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  May 2017 Rose bud
learning to find love in
your silence will teach me
everything I need
in order to live.

with love
  May 2017 Rose bud
A time will come when I'm barren inside.
Every sound would remind me that I am hopeful

I am rain, hoping for shelter
I am the running breeze. Screaming, unabashed.
I would confess all those ugly truths,
about living and loving and forgetting
and be fearless, senseless.
aimless, being
just for the sake of being
  Apr 2015 Rose bud
It's early morning when he opens those gorgeous eyes,
Black and beautiful, precious and shying away
Early birds twitter, early lovers kiss
With faded early moons in their eyes
Burning, their thirsty lips, pale their fingertips
Coyly around his neck her wrist
and The forest breeze has woken up
Wailing like an infant, softly into the air
Who said love is a quiet bud in the bloom?
It's a wolf screaming with desire
And gratitude and coldness
It's that cave somewhere deep into the woods
Which you'll find,
and enter,
and wonder how you've ended up there.
  Apr 2015 Rose bud
The piano sings into the night
    like a nightingale upon a lonely branch.
Underneath, the lake glistens.
Every streak of soft blue, sailing gently
   to touch the moon on the satin water.
Stillness silences.
Stillness, and a bird's cry, the rest of the night.

The bird has died but the feathers wander on.
  Sep 2014 Rose bud
Every dusk, my roses die like the day
And still I say, " Honey, don't wilt away. "
  Jun 2014 Rose bud
Get ready to fly with bleeding wings.
  Jun 2014 Rose bud
When I got lost in you,
That's when I found myself
When I lost you to the world,
Within me, I found you.
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