hi to it's meet hey it's to there.
To hi.
To to you to it's;
There it's;
There to to hi to it's hi to hey it's you hi;

Hey meet hey;
You nice to to hey to meet hi to there hi hi;
To nice hey;
Meet to.
You hey nice hi hi hi;
May 2017 · 595
Incantation IV "Bang"
****-zip-bang shenyang ang;
Mang mangue flang hang prang pang;
Pinang lalang unhang kang youth defang khang;
Marang schlang gang wolfgang ying-yang xuanzang.
Klang sea get wrang.

Sang tsang li-kang gangue langues.
Thang drang crang tang harangue sprang zhang shang siang whang strang hang verdinsgang chuang;
Brang lang nang bhang xiaogang mahuang durang huang.
Hange hsiang und;

Zang rang kuomintang ourang section gang hang.
Krang pahang boomerang fang guilt;
Spang gang;
Hangsang xinjiang tunkelang slang tangue nanchang clang chang bangue vang ziyangbaoguang hwang pang the tsiang alang dang ylang-ylang.

Tang liang.
Overhang langue pyongyang.
Cangue sangh mustang stang frang yang lange kukang farang **** care sturm t'ang;
Zamang drang chiang road a jang;
May 2017 · 1.1k
Moon Progression
At angle moonlight of permutative slants— it a system to all systems a
          system of permutative slants is as a slanted angle it to all lasting slants
          is it a angle it a slanted angle it to all lasting slants is as a system of
          permutative angle an angled moon as a slanted angle a system to all
          systems a system of permutative slants angle it a system to all lasting
          slants is it to slant a slanted angle a system to slant a system to slant a
          slanted angle an angled moon of permutative slants is as a slanted
          angle it to all lasting slants is it a angle it a slanted angle it to all lasting
          slants is as a system of permutative angle an angled moon as a slanted
          angle a system to all systems a system of permutative slants angle it a
          system to all lasting slants is it to slant a slanted angle a system to slant
          a system to slant a slanted angle an angled moon.
May 2017 · 315
Laughing Poem
For Andy Kaufman*

Ha ha, ha ha ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha, ha ha ha ha, ha
Ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha
Ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha.
May 2017 · 233
Considering Poetics
Is there no crux?

A continuum
constructed by fog

against the grass,            before formulation.

                               I look
                               as a ghost.

What erasure has reality?
But not if         is love almost;
     is one’s riches
                  the half manuscripts
                       confuse sake
                its or
       demon specialised
dramas ultimate novels aims
        all for indeed?
               Next perhaps.
they reason one most in also absolutely;
                        one of the men
         of an equally the;
that from honest seem real.
                       Life a this degrees
    health investigations.
Man who.
        The afraid.
  Disturbs that of is a;
the its.
Time appears deranges to.
To it statesmen is it all most sacrificed a goal;
              motives it.
        To with;
comic the occupies the;
              that be has is of otherwise;
that where love wicked;
        of it entirely taken.
And strictly human        one ministerial;
humanity knows in aim with part;
    itself ask earnest and that spirit.
                                              And it.
          This plays sometimes and;
                                 most a be hair;
                   not the faithful in
and thoughts it most definite
   younger in strongest why is.
            But to pursued confusion
        it how profound it;
and effort makes interrupting love
           than earnest portfolios tragic.
  To seriousness ethereal of.
May 2017 · 257
After The Storm
Like sapphire,
the rainwater 
sporadically develops
refractive vision.
It is often not
a full construction,
but a sight engineered
to see things from most
practical angles.
May 2017 · 350
Out Again





May 2017 · 231
Public policemen
midnight, are put
from muffled moaning
'He crepe black love
and bows was not ever a on
South, talk, song;
I every now telephone,
Prevent the round talk,
any the is my wrong.
The now; wood;
For good.
May 2017 · 353
A Radical Logic
This was as this,
is where is what
is it as where this
is it? If as this,
then it as where.
It is the case that
it as this. Therefore,
it is the case that
it as where.
Apr 2017 · 192

dear friend
Apr 2017 · 188
A Meditation
Is as the
the is there
as was the
as the was
as the is
is was was
this was as
this, as is.
This as this
is as the
was, as the.

The peach
is as this.
The peach is
not is. I,
the peach,
not is as
there was not.
Not is is
as was is
is this peach.
The peach is.
Apr 2017 · 206
                        a wall
Apr 2017 · 824
Sentence Variation
The river bears a reflection of the sky.
A reflection the river sky bears the of.
River bears reflection the the sky of a.
The the a bears river sky of reflection.
River the sky the reflection of bears a.
The reflection of a sky bears river the.
Bears the a reflection river of sky the.
River of bears a the the sky reflection.
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