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Jun 2013
Did we just become
The faces of another lost generation
Caught between the crumbling walls
Of an economy built from the top down
And a rising tsunami in the ever expanding
Sea of technology, of the now, the hip,
The β€œmust haves” ignorant of the unsustainable
Broken nature of our very souls

We drift like paper boats
Doomed to be capsized by the very waters
That keep us buoyant, floating free

We are the information junkies
Plugged in and tuned out
Of the real, the tangible
Riding high on the fruits of a digital age
Run rampant

Like addicts the world around
We will crash, we have to
Because eventually there isn’t
A fix big enough to keep us up
And from there we have no place to go
No place to go but down
Free fall
Plummeting straight to the hell
We built ourselves, stick by brick
Because through our inaction
Our distraction
Evil men, greed subsumed
Stripped our world, our land, our skies and seas
And what was left but hell on earth

So what now?
Do we take the plunge?
Sink our ships and rend our wings
Fall back to earth, wash up on shore
Open our eyes to see what’s left
What might be salvaged?
Or do we fly higher, reach further
And hope to heaven
We can fix our wings before they melt
Which is right? Which is illusion?
Which can save us in the end?

God, I wish I knew.
S Immele
Written by
S Immele
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