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15.0k · May 2012
Rob Rutledge May 2012
Take only what you can carry,
Only what you need.
Just enough to feed and water
You and a faithful steed.

Forget the path well trodden,
That will not help you on your way.
Instead forge your own trail
For others to follow one day.

Never shy from an opportunity
Throw yourself through every door.
For this life is an adventure,
Now go,
10.4k · Sep 2016
Shadows Deep
Rob Rutledge Sep 2016
The wise are always troubled
And the troubled seldom sleep.
For the path is dark with
Shadows deep.
The past imparts pressure,
Weary woe marked feet.

The pillow lays drenched.
Sweat beads billow flames of fear.
The sound of all our choices
Rung clear for all to hear.
The cries of countless voices
Found close to passing ears
But ghosts talk most in whispers,
Lest the living hear their tears.
10.3k · Mar 2015
Rob Rutledge Mar 2015
His hands are scarred,
Face is a mess,
Too long walking
Through the wilderness.
The bears are hungry
Wolves they howl,
The Levy's breaking
All will
Washed away by savage currents
Watching fallen suns go
9.1k · Apr 2017
Once Upon a Rhyme
Rob Rutledge Apr 2017
We were poets,
Hearts etched upon our sleeve
The lords of our intent
Words bloomed for all to see.
Each branch of thought considered,
Whittled to express.
Carving the forest in our likeness
We paved the landscape with our breath.
Woods would sway in idle days
Sunkissed glades lay bathed in gold.
Nights waylaid by dancing maids
Cheap ale and tales of old.
Fires burn, flames unfold.
Embers remember
Tender clutch of the cold.
We tend to forget the bargained,
The sold.
Up rivers and creeks
Paddles, disowned by the meek,
Cast away to distant shores.  
Glades decay,  
Fade to grey.

We become poets once more.
8.7k · Apr 2015
Shallow Reef
Rob Rutledge Apr 2015
Find solace in solitude,
There is no shame in that.
We are unknown to ourselves
An ocean to which we delve.
Scarcely coming up for air,
Entangled in fathoms
Whirlpools of despair.
Waves of introspection
Spare us shallow reefs,
Yet cast us into darkness
And the horrors of the deep.
6.7k · Jan 2016
Half Closed Curtains
Rob Rutledge Jan 2016
She gazed out long and far,
Past half closed curtains  
And dozing, docile cars.
Witness to a world double glazed
Dampened by a passing rain.
Sound drowned still by fragile,
Stained glass pane.

Skies lay grey, like every other day,
Shrubs shrug and trees sadly sway.
She feels for the trees,
(And to an extent the shrub)
They're not so different from you or I.
We all plant roots, grow, love?

Thoughts disturbed by a startled dove,
Flew the coup, done, had enough,
Rose as Icarus toward the sun.
Basked in light of new found freedom.

Never heard the hunters gun.
4.8k · May 2013
House of Cards
Rob Rutledge May 2013
The Aces check their sleeves,
Hearts rippling across the breeze.
The Queen arises
Torn dress ripped at the knees.

The Jack saw his fill
And quickly took his leave.
Stood trembling in a doorway,
Mind struggling to believe...

The King was an alcoholic,
It was widely known to be so,
Each eve he would sit solemn,
Wine in hand and sword on show,
Clapping to the Jokers' japes
As he danced and sang
About love and fate.
But how was the King to know?
Not two rooms away
His wife had lain,
With a smile and a *****.
Creating a cuckold and a fool...

The Jack had had enough
And promptly marched
To the throne room.
Armed with only knowledge,
Unleashes inevitable typhoon.

The winds will rise,
This house shall succumb,
Imploding inwards
Till the house is done.
And all that remains
Among ash and decay,
Broken hearts and broken spades,
Is the Jokers last laugh.
A mockingbirds call as daylight fades.
4.3k · Aug 2014
Night Shift
Rob Rutledge Aug 2014
Staying up late, so late it's early
Then dreaming long and far.
"Come on, get up you're missing the sun!"
"Ah! But I see so much more of the stars!"
4.0k · Mar 2012
Childhood Days
Rob Rutledge Mar 2012
Once when we were children,
We would run to here and there.
Across the hills of our homeland
With the wind in our fair hair.
The sun would shine
The rain would fall,
Never to hinder our play.
And all that could stop us
Was the call of our mothers
At the darkening of each day.

Sticks became our swords back then,
Keen of edge and shining bright.
The willow became our fortress
To defend until the night.
And when our foes were weeping
Once more we became the child.
Fast asleep we were sleeping
Imagination running wild.

We got that little bit older,
That ever bit more bolder.
Ambition came to soon.
We went to school
Were told what to do,
And all that we could be.
Some said 'Spaceman'
One 'Veterinarian'
The wise child said 'Happy'

"No No! You need a profession"
Seemed to be the moral of that lesson.
But the teacher didn't understand the question
That she asked.
For her days of dreaming
And childish scheming
Were lost in a distant past.
3.9k · Jun 2018
Echoes from the Shore
Rob Rutledge Jun 2018
The sea is swept in mystery
She confides in me no more.
No whispers in the shells
Or echoes from the shore.
You do not argue with the wind,
You can not bargain with the sky.
Standing back to back with mountains
We watch and weep as angels die.
For the face of life is fleeting,
Tweeting, tapping at your door,
Ravens that won't relent,
Yet ones you can't ignore.

But I'm boring you I'm sure.
I was talking about the ocean,
How we dont speak no more.
It's not that we don't get on
We still have much to say.
But words are made of water
Written in the waves.
Now the tide is out,
The sea seems
Far away.
3.5k · Mar 2018
Winter Coat
Rob Rutledge Mar 2018
We are worn like winter coats
Held close while wild winds rage.
The scarf that suffocates the throat
The cloak that provokes the rain.
While the weather waits and wonders
Whether it will weep or thunder,
What we wear seems outnumbered,
Cotton caught out in the rain.

The coat now hangs forgotten,
Left to rot with wet socks,
Winter frocks and all things sodden.
The ghosts of colder days
Locked up and tucked away,
Moth eaten and decayed.
Waiting for the weather,
Wondering if whether
We will ever be worn again.
3.4k · Jan 2019
Rob Rutledge Jan 2019
Our body was well worn,
Born, bled then ill informed.
Skin shed
Dust to adorn a once pristene floor.
Bred to provide countless lives, more.
Martyr to a form it shall never see.
The water flows but cannot know
The extent of its captivity.
3.3k · Nov 2013
Snail or Leaf?
Rob Rutledge Nov 2013
Checks shoe
2.8k · Feb 2014
Rob Rutledge Feb 2014
It's quite a feat, walking through the
Graveyard of the Gods.
Buddah takes his time playing majong
Against Thor, his hammer near but at odds,
While Yam keeps ear near conch
Lest the Phoenicians hear his song
And pray his way once more.
They fight over the attention they receive,
A whisper by the heralds
Behind closed doors.
A hint of what may have come before
2.6k · Jan 2014
Rob Rutledge Jan 2014
This tree is no evergreen,
Though its roots run as deep
Through emerald soil unseen.
Branches bare witness.
The seasons ebb and flow,
Creaking and curling
While the north wind blows.

Leaves cling for dear life.
Fragile, fading
And yet dancing with light.
They grow and blossom
Only to falter one day.
Crinkled and trodden,
Swept up and blown away.
2.2k · Apr 2019
Rob Rutledge Apr 2019
Don't worry mum.
I'm worse than you think
But no way near as bad as you fear.
2.1k · Feb 2015
Rob Rutledge Feb 2015
Spires silhouette the peaks of cobalt
Mountains. An ancient castle in the sky
Made small by the Jovian night. A
Hundred worlds engulfed within the eye
Reflected in stardrops, quilted by the sigh
Of a species that had lost its wonder.
One last Traveler, the last of her kind,
Dieing on the veranda
Of the fortress she had called her home,
Reaching her scaled hand to the stars
She asks,
"Are we alone?"
2.0k · Mar 2015
Globe Trotting
Rob Rutledge Mar 2015
It started in Dublin before I was born
Crossing the Irish Sea to weather a storm.
London called through the wind and rain
Big city lights and a country's flame.
To Manchester then, a city united
At least to outsiders.
But to those within it's somewhat

Summers in France.
Dining in Provence
Time in Toulouse
And along the Loire.
But Paris! Paris has that
Je ne sais quoi
Fine wine, fine company
It's a fine philosophy.

A German exchange
in einer stadt namens
Bad Bentheim.

Exposed to a culture
And the work of Rammstein.
A few days in Berlin
A fantastic city with much
History within.

Gondolas in Vienna if only for a day
Sailing down the Danube
Water wants us on our way.
We stay for a while
Within the walls of Budapest,
My first shot of Absinthe
Puts my liver to the test.

No rest for the wicked
That wanderlust I long.
Settled for a while by the lights of
Hong Kong,
A place I felt for a while at peace
High in the Monastery of Lantau's peeks.
I went once and I went again.
When wizened crones speak of golden devils,
Stroking my blonde hair on the streets of
I'm fortunate enough to have travelled to some fantastic places. A poor tribute to some of those visited.
2.0k · Jan 2013
Diet Coke
Rob Rutledge Jan 2013
You tell me to study hard,
Get a good job.
Be as sharp as a rat and you'll go far.
Make your money,
Settle down.
In that big city life
Or quiet country town.

You tell me rock and roll
Ain't worth trying for,
Yet its better than these religions
People keep dying for.
I don't want to line somebody else's pocket,
As they hoard their gold away
In a bank vault and lock it.

You tell me life is just one big joke
But I see nobody laughing.
People in gutters
Cold alone and broke
As so called stars sell their souls for
Diet Coke.
Written initially as song lyrics, in a kind of attempted Bob Dylan style. At least when i read it, I read it with Bob's voice :)
2.0k · Aug 2014
Rob Rutledge Aug 2014
The rain falls in whispers,
Meanders through the
Cracks in our lives.
The sky claps sardonically
Prophetic, pathetic fallacy
Alive and well.
As time swells and breaths
Solaris flares, coughs and heaves.
Scorched earth, ashen leaves.
The rain is gone but so's
The emerald green.
2.0k · Mar 2012
Rob Rutledge Mar 2012
Those feet that once stood tall and proud
Under dark obsidian clouds,
Travel now once more upon
The hallowed grounds of Albion.
Through shrines and shires the Iceni ride
To the seat of ancient power,
Cross moors and mountains
Past marble fountains
To the steps of a Roman tower.
How they shall cower!
As Boudicca comes spear in hand.
They'll soon retreat,
Give up and leave
Back to their promised land.
1.9k · May 2012
Rob Rutledge May 2012
You may search for kin in the blood that binds,
The haemoglobin of heritage entwined.
Or you may wade your way
Through the rich and meek
To find those of whom you speak,
Those so oft' hidden in plain sight.

Trust not all that you can see
For disguised treachery
Can lie in the softest of smiles.
Devious plans of mental mockery
Executed with cunning and guile.

Look instead then to the conquests!
Not to those we won outright,
But to the ones that fall to unions
Under starlight, under night.

Perhaps even then we will find
With our silent siege of time
That the Kinship sails on blind.
When the mindful heart
Meets the heartless mind.
1.9k · Nov 2014
Stage Fright
Rob Rutledge Nov 2014
The stage is large and daunting
a warning basking under orange lights.
the actor is thrown into the scene
somewhere from off of stage right.
Shrinking from the glare to the night
Transfixed by sight, the first time it's seen.
He has the strangest urge that this is all a Dream.
Wishful thinking
Im afraid.
The cameras were always rolling, the final credits have been made.

The crowd sit in near silence.

"Is this a part of the show?"

"I think they're building suspense!"

1.8k · Mar 2014
The Seer
Rob Rutledge Mar 2014
He gazed long into the flames,
Tracing the path of ash
Fired high then doused by rain.
He watched wisps of smoke
Curl into shadows of the moon,
Felt the star crossed lovers
Blossom far too soon.
He scatters the shore with shells
Following the path of bones,
Wherein he discovers everyones future
But his own.
1.7k · Dec 2013
Rob Rutledge Dec 2013
The words they slept in shadows,
Unspoken in the night.
When a hand reached forth
With nightshade blade,
To poison anothers plight.

Sweet dreams,
Oh Lord of Lamentations.
Let the aether surround
With reams of false augmentation.
For the sick and the weak
Those we ignore and mistreat
Are no longer eight hours away.
Empires will fall
While we rest and decay
Cerebrally enslaved
To the light of day.
1.7k · Sep 2013
Debt (haiku)
Rob Rutledge Sep 2013
Always pay your debts.
Whether it's money owed or
An apology.
1.7k · May 2015
Winter's Envy
Rob Rutledge May 2015
What words would Winter whisper,
When the last warm rays
Of sweet Summer sister
Have shone beyond forgone horizons?
His hands clasp blistered,
Embraced by the rhythm of fate.
Love conquers all but his envy is great,

And it grows,

And it blows,

And the Winds are rising,

Giving voice to once silent trees.
Through the maelstrom
Winter watches.
A feeble man on bended knees
Cradles the embers of fire.
Winter froze with desire
While stunned by despair,
That even man could find warmth
While his sky lay frozen and bare.
1.6k · Mar 2015
Rob Rutledge Mar 2015
A tiny flame huddled close to fading wick
A rag doll seized in the fist of a tempest.
Fading quick,
Wax molten in our grip.
Burning, viscous through trembling fingers it slips.
Knuckles crack like the fire in the hearth
Consuming logs uprooted from the earth
Giving birth to each ember on the mantle,
Dancing decay around subdued bowing candles.

Crying white tears upon the silent tables
The evening sneers at hush filled fables.
Horses bray in solemn stables
Dreaming of pastures new,
Wick snuffed out by daylights fingers
Flame made still by the morning dew.
1.6k · Jan 2013
Rob Rutledge Jan 2013
I am a criminal,
So you and the papers say.
They would put me away
For countless nights and days.
Tucked away "safe" in jail,
All for the choice of herbs I inhale.
That they would only have their way...

Yet I am no marauding mobster,
No gangster for hire.
I smoke in the evenings
When daylight is fleeting
And withdraw to my rooms to retire.
I am no plundering pirate
Pillaging your private property.
I go about my day,
As right as I may,
You will find no evil protégée.  

I am spoken in the same breath
As delinquents and undesirables.
The infamously unfavourable,
Mire on our tireless society.
Well I am tired now,
I've grown weary of living
In your narrow minded
Make believe.

Yet I leave you be.
Keep to mine and own.
It is you who lights the torches
From high deluded throne.
It is you who crafted and rounded
That perfect stone,
Hurled with such indiscrimination
Always many, never alone.

Each night now I wonder,
When I cross that imaginary line.
Such fools we've been,
The waste obscene,
Who really commits the crime?
1.5k · Aug 2018
Et Tu?
Rob Rutledge Aug 2018
The knife feels kind of nice.
Despite the fact it intrudes,
Protrudes from a wounded back.
The price we pay, I guess,
Closeness never quite manifests.
But it's good to know, you know?
Those who feign familiarity
Friendships staged and put on show,
Critics acclaim, shamed curtains close.
Characters who grew into the role
Far fetched with hyperbole.
Lines they speak with finesse
Lies smooth the noose of regret.
Confused they peruse part two.
I think therefore I forget.
1.5k · Jul 2014
Rob Rutledge Jul 2014
Against a dark background
On this backwater planet,
We are all just hicks and heathens
In the grand scheme of galactic beings.


Don't speak so loud.

It's best to remain hidden,
Out of sight, safe and sound.
Like the lost amazonian tribe

That rues the day it was found.
1.5k · Jun 2012
Moral Decay
Rob Rutledge Jun 2012
Once donned,
This shinning suit of armour
Now lies cracked and worn
Through chemistry.
In an age forlorn of chivalry,
Good intentions turn to dust
As honour gives way to lust.

We shall do what we must.
And must do what we shall
In a shallow state of mind.
For when I replaces us,
We know all hope is lost.
1.5k · Jun 2012
Human Condition
Rob Rutledge Jun 2012
What is it about the human condition,
That we have to drink
Must cease to think,
Just to lose our inhibition?
No remission from ourselves
As we delve
Into the mind of a madman;

He screams, obscene.
"Give me your custodial sentence
For lack of repentance untoward
My mind!"
Or are you afraid to find
Your so called sanity
Has left you blind.
1.4k · Apr 2012
Rob Rutledge Apr 2012
I remember so much and yet so little of that day,
I remember the woods near our home where I would used to play.
The den I made, smothered by oak and fern,
The dragonflies sailing zephyrs and their power that I yearned.

I remember clearer the presence of my father,
Struggling through gaps he was far to large for,
His smile strangely absent that day.
I remember words he whispered
"come child, today we are away."

Those words mean little now
So much more than they did back then,
When my mind idled with dragonflies
Locked in that wooden den.

I remember seeing the earth
Looking still, if not serene.
Defiant in it's rotation.
As countless ships,
Starward monoliths
Depart with naive expectation.

Some decided to stay,
As some always do.
The rest sail for space in search of silent refuge.
Once more we forgot ourselves
Embracing our own  foolish divinity.
Forgetting the folly of our past
As it echoes unto infinity.

I remember once, now gazing at alien constellations,
The lines we drew in shale and sand to mark our different nations.
The pettiness we adored and the diplomacy we abhorred,
We burnt the earth behind us
And fled unto the stars.
The last thing I remember,
That day in late September,
The last solar systems' ember
Was the rusting glow of Mars.

I forgot how much I missed that home
Over the twelve cold years in space alone.
This place is not so bad,
But the trees weep strange,
Leaves drooped and sad.
From my window I see my grandson run
Chasing the shadows of new earth's twinned suns.
Fresh from the forrest
A new found den.
A second chance
Fail again.
1.4k · Jan 2016
Rain Lashed Eyes
Rob Rutledge Jan 2016
I see you in the storm
Of rain lashed eyes,
I feel you in the wind
And tumultuous tides.
I see you in the fire
Splendid tendrils of desire,
I hear you in the songs
Of solemn, mournful choirs.

I found you in the stars
Sat upon the shoulders of Orion.
I found you in the shadows
Another lonesome scion.
I found you in the fall,
Leaves encaptured and enthralled.
The weight of an oceans promise,
The allure of waters call.

Yet for all our senses we couldn't see
The sense of foreboding melancholy.
That which was found in the depths of the sea
You found it all,
All except for me.
1.3k · Oct 2014
Life is a Library
Rob Rutledge Oct 2014
Life is a library, but
Too many of our pages are blank,
Our words transparent
Forced into dogeared corners.
Not spineless per se,
But visiting a chiropractor regularly.  
Covering our selves in judgments
Worn with both shame and pride.
We tire of the climb and the thinning air
We bookmark the times we falter
And when we shield our eyes from the glare.
Our minds are marked by the epithets
Gifted unto us by others.  
Some arrows fly true to the bone
Others are way off the mark.
And when our final pages have been read,
The book loaned out or discarded
All that remains of us is said
In a line on granite epitaph
The truth of the dead forever guarded.
1.3k · May 2018
Flowers on Death Row
Rob Rutledge May 2018
We wage wars with words,
Whetstoned sharpened wit.
Wounds win rounds of applause.
A pause,
While metaphors are mustered,
Rusted dictionaries dusted,
Cobwebs shed from unread shelves.
Pikes of pronunciation
Pick apart
Portraits of ourselves.
While poetry parries,
Prose pivots,
Prepares and rallies,
Stares down violet valley below.
The violence of lavender
Shines like silver in the snow.
A scent sentenced to silence,
Flowers on death row.
1.3k · Jun 2014
Here Be Dragons
Rob Rutledge Jun 2014
An eclipse at the end of the world,
Waterfalls unto the unknown,
Navigate the secrets,
Nautical bold.
Here be dragons, or so we're told.
Well then let us burn,
Charred soul.
Not all that shines is gold.
Hold close the rigging
Friction scars our hands once more.
Voyage to unknown lands
Our future lies in the sand.
Both fine yet blown off course.
1.3k · May 2015
Atlas Wept
Rob Rutledge May 2015
Atlas wept for the world above
And for the burden that he bears.
A weight waylaid by mortal love,
A weight made heavy by despair.

Shoulders burning on aether shores
Orchestral spheres fall into view.
Conducted celestial tears,
Run glacial currents of blue...

And Red.

Always Red,

This knight of that crimson hue
Forgot the purpose of his charge,
Cast off all the burdens that he knew.


That includes me and you.
1.2k · May 2013
Seven Sins
Rob Rutledge May 2013
Seven deadly sins, they say,
Those vicious voluptuous ways
We shall all share and spend our days
When the devil is at our door.
For I am guilty of six,
Perhaps more.
And if I plead as guilty
Than I wonder what you say?
"Oh none" said ever so sweetly
In the glowing piety of the day.
But what would we mutter
As the shadows come to play?
And light is but a memory
A silhouette in dark decay.

Would we lust for the last
Vestibules of light?
Would our greed lead us toward
Rage and pride?
Would we fight to the end
For that last bastion of light?
Treading over fallen fables,
All to escape the night?
If push came to shove, I think we would succumb,
For they claim these vices sinful, where as others call them fun.
1.2k · Sep 2013
Rob Rutledge Sep 2013
There was a blinding light,
Then silence,
Then a hiss.
Air escaping,
Gasping bliss.
Glass shatters,
Shadows play.
A nuke hit the stern,
No delay.

Days passed,
No one came.
No one heard the message,
No one 'brought the rain'
The solitary escape-ship
Suitable only for one,
Headed forlorn to the next
Inhabited sun.

"Nine thousand, seven hundred light years away"
The computer said in its monotonous way.
"And what of our air,water and fuel?"
"Approximate range is 6.2365r light years,
Will that do?"

"No" he said with a sigh.
Confined to his coffin
Not much to pass the time...

Internal recording 00001// lifeforms:1// life support: 97%
"This is Hal Katurn of the trade ship 'Endeavor'"
"Can anybody read....?"
"It's just me here......
In the vastness of space...
A grain of sand..."

Internal recording 000012// lifeforms:1// life support: 88%
"It's been a while now just me alone,
No contact friendly, or otherwise
In any nearby zone.
The quadrant is quiet....cold..."

Internal recording 000021// lifeforms:1// life support: 67%
"The stars....They....
They look so peaceful...hehe
What do you say?"
"Was that directed at me?"
Said the ships AI.
"Not you, the ones outside silly!"

Internal recording 000037// lifeforms:1// life support: 24%
Gently out to space....
Lonely lonely lonely lone
Life is but a race...."

Internal recording 000042// lifeforms:0// life support: 0%

The farmer heard a roar
And stopped his toil for
A moment,
No more.
He saw the heavens fall
And knelt in prayer and awe.

He hurried to the hole left in his land
Where a voice spoke in a language he didn't understand....

"This is Hal Katurn of the trade ship 'Endeavor'"
"Can anybody read....?"
"It's just me here......
In the vastness of space...
A grain of sand..."
A kind of poem story, if you got this far thanks for reading till the end!
Rob Rutledge Jan 2018
Clear skies are often coldest,
Tempests' temper seems subdued.
Sunlight skims the tiles of rooftops,
Admires the view.

The sky was never blue.
Obsidian haze and gunmetal days
Light the life we choose.
Slightly bruised.
Broken yet not dismayed.
Too long we have been walking,
Proud in our shroud of the grey.

My brother, my teacher,
My foe and my friend.
Our ghosts shall speak
Once more at the end.
1.2k · Jun 2014
Rob Rutledge Jun 2014
One more chalice of amber
Encrusted with hopes and dreams.
One more sip from the cup of life
To ground what we believe.

One more breath of neon vapor
That lifts us from our knees,
Frees the wrists of shackles
And clears the way to see.


Ad nauseam,

Until the truth is found.
In the depths of depravity
Satori abounds.
A glimpse of nirvana
And all that was lost is found.

For now,

But as the amber nectar turns bitter
The smoke is powdered on our lungs.
The vapor has all gone while
We hiss our words in tongues.
But in the morning when all is said and done
You awake to true satori,
The road to understanding has only just begun.
1.2k · Jul 2013
Rob Rutledge Jul 2013
I picked the suit,
The darkest I could find,
Black jacket and trousers
An even darker tie.

She's not even dead yet but
My wardrobe is prepared.
As the pain gives
Your morphine drips,
Your lips move
Chapped and impaired.

Do I dare to see you like this?
I long to kiss your forehead,
Tell you not to be afraid,
As my own terror rises,
Escapes onto display.

I'm drawn back to times gone by,
Sat on ancient couches
Just a child who cried.
Warm lemonade was the remedy
I believe,
With just a single dollop of ice cream.
I would almost scream in delight
My ailments abandoned,
Vanished by the magician
Only a grandmother can imagine.

But of course it saddens,
So many rose tinted memories
Blurred and yet pristine,
All rolled into the hazy image
We retain within our dreams.
Please don't cry
As I grasp you tight
And the drugs and spotlights
Pull you deep into the night.

I'll hum a tune,
Something soothing
I presume?
See it as rest and not into the gloom,
I know by your god you think
You'll see me soon,
And for once dear grandmother
I wish with all my heart
That it be true.
1.2k · Jan 2018
Rob Rutledge Jan 2018
Earth has lost an angel,
Heaven has gained one hell of a man.
For Matt.
1.2k · Feb 2014
Rob Rutledge Feb 2014
She is a rock,
She is a pillar of the sea.
She is oblivious to the waves
That crash against her feet.
She stands tall,
Head raised among the clouds,
Weathering the storms
Enduring the droughts.

She stares far unto the horizon,
Surveying all that she can be,
This pillar of rock,
This goddess of the sea.
1.2k · Sep 2019
Rob Rutledge Sep 2019
I will never believe in your God
But I will always have faith in You.
I care not for what you preach.
I care only for what you do.
1.2k · Aug 2015
Rob Rutledge Aug 2015
We could have been great,
Oh you and I.
The carpenters of fate,
Carving lines in halcyon skies.
Scar tissue blue
Vapour clouding the eyes.
To the flight of hyperborean tides,
Mythical winds of the north.
Yet their chill is real
Wrapped in the cloth
Of pride and zeal.
While calm in the shaded riverside.
Forever chasing rainbows
Over moors and mountainside.
No cauldrons of gold
Just archaic rocks and stones
Buried by the weight
Of fallen bones.
1.1k · Oct 2013
Rob Rutledge Oct 2013
The words don't come as easy anymore,
As if the very act of utterance
Has now become a chore.
Words that once slithered
From my mind and from my tongue,
Seem wrapped in insignificance.
Like the vacuous distance
Twixt our planet and our Sun.

Oh yes,
There are enough faint marks
That we can trace constellations
In the quiet of the dark.
Finding meaning that was never there,
Seduced by mediocrity
With just a pinch of natural flair.

I feel the muse has died,
The last ember of a humble
Now fuel deprived.
So I shall trawl through the
Musings of others.
To find a spark and kindle
My lovers.
The spoken and written word,
Perhaps entwined
With a musical accord.

Perchance then? If my ego may be silent
Perhaps I could take pen again
Assault the salient!
Then if determinism agrees
I may once more feel the words
Flow through me like the breeze.
I will ink my conscience once more.
Till my mind is left adrift,
Treading water to
Distant shores.
1.1k · Oct 2015
Fragile, Little Things
Rob Rutledge Oct 2015
We are fragile, little things.
Chipped china teacups
In the hands of careless kings.
Caught in the fall,
Cherry blossom dreams,
The sighs of autumn
Keep us aloft on weathered wings.
Tethered to the will of winds
The water shouts and sings.
Overflowing that fragile teacup,
Scalding the hands of world worn kings
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