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Roshan 6d
On the Path of God
Lies no fear, no regret, no guilt
Just purpose and courage
And most of all Love
Because of all things
God commands you to love
Roshan 6d
In your sleepless night
It seems hopeless
Fear and vice come crawling
You want to **** yourself
Then you remember
God is with you
He got you this far
He is listening and watching
He decides your death
But you decide if you die a coward
Or as the Hand of God
Roshan May 11
It's true
God exists
He was with you all this time
While you lived your vices
While you rejected all the love
And you lied to yourself
As you abandoned the ones that needed you
God was watching
His messengers, his words
His infinite power
His will
All of it is true
Roshan Apr 5
You will never be happy again
Never love again
But you can be brave
Live and die with courage
In the service of God
Roshan Dec 2023
There’s so much hurt
So much anger
The destruction
You gonna dance till the end now
Roshan Nov 2023
I have made up my mind
To die running on the street
To be swept away by the snow
Tucked forever under the trees
Roshan Nov 2023
God wants you to live
So live with purpose
Obliterate what stands in your way
Because God is with you
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