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Rosy Kay Nov 2014
I haven't been
Nor am I

I haven't done
Nor will I

Panic sets in
Locked inside my chest
Blood and guts intertwined
Like lovers buried together
Falling infinitley
Causing me to *****
Terrible truths
The Words of

Love and death
Passion and lust
No more

No, I am undone
What has become of me?
Nothing inside
But blood and guts
Inside my chest
Why do you ache so?

The brevity of time
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
I made my confession
Crimes I committed
In the holy nights
And the untamed days
A symphony of sins
Running against the wind
I traveled to the Wailing Wall
And wrote down my deeds
My head against the Wall
Release me of my faults
I prayed
But the melody was off
And redemption is not granted
For the wicked, wicked ways
I lived my life
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
I will love you when
The petals fall
And bloom once again

I will love you
Even when
My eyes wilt
And it is the winter of my time

I will love you even then
  Nov 2014 Rosy Kay
SG Holter
While she's getting her
hair done, I'm in the
pub where the bartender-
lady is hung over,
playing Alanis Morissette

and asking me without a word
not to speak to her

but listen quietly to
would you forgive me, love,  
if I danced in your shower

and I'm more than happy to
sit at the bar with a pint of

lager and break radio silence
by whispering

got any Eva Cassidy?
as she looks up from her coke

and whispers back
*I could marry you. Yes.
  Nov 2014 Rosy Kay

My heart beats in perfect time
with your melodic love
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