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Sep 2013
The stars are falling
And yet you fail to see,
Playing naughts and crosses
In the sand and shale
By the sea.

Deaf to the thunder,
Stick in hand
You made your move.
Circle in the centre,
reflecting the moon.

Your enemy?
As oblivious as you,
When the dunes had parted
And the rift was in full view.
I knew then
There was nothing we could do.
Each locked in the embrace of
The stalemate that shall ensue.

The maelstrom whipped in and above,
All around our ears
As the salty sea spray was mixed
Among our tears,
Sodden upon forlorn beach below.
Sticks and stones
To the Undertow.
Rob Rutledge
Written by
Rob Rutledge  30/M
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