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Everything we ever had was built on sand.
we were doomed to fail from the start,
But I enjoyed every minute of catastrophe I could spend with you.
I can have anyone I want,
but all I want is you.
That ever out of reach object of my attention.
The moon I can't capture between my fingers.
The ever running tide from my shore.
Why do you run from me?
Or, more correctly,
Why am I chasing you?
Beautiful women come with beautiful sinnin,
Wrap our bodies up in the softest linen,
10 thousand thread count, way out
In the stars when we eat that lucy and space out.
Let the album play out,
running around in circles, a ring in a boxing bout,
Straight chillin.
Putting all my time and energy into hip hop composition,
I'll display my passions at a free show for general admission,
The acquisition of cognition comes and fades, like apparitions.
no repetition.
no intermission.
All verse, no hook, yeah, the chorus missin.
The words come, and then they go.
The impermanence of life is present in the flow.
A happy man with a split smile named Glasgow.
Bleeding passion.
all these rappers verses is haphazard.
But I'm just a *******
With his craft mastered, cutting lines on the dashboard
Until further notice.
I'll rise from the murky depths and bloom with the lotus.
You know this,
I like to flow but I'm bad at it
My compassion and my contempt are always at war with each other.
I want to cut human kind with a blade and stitch together the wound I had created.
Sitting in Gods palm I asked him the question of why I am this way,
And he said it was because I was created in his image.
Moonlight carries her like an ivory carriage.
She walks with the river and cringes not at the insects.
She resembles the water, always flowing and overcoming.
The fireflies ignite the spark in her eye
And the sun's dawn immortalizes her passion.
She floats, ethereal, with the wind.
Horizons calling her sweetly by first name,
Extending an deathless hand to a mortal goddess.
The water colored sunset paints my soul golden.
The clouds hanging like opalescent miracles.
The sun shining between them as Angels trumpets sound.
All the colors are stunning, vibrant, and new,
Yet when they're all mixed together,
They turn back to that gray blue
That I missed so much about your eyes.
I've got a lot on my mind and no space to write it all.
I've got dirt on my face, but no strength to wipe it off.
Going over the edge, I think I'm gonna fall.
I've got a stomach in knots, and a pneumonia cough.
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