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Oct 2011 · 625
Open up
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2011
I wish i could write to make you see,
how much i love you,
but don't you know the blind can't read?
Oct 2011 · 671
with you,
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2011
I'm ready to face the end of the world,
Ready to fall off the face of the earth,
Ready to bring you into infinity,
And never leave your side.
© Roxanne Pepin 10/18/11
Apr 2011 · 744
Roxanne Pepin Apr 2011
I'll write out all the *******
Because that's what I told you to do
When you told me you were blocked
So now you're giving me a taste
Of my own medicine.
Then help me write out all the *******,
Because I believe you're the reason I can't write,
You're blocking my mind,
And I want nothing more
Than to hear your ideas
To hear your voice
To see your lips move
As I imagine them upon my own
So help me write out all the *******.
© Roxanne Pepin 2011
Apr 2011 · 592
How it feels to be me
Roxanne Pepin Apr 2011
it feels as if all the
important words
have been drained out
and I'm left with nothing
but dry heaves and
deep coughs.
it feels as if all the
has run away
and I'm left with nothing
but sore feet
and shoes filled with
holes and blood.
it feels as if all the
floats on top of my mind
and that's all I'm left with.
© Roxanne Pepin 2011
Apr 2011 · 567
Infinite Black
Roxanne Pepin Apr 2011
let the light fade away
I don’t care if I don’t see the day
Because there’s not turning back
Into infinite black
Your eyes will adjust
Once you learn to trust
Until then
Try to at least pretend
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Apr 2011 · 611
Roxanne Pepin Apr 2011
He was shot to hell
Burned before he could tell
Choked before he could yell
Held back before he could rebel
Tied down before he could compel
His soul, forced to expel
© Roxanne Pepin 2011
Apr 2011 · 1.0k
I'm addicted
Roxanne Pepin Apr 2011
I’m addicted to your poetry
I’m addicted to your words
I’m addicted to the symphony you sing
As you recite simple words
I’m addicted to your dance
as you move about the room performing simple tasks
I’m addicted to your smell
As you rush by and let it linger in my nostrils
I’m addicted to everything you do
because I’m addicted to you
© Roxanne Pepin 2011
Apr 2011 · 521
You are the star
Roxanne Pepin Apr 2011
I am the dreamer
I am the stargaze
I am the unspeakable truth
For you are the dream
You are the star
And you are the youth
© Roxanne Pepin 2011
Apr 2011 · 574
Thanks Patrick
Roxanne Pepin Apr 2011
we all die eventually,
the walls are closing in,
I’m only made of skin,
the world breaks down casually,
the skies are closing in,
let my blood run thin,
share my secrets confidentially,
the screams are breaking in,
who’s my next of kin?
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Apr 2011 · 472
Say when
Roxanne Pepin Apr 2011
A mouth in search of a scream
Never knows when to let go
Ears in search of a dream
Never letting it show
Eyes crying a stream
The dryer they will grow.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Dec 2010 · 509
Willing to testify
Roxanne Pepin Dec 2010
A screaming comes across the sky
Giving us not one reason why,
Must we run? Must we fly?
The light of my life with someday die.
I can’t let go, no matter how hard I try,
No matter what you supply
Or say you have to qualify.
You’ve flown away like a butterfly
Without the slightest word to specify,
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Oct 2010 · 787
Ten times
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2010
Numbness takes over
And up until the thoughts surface
I feel fine.
One simple movement
And it's complete breakdown
Complete meltdown
Embarrassment breaks through
But not enough to stop it
I can't believe it's gone this far
Seems nothing is real
Yet the worst is amplified
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Oct 2010 · 2.2k
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2010
Trained to
Against unknown.
Strangers to the world.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Oct 2010 · 915
Self security
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2010
Set securely within variety
Let  go of habits and face sobriety
Never live to embrace pity
Fight fears to combat anxiety
Don’t let your self be known notoriously
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Oct 2010 · 975
The advantage of life
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2010
Bust a rhyme
Not a crime
Take your time
Everything’s fine
Keep up the climb
Stop the wine
Reach for the vine
Forget exterior design
That’s the bottom line
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Oct 2010 · 1.7k
Sigh no more
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2010
Sigh no more,
Put it all in a drawer,
Don’t let life be a bore,
Go out and explore,
Cast your line from ashore,
Do the things you adore,
Remember it like it was pre-war,
Like you ran out the backdoor,
Didn’t stop screaming till the encore,
Waited and watched the downpour,
While kids called you *******,
And you listened to folklore,
Praised the big uproar,
Traveled to ecuador,
Chose to ignore
Listened to the troubadour,
Forgot to abhor,
Gazed at the eyesore,
Praised the antiwar,
Dreamed evermore.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Oct 2010 · 618
Catching colours
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2010
Catching colors from the sky
The happiness you bring is nothing close to a lie
You’ve always been here
You’ll always be near
Catching colors from the sky
Catching my tears when I cry
You’ve always been here
I’ll always hold you dear
Catching colors from the sky
Make me believe I can fly
You’ve always been here
You’ve always been sincere
Catching colors from the sky
I won’t say goodbye
You’ve always been here
Chasing away my fear
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Happy Birthday Dad
Oct 2010 · 893
A combination of qualities
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2010
The beauty is
I wrote you a poem
You didn’t understand.
You couldn’t answer
My question
Because you didn’t know
I asked one.
Therefore I don’t know
The truth
Or how to ask you
In a way
That you’ll understand.
Because you don’t
Seem to understand much.
What was this involuntary
Movement towards the
Imaterial part of me?
Or was it in fact
How will you understand
I was talking about my
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2010
Never let the ******* get us down
The world won’t stop, won’t be letdown
The ground won’t shatter, won’t be a breakdown
The power is out, complete shutdown
Fall to the ground, facedown
Sometimes all is not okay in the comedown
Sometimes all you have to do is slowdown
Don’t make this into a showdown
Turn it into a knockdown
Quarantined, put into lockdown
Don’t let them be a putdown
This world is a freetown.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Oct 2010 · 631
Life matters
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2010
The people that care about you,
Out number the one person that doesn’t anymore.
Life is worth more than that,
Take it into consideration.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Oct 2010 · 435
Today is now.
Roxanne Pepin Oct 2010
Relief finally takes over
Breathe slowly
Think independently
Never let show that you need it
Addiction is lethal
Dependancy is over
No more time to think
About the inevitable end
As relief has taken over
You’ve relieved me of worries.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Sep 2010 · 465
The night is alone
Roxanne Pepin Sep 2010
The night is restless, alone, ready to turn around.
Smoke engaged in darkness, cupped in white hands.
What about the green? No interest.
Mimic the stars’ universal values,
Acting on premise.
We think too little and feel even less.
We pause over the next line.
With a hole for music drilled into her heart.
© Roxanne Pepin
Blackout Poetry
Sep 2010 · 826
Roxanne Pepin Sep 2010
The existence is indicative of the circumstances engendering survival.
And forced appearance.
This is not the place of departure,
The five senses register.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Blackout Poetry
Sep 2010 · 921
Roxanne Pepin Sep 2010
Smoke a little
**** a litte
Keep a little
Give a little
Love more

Sand falls from hands
Because that is not what they are meant to hold
Hands grasp chests
Because that is the natural magnet
Hands hold hands
Because they’re fitted for each other
Four fingers just in case
But one thumb per hand
Because there’s really only one
Two hands
Because everyone deserves a second chance.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Sep 2010 · 460
Don't forget to fly
Roxanne Pepin Sep 2010
Don’t forget to fly
Don’t ask for reasons why
Do you have enough will to lie?
Enough want to try?
Enough guts to deny?
Enough change to get high?
Enough love to get by?
Never meant to pry,
Never to scream or cry,
Never leave the sky.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Sep 2010 · 340
Did you know?
Roxanne Pepin Sep 2010
Someone is getting the part of you I want,
Someone is getting all of you and I’m left with what?
They think they’re getting all of you,
They think I don’t mind,
I don’t,
Because I’m still getting the best of you.
They just don’t know it.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Sep 2010 · 410
Lets not cry
Roxanne Pepin Sep 2010
Never fear,
Though the end is near,
That doesn’t matter now,
But shouldn’t I ask, how?

Nothing is clear,
Not for now.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Sep 2010 · 492
13 86'd 23
Roxanne Pepin Sep 2010
Oh sunshine of mine,
The clouds cleared and you were gone.
What happened to make you go back to the night?
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Sep 2010 · 608
Sorry doesn't cut it.
Roxanne Pepin Sep 2010
Don’t ask someone to try and then give up,
Be done with the lies and ‘fess up,
I’m not ******, I’m torn up,
My heart’s not shattered, it’s ripped up,
It didn’t fall to the ground, it got picked up,
It’s only lucky if it’s head’s up,
This isn’t a poem, it’s a write up,
Don’t be a coward, stand up,
Open your ears and listen up,
This is life, no matter how ****** up.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Sep 2010 · 568
Introducing new thoughts
Roxanne Pepin Sep 2010
Introducing the subconscious
Where the ideas lie
And the person differs
From the abnormal.
A contrast with the formal
Unbeknownst to anyone credential
Live high and mighty
Get through the fighting
Nothing lies above
Nothing lies beneath
Introducing the subconscious
Where the ideas lie.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Aug 2010 · 489
You are not him.
Roxanne Pepin Aug 2010
I miss you,
Though you who is reading this,
Are probably not him,
Notwithstanding that you may think you are,
You likely are not.
For all that,
If you actually are him,
You do, in all honesty,
Know it is you I speak of.
And you begin to doubt yourself.
It is twelvethirty at night, which makes this
St-Patrick's day
Though it's not morning until I wake up.
I'll wear green everyday.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Aug 2010 · 656
Fail to remember
Roxanne Pepin Aug 2010
Being less than nothing to someone
Means being more than everything.
If they have to think that hard
To hate you that much,
To have such an intense dislike
There has to be some passion there,
You don't forget the ones you hate.
© Roxanne Pepin
Aug 2010 · 541
Riddle me that.
Roxanne Pepin Aug 2010
I'll tell you halfheartedly, that I love you.
Sooner or later you'll understand the "No Trespassing" sign outside my door.
Look out from my window,
You're guaranteed to seek absolution,
Desperation is contagious,
Though somehow I'm immune.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Aug 2010 · 742
Hey, Chump!
Roxanne Pepin Aug 2010
Struggling like a caged parakeet to find your way in this world,
-- Or out of this world?
You have no concept of confinement, are ignorant to its terms.
No realization that there is nothing else.
The struggle is useless.
This feeling of depression and anxiety quickens your pulse.
Until -- at last -- you reach your goal.
This, somehow, makes me wonder what hell must be like.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Aug 2010 · 911
Fluent in silence
Roxanne Pepin Aug 2010
You don't choose according to the majority.
You choose to make the majority.
You choose to say ******* when someone tells you what you should do.
You choose to make your own choices.

I'm fluent in silence,
I'm also fluent in french and english,
And not afraid to tell you what I think.
Though sometimes no words are the best words.

Be the alfa male.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Aug 2010 · 498
Roxanne Pepin Aug 2010
If anyone knew the real secret to life,
They’re gone now,
Happiness isn’t all it takes.
But what would you do with the secret?
Just as you are doing now?
I think I’d rather stay oblivious.
That way, if I get in trouble,
For “messing up” my life,
… or so they would say,
I wouldn’t be blamed for ignorance,
wouldn’t be blamed for knowing what to do,
and not doing it the right way.
Because hey, if I didn’t know in the first place,
I’d be perfectly content living and not knowing.
But wait.. what if happiness is the secret…
and I just choose to ignore the fact that I do know it.
Does that make me ignorant?
*All well…
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Aug 2010 · 559
To you
Roxanne Pepin Aug 2010
To whom does the blame fall upon,
If not myself?
Who do I hold responsible from now on,
For the crumbling of the world?
Who do I condem,
Who do I accuse?
In this formality it should be you.
Your aloofness and your charm
Make me want to blame no one but myself.
Though I know you're culpable.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Aug 2010 · 560
Roxanne Pepin Aug 2010
Anything that rhymes with rice.
Not nice
You're cold as ice.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Aug 2010 · 700
Why not?
Roxanne Pepin Aug 2010
Why don't I just give you the silent treatment,
Or spill my guts with these words,
Building up in my head.
While my nose runs,
And my eyes drip,
I swear, I'm not crying.
It's all the after math of a sneeze.
To each his own,
Or lean on me?
How could I when you're so crabby?
After all, you'd probably just tell me
To leave you alone,
Solitude your only virtue.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Aug 2010 · 459
Say you don't care
Roxanne Pepin Aug 2010
Instead of making the worst of everything,
Pay attention to what is really going on.
Don't just assume everyone is in as bad of a mood
As you. Some people are happy with their lives,
Maybe you should try.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Jul 2010 · 562
Roxanne Pepin Jul 2010
All you can,
Knowing what

You don't.
Over thinking,
Under consideration. an exact
Replica of what

Hounding her soul
Under influences, you couldn't
Gather your words.
Heroics you
Thought necessary, what a
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Jul 2010 · 907
Roxanne Pepin Jul 2010
Your sacramental slant;
Surrender to pleasure,
The oblique and understated; love.
You kind of should begin,
Our nerve end's hesitation,
Blue hesitation, resonant,
Where I couldn't miss
Surrender to pleasure,
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Blackout Poetry
Jul 2010 · 391
How about
Roxanne Pepin Jul 2010
How about if I ride off into the sunset,
With my eyes closed.
Never have to remember leaving,
Never forget how nice it was.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Roxanne Pepin Jul 2010
We're all just a figure in space, a mould once made of clay.
But until we see the day, our thoughts just fade away.
No one really cares, so why should they obey?
Their actions are just like mine, it's their eyes what will betray.
Your footfall I hear behind me, or maybe I will someday.
I will keep walking astray, but not to your dismay.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Jul 2010 · 1.2k
Debating for indifference
Roxanne Pepin Jul 2010
Debating for indifference**
Only for the world to see,
The bats they know best,
All the details in the world.
Seep in all the light,
Shine with all your might.
Publish all your thoughts,
Copyright your words.
The population knows your name,
As you're debating for indifference.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Jul 2010 · 701
Flick of a switch
Roxanne Pepin Jul 2010
I'll shut everything off
Because I don't want to think
About you anymore,
And it just so happens
That everywhere I look
I am reminded of
The things you do,
Then I realize,
I probably won't forget
Any day soon.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Jul 2010 · 441
Pray for absolution
Roxanne Pepin Jul 2010
As you spend your days
Waiting for night,
Life passes you by,
or so they say.
But they don't stay around
To watch the stars,
To see the moon.
They don't really know
That it's always darkest
Before dawn.
They won't ever know
The absolute silence
Of the dead of night
Because they're too busy,
Rushing around,
Being frantic,
Waiting for it to be day,
As they sleep through
The real peace in the world,
They'll never know
What it's like to listen
To absolutely nothing.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Jul 2010 · 412
Burn till the light fades
Roxanne Pepin Jul 2010
Dates are irrelevant,
For now.
One day they will matter.
When someone forgets
Your birthday.
But that's only because
You pay too much attention.
If you hadn't known the date,
You never would have noticed,
Never would be stressing
That you're getting older,
That you've lost your youth,
Because you'd still be living it,
Not knowing who's birthday
You've forgotten,
And not having them remind you.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Roxanne Pepin Jul 2010
till you defy gravity
break all the rules
of authority
live by your own
though a map may
come in handy
to mark where
you've already been.
follow the road
ahead of you
remember the one
behind you
what has been
has been.
what is, is.
what will be
we do not know
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
Jul 2010 · 496
While you sit and rot
Roxanne Pepin Jul 2010
Continue to play your games
While the rest of us get to life.

Keep up the sour mood
While the rest of us get along.

Better not get to close
Who knows what I'll do next.

But since you're not even going to try
I might as well not bother either.

Everyone knows you'll be alone
And for a while more.

During this time the rest of us
Will be out enjoying ourselves.

Join us when you learn
To put down the controller.
© Roxanne Pepin 2010
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