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Roshan Feb 7
You want to taste her
Consume her
You think of her
You want her everyday
In a world of machines
She makes you human again
Roshan Jan 26
Play the game
without fear of failure
ready to die
It's the only way
you will become the one daddy
The daddy she wants
The daddy the world needs
Roshan Jan 26
You thought about her
You would see her photos and wonder
Then one day she melted in your arms
Time was little
But you got what you wanted
The taste of her
Roshan Nov 2022
You wanted her
Now you are hurting
Her words, each a razor sharp cut
Killed your dream within minutes
With nothing to say
You stood and watched the slaughter
Just pain, all ****** up
Vomiting sliced up parts of your dream on the street
As you saw her walk away
Roshan Nov 2022
She loved you
because you were so free and wild
so unafraid to die
so above the game
Roshan Nov 2022
Do what is right
do what needs to be done
then you die with a smile
Roshan Nov 2022
Everyone, everything has to die
the love you thought was permanent and unbreakable
will break and end you
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