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Rose Alley Jan 2014
I am Your tailor
To stitch strength into Your skin
I will clothe You in love
The color of crimson candles
I crochet scarves of courage
To cover Your soul
Sewing together festive fabric
Full of warmth and truth

I want to make my love into a suit
Or a dress and shoes to give to You
To wrap yourself in
When we are apart
A jacket you can have to heat
Your heart
A pair of gloves
To keep feeling in your fingertips
I want you to always be able
To write about Him

We are forever hand in hand
Believe that together
We can do
Nothing that
Our loving lives cannot bring

I am Your carpenter
I will build Us from the ground up
Starting with a sound foundation
Groundwork will be made by Us
I am a handy man with working hands
I lay longevity in the floor
Wood for Us to walk upon
Strong enough for Us to
Stand the test of time

We will awaken walls to surround Us
A wondrous construction
Filled with adoration
Erected by emotion
A home of honesty and integrity
A house of comfort and family
Complete with a roof over Our heads
Two souls made one in Our bed

I love You Brittany
She is the moon above me
Her wholehearted love and devotion
Makes my burning bright sunlight
Swim through the seas

Step into the light
My flawless fairy
Take flight and
Take my hand
I will spend all of my life
Making you understand
My love for You ;
With me and You
There is not a single thing
We cannot do

I will be a man of all trades
For You
For Us
I will learn any skill and
Read every book
I will scour the earth
For any answer We need
I will climb all of the mountains and
Dive down into the ocean deep
To find for You and
Give to You
A love and
Life and
You can forever keep <3 :)

Do You accept
this proposition of We?
You and I
She and Him
Moon and Sun
Tree and Limb
Air and Lung
Mouth and Tongue
The woman I love with
The man who is loved

You can be replaced by nobody
Flawless fairy
Magnificent moon goddess
Cool commander of the seas
Calm and beautifully amazing lady
I made the word blush
When I called You pretty
You are so much more
Your breathtaking beauty is like folklore
Unbelievable yet real
When I see you I feel touched
By a spirit full of violet love

You are a divine being
Sent from above to be with me
I never really believed in angels before
But I've found You and
Now I question whether
My disbelief in heaven
Was a misconception
You are my celestial guardian
You are a holy dream saint
My darling

Remember always
I love You at all times
Never hesitate to call on me
Through thick and thin
Good and bad
Here I will be and
Here I will stay
It will be ok
You have my undivided everything
Rose Alley Dec 2013
I am the number one sun
You are my two ; the moon.
We are love incarnate
Within one another,
We have set Our separate fires in each other,
But then combined them and
Allowed them to burn together
as Us and
You are Her and
We can find harmony in
Our silence eventually
Because knowing You are breathing On the other end of the receiver is a
Comforting feeling and
Even then I know
We share part of each other
While We are both just sitting and Listening and

We are two corresponding links in the chain.
Cuffed together like holding hands.
Coupled as consecutive arrows
Stuck in Our quivering hearts.

Held by Our bond and
Tethered by Our trust and
Attached by Our adoration.
Connected by a
Constant comfort cable
Two souls smiling in succession
Rose Alley Dec 2013
If life is a building
With infinite floors
We are on the same level
Behind the same door

If love is a book
With every single name
We are right beside each other
On the same page

We are corresponding wavelengths Synchronized swimmers
Through the sea of dreams

We were radio static in a storm
Until we turned each other's dials and
Tuned in to one another

Beneath Us We will plant Our seeds
Letting roots flow together from Our feet
Above Us there is room to grow
Our limbs will stretch for all to know
We are one, and
We have won

We will lay bricks
As stable foundation
Become masters of masonry
Without building a wall between

You will no longer ache
With anger in Your bones
You will not feel so weak
Or scared and alone
We will not let these monsters
Rest inside You
Only to escape and
Paint Your face red with streaks

If We are crying
It's because We are overcome by happiness and
It's overwhelming and
We are overjoyed and
Other positive 'over' words
We will always be each other's
Shoulders to soak

We are a simultaneous song
Sung by sirens
To draw Us into one another
Chanting and charming Our souls

Thank the temptress
For showing me a goddess
I was a sinking ship
Waving flags of distress
Until I was brought to
The beauty of You

Your heavenly body
Heart beating beside me
My majestic marvelous moon

The Sun
Rose Alley Dec 2013
As You sleep soundly
I have a profound longing
To hear your voice
But I'll stay silent
Allowing You to have
Your beautiful violet dreams

It is the color of the power inside You
The fire that drives You
Your strength and stamina
Make Your spirit bleed
Radiant indigo ink
I need it to sink into my skin
With cleansing rejuvenation
I will be baptized by Your beauty and
Blessed by Your holy heart

You are my profound prophet
You sing me scripture
Every time You speak
You are my divine deity
I lay at Your feet
Praying I deserve to feel
Your loving heat

Your clairvoyance purifies me
With Your open oracle spirit
Spouting moonshine mysteries
In magical mountain memories
Dancing through Your mind and
Coming alive inside your eyes
For all to see the
Blessing of life free of disguise

Inside you is
The value of so much:
The heart I hold so dear.
The soul that stands beside me.
Destroying my fear and
As I watch it disappear
I thank the Earth for
Helping you find me

We both revolve around the same world
I am the sun shining in adoration
You are the magnificent moon
Making sure I am safe
I am the warmth to guide You home
While You roam nights alone
I hope You know
I'm always going to be here when day breaks

I worship Your grace
Because the kind lines of Your face
Have proven to me
You are worthy of it
Your being allows the ocean to move
So I want to crash into it
Burning out but covered in
Anything You have touched

Except I won't
Because I know You need me
An inferno aflame
For my full moon baby
Rose Alley Dec 2013
Dear Flawless Fairy,
I write to You with good and bad news
First of all, on a positive note,
You are the moon
I can't tell You how great it feels
To finally find You
My sunshine saunter
Was a worthless wander
Before Your cool caress
Graced my heart
Now for the negative,
I no longer feel sad and blue
I know this sounds like I didn't lose and
I didn't
But now I cannot write my frowns down
I only smile because You make everything worthwhile
I used to pen depression on paper
With sarcastic laughter pretending I enjoyed it
But I didn't
Though I wrote such heavy heartache
I couldn't wait for my clouds to break
Allowing me to shine on
Your beautiful face

So I regret to inform you all
I won't be pouring my tear filled soul out anymore
I know how much you enjoyed the pain
But I can't help but refrain from these failed feelings
I don't believe in them

I've been moonstruck at midnight
She once was crescent and
Now is full of my bright
I once was clouded and
Now She reflects my light
Back upon me
I'm so happy :)
She is my beautiful celestial body
She is my elegant flawless fairy <3
Rose Alley Dec 2013
As You lay in slumber
I ask You to always remember
The man from December

The one who has written words for You for years
The one who has You scrawled across his heart
The shining sun searching for his moon
Chasing You

As You awake at dawn
I ask You to never forget We belong
To each other

The cracks in Our souls filled
The love in Our limbs finally allowed to live
The missing pieces of Our minds replaced and
Mended once again

As You go about Your day
I ask You to know that You are ok
You no longer need to be afraid ;
You never did

Beneath Your wings I am a gentle wind
Arms around You We are safe
Hands upon You with love to send
Heart within You devoid of hate

As dusk falls
I ask You to recall
The man whose soul You share

It was not stolen
It is not robbery
You are not a thief
I gladly give it to You
You have restored my belief
In everything

As the night creeps in
I ask You to begin again
Believing and trusting in me

Because the adoration You see
Is really Yourself
You are the wealth that I have won
You are the beauty and
The divine reason
Together anything can happen

You are the moon and
I am the sun
Joined at last
In unison
Rose Alley Dec 2013
I hear your hoofbeat heart
Galloping toward me
A stampede running steadily
Kicking up clouds of dust
As love to cover me
I have to admit
I don't feel *****
Coated in you
I feel nothing but clean
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