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Rose Haven Feb 2013
Bright, bold and blinding
The daylight grows as the glowing seems to ever expand
The seemingly everlasting light becomes weak and dimming
What seemed forever lasting gives way to the darkness
The ever seemingly dark horizon holds a glimmer
The glimmer grows into a ray
The ray holds hope for a new light
Rose Haven Feb 2013
The meaning behind what time can hold
That desired instance where patience does not exist
This creates a dependency
Where time is the unwanted, insufficient, undesired; time gives time meaning
Time is healing
Time is undesired
Where the world finds this undesired, I treasure every drop of time
Rose Haven Feb 2013
I let go and opened up
Letting my fears disappear in the nights
The relentless butterflies explode inside me, trapped
They’re finally released
I found the new me
Rose Haven Feb 2013
To lie, I shall be here
Here I am, to lie
The truth weights down on me
It boulders, as it takes me down
The heart of the lie grows, the truth becomes lie, reality becomes a fantasy
To lie, I shall be here
To lie, I’ll never be
To lie, to lie, that I hold with me, I become sickened, as the lie becomes poison
Draining my life
I am here to lie
Rose Haven Feb 2013
Tick tok Tick tok Tick tick
Every second feels eternal
My mind floods with thoughts, each second
I’m drowning, under the flooding thoughts of the truth
Tick tok Tick tok Tick tick
The truth which I am trying to submerge under the conscious, into the subconscious
It struggles to penetrate the horizon
Tick tok Tick tok Tick tick
Time slows down, as I see my thoughts
In front of me, they stand
Time runs out
Tick tok Tick tok Tick tick
Rose Haven Feb 2013
I saw no lights, now I see
I see the glimmer growing
Glowing loud, glowing bright
Its almost blinding, all through the night
Surrounded by the strength by the bright glow
I allow the light, to shower me
I allow it to glow, with no mercy
Rose Haven Feb 2013
Lost in the space that is
Eyes opening ideas as the mind begins to give into it
Changing times clashes with the changing views
Restored thoughts resurrected
The blanks gazes fir the moment of the slowly passing, unforgiving time
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