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Feb 2013 · 540
Rose Haven Feb 2013
Bright, bold and blinding
The daylight grows as the glowing seems to ever expand
The seemingly everlasting light becomes weak and dimming
What seemed forever lasting gives way to the darkness
The ever seemingly dark horizon holds a glimmer
The glimmer grows into a ray
The ray holds hope for a new light
Feb 2013 · 577
Drops of Time
Rose Haven Feb 2013
The meaning behind what time can hold
That desired instance where patience does not exist
This creates a dependency
Where time is the unwanted, insufficient, undesired; time gives time meaning
Time is healing
Time is undesired
Where the world finds this undesired, I treasure every drop of time
Feb 2013 · 432
Finally (Butterflies)
Rose Haven Feb 2013
I let go and opened up
Letting my fears disappear in the nights
The relentless butterflies explode inside me, trapped
They’re finally released
I found the new me
Feb 2013 · 646
To Lie
Rose Haven Feb 2013
To lie, I shall be here
Here I am, to lie
The truth weights down on me
It boulders, as it takes me down
The heart of the lie grows, the truth becomes lie, reality becomes a fantasy
To lie, I shall be here
To lie, I’ll never be
To lie, to lie, that I hold with me, I become sickened, as the lie becomes poison
Draining my life
I am here to lie
Feb 2013 · 880
Rose Haven Feb 2013
Tick tok Tick tok Tick tick
Every second feels eternal
My mind floods with thoughts, each second
I’m drowning, under the flooding thoughts of the truth
Tick tok Tick tok Tick tick
The truth which I am trying to submerge under the conscious, into the subconscious
It struggles to penetrate the horizon
Tick tok Tick tok Tick tick
Time slows down, as I see my thoughts
In front of me, they stand
Time runs out
Tick tok Tick tok Tick tick
Feb 2013 · 378
Rose Haven Feb 2013
I saw no lights, now I see
I see the glimmer growing
Glowing loud, glowing bright
Its almost blinding, all through the night
Surrounded by the strength by the bright glow
I allow the light, to shower me
I allow it to glow, with no mercy
Feb 2013 · 567
Rose Haven Feb 2013
Lost in the space that is
Eyes opening ideas as the mind begins to give into it
Changing times clashes with the changing views
Restored thoughts resurrected
The blanks gazes fir the moment of the slowly passing, unforgiving time
Feb 2013 · 303
Rose Haven Feb 2013
The time seems everlasting as each second echoes
Life won’t stop for someone
Life goes on
As we see it we seem everlasting
Life seems everlasting yet time rolls, time continues
Oct 2011 · 932
Mother Nature
Rose Haven Oct 2011
She lets it shower down,
              when there is confusion
She sends down heavy lights and roars,
               during times of nothing
She lets it shine,
               when times are right
        How does she know of the thoughts below?
Oct 2011 · 474
Hold On
Rose Haven Oct 2011
Can you stay one more hour
     cuz I don't need to change this
     atmosphere we're made of
Can you stay one more hour
     what's the rush, what's the rush

You know I'm going to find the time
      to catch your hand and make you stay
If I was scared then I would be glad
      to tell you and walk away

Hold on, i'll be here when
      it's all done

Cuz what's the point in chasing
     when I can't enjoy your face
Can you stay one more hour cuz

You know I'm going to find a way
This is a variation of one of my favorite songs.
Oct 2011 · 716
The Prediction
Rose Haven Oct 2011
Not knowing but afraid to go down that same path
     having to look ahead to see the dangers or possibilities
Having to guess, blindly, without reassurance
     afraid of taking the wrong path
Making a choice and taking a chance.
Oct 2011 · 551
Rose Haven Oct 2011
The wanting for the words
     pierces through the needs
Finding them is like crawling perpetually
When seeing the end of the tunnel
     a thought flows through
Was it all worth it
     When the only time is now and all seems clear
                                        Is it worth it?
Is it all, all of it, worth going after?
May 2011 · 467
Stars and the Moon
Rose Haven May 2011
A falling star fell from the heart

It glows at dusk as it travels across many skies,
     shooting in the night, blinding - everywhere I go -
Into my dreams each night

Shooting out of my dreams when dusk turns into dawn
  left me in the dark,
     somehow each night finding a way back

Illusions portrayed when the sun replaces the moon
     unseen, unknown, unreachable

Each night I take the stars and keep them with me

Bright and shining, always there.
The moon always my deity, now the **stars
May 2011 · 1.6k
Venice --- (Misconceptions)
Rose Haven May 2011
Cobble stone streets wind into beautiful beaches
warm brown crystals submerge my feet with each step

all is silent but the whoosh of the rolling waves
cool waves replace the feel of warmth

Thoughts swirl through the clean air as whispers become truth
seeking another mind to pursue

Misconceptions are legitimate
Fiction become fact
Lies are truths
Apr 2011 · 858
Rose Haven Apr 2011
Unknown, unseen
       difficult to understand

Hiding true intentions, behind foggy gazes
Unknown to predictably, never known to whats next

       overwhelming darkness succeeds over light
nothing is seen through the eyes

A voice is spoken, yet not heard
       all is sound and forgotten

Through the eyes, nothing
       blurry visions, welling tears

Pressure pushes against resistance
       until the **clear
Apr 2011 · 476
Rose Haven Apr 2011
Strong, willing and so precious
I keep it close to me

Hard as stone, yet melts and molds so quick
Hard to see what makes sense to it
being as tough to break

Choosing its next beholder, and molding to its will
not looking at whats there
Not noticing its next shape through the change

I give gold to its chosen beholder...
Apr 2011 · 526
Nature's Eyes
Rose Haven Apr 2011
Hold my hand, so now we can run away
Your smile, your eyes, your laugh, Is why I stay

Your hold on me is binding tighter
      keeping me without hold, i feel it with your natured eyes
I'm lost in your green trees, when you speak

Sparkled eyes sets lasting impressions in the night sky
      then you turn away, but i stay
in the darkness

A tiny light shines to begin a new day, which extends to all regions
A new day, with new unfulfilled hopes arises

Sometimes it lasts, but sometimes it fads away
Mar 2011 · 381
Rose Haven Mar 2011
The end to all questions, the answer to all question
We all know the answers, but not the question to ask

Looking harder, isn't the answer
Open your eyes to whats in front of you
the answer is *47
Mar 2011 · 4.5k
Rose Haven Mar 2011
My home, my life as I always remember
Through the rough stones of the hard sand, I see my memories clearly

The heated scenery collapses into the bustling busy streets
That swirls and swerves into the grand markets of beautiful colours
and smells of spices that waft deeply into the clear sky,
where it’s always warm and comforting
The blue skies filter the noise of the large city

My home, My life as I always remember
Mar 2011 · 450
Deep Forest
Rose Haven Mar 2011
Extending up into the sky, they see all
      the trees wither
The green that sticks, leaches the life out of the Earth
      the moss that grows
The fog keeps all stillness, quiets all
      nothing is visible
All is still and *quiet
Mar 2011 · 311
Rose Haven Mar 2011
It’s a number at a time
It’s a feeling of friendship

It’s a friendship between three people
That I will remember forever
Feb 2011 · 796
Rose Haven Feb 2011
They are beautiful
Silent, but loud
Peaceful, yet dangerous

Can they be trusted?
Are the secrets that are hidden,
too longed to be forgoten

They can open as they bloom and close in harsh winters

Are the barriers of choice too strong to be broken?
Feb 2011 · 575
Bell Tolls
Rose Haven Feb 2011
I've always wanted to hear the bells
Although they never came

Their majestic calming sounds
cuts through the silents, and echos

Waiting and wanting is the hardest
But it's for whom the bell tolls
Feb 2011 · 515
Rose Haven Feb 2011
Warm sunshine, cool breeze
Washing waves, washing all worries
Clear minds, like the clear blue sky

Everythings beautiful as flowers bloom
with one and each a *new
Feb 2011 · 408
Rose Haven Feb 2011
Cold & Unforgiving as Winter’s weather
Reckless but free as Winter’s wind
Love as hard as ice
Emotion as slippery as ice
Taking me in like winter’s wind
Then I’m alone as alone like winter’s wind
Feb 2011 · 698
Rose Haven Feb 2011
Blue eyes like the ocean, I stare deeply
Hair as dark as space, perfection without work
Lips as pink as tulips, but on another
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Feb 2011 · 511
Rose Haven Feb 2011
My heart races as you pass
but do you notice me?
I look at you, so yearningly
but you notice me?
I change my: hair, clothes, makeup
but do you notice me?
But do you know I notice you.

— The End —