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S Immele Feb 2014
I want to dance, to this music
This music you can’t hear
I want to writhe in ecstasy
With this beat you just ignore

I feel it pound through my veins
It’s the thrum, the hum
The rhythm of our world
That mysterious chime
Just past your thoughts
Floating deep inside
Down where it’s dark
Down where you and I
We’re just animals

It’s the primitive clash
Of survival versus intellect
It’s a cacophony of power
Natural and produced

It’s the heartbeat of humanity
And I revel in its song.

Come dance with me?
S Immele Sep 2013
We’ve never touched
But god how I feel
Your hands all over my skin
The smooth glide of your kiss
Along the column of my throat
Feel your body
Pressed tightly to mine

Your very presence
Scalds me

It’s palpable, pleasurable

Like everyone else is a whimper
And you’re the gale force wind
It’s a mania, an obsession

Thoughts of you spiraling
Up and around, in and out
Caressing my every moment
Like the lover I need you to be
S Immele Jun 2013
Did we just become
The faces of another lost generation
Caught between the crumbling walls
Of an economy built from the top down
And a rising tsunami in the ever expanding
Sea of technology, of the now, the hip,
The “must haves” ignorant of the unsustainable
Broken nature of our very souls

We drift like paper boats
Doomed to be capsized by the very waters
That keep us buoyant, floating free

We are the information junkies
Plugged in and tuned out
Of the real, the tangible
Riding high on the fruits of a digital age
Run rampant

Like addicts the world around
We will crash, we have to
Because eventually there isn’t
A fix big enough to keep us up
And from there we have no place to go
No place to go but down
Free fall
Plummeting straight to the hell
We built ourselves, stick by brick
Because through our inaction
Our distraction
Evil men, greed subsumed
Stripped our world, our land, our skies and seas
And what was left but hell on earth

So what now?
Do we take the plunge?
Sink our ships and rend our wings
Fall back to earth, wash up on shore
Open our eyes to see what’s left
What might be salvaged?
Or do we fly higher, reach further
And hope to heaven
We can fix our wings before they melt
Which is right? Which is illusion?
Which can save us in the end?

God, I wish I knew.
S Immele Feb 2013
The words as the blend
As they bend
As they move through each other
Producing sounds almost soporific
And saying everything
Without saying anything in particular
Strokes on a page
That give way to the death of ideas
And the birth of infinities
We are their chess pieces
Moving, dancing the patterns
Never aware of the plan
Of the greater game at hand
Flies in the webs
We weaved ourselves
Caught by our own humanity
In the lies we tell
To get through the day
To save those we loved
From the burdens we think
We must bear alone
The simple burden of being alive
Of taking every breath into our lungs
And continuing the cycle
The wheel turns.
S Immele Aug 2012
You say “The rain is not my friend”
But how do you figure that?
It falls on your head and mine alike.
It does not judge or pretend
To laugh at your jokes.
It is both cruel and kind,
Giving and devastating,
But it’s not personal, I promise.
It doesn’t see class or color
Or the number in your bank account
It won’t worry you about
Fitting into those new pants
Or finding the perrrrr-fect shoes
It will be there when you are happy
And dancing
Also when you are broken
And crying
In fact I think...
The rain may be the very best of friends
A human like us could have.
S Immele Aug 2012
Home’s this feeling I carry in my chest
It’s warm and kind, it’s my sisters’ smiles
It’s my mother laughing till she cries
The smell of pipe smoke and brown dirt
And the roots of the ivy clinging there
It’s feeling the rain’s kiss on skin
And the crinkle of a book page
It’s screaming and dreaming with friends
New and old alike
It’s searching and finding
And sometimes never knowing why
It’s heart break and grace under fire
It’s tinged yellow and blue
It’s broken and fixed anew

Home is an embrace from the universe
Letting me know I can make it through
That I can make it okay
One way or another
It’s finally understanding I am good
Good enough for this world

That’s what home is for me.
S Immele Jul 2012
Sitting here
Listening to the poetry
Of your inhale
Dreaming up possibilities
And improbabilities
Looking beyond horizons
And the skies of reasons
Your eyes like the fires
That burn in the hearts
Of all the children
The poets, the players, the actors
And every day dreamer
Wondering at the wandering
We all seem to engage in
What are we looking for
And where do we find it?
How do we define it?
What’s in a reality?
Who decides it?
Is it you, is it me
Is it that shadow clad they
Who loom over every second
Policing our every blink
Our every ******* thought.
Never a moment without them
Can’t we just find peace
And the beauty of time
Ideas and ideals racing,
Flashing like demented disco lights
On and off, on and off
Chaos and the whirlwind of feelings
And then
You exhale.
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