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Rivers Kay Dec 2015
Step by step, breathe by breathe
It's all okay not a thing in sight
me, my thoughts, and my longing
"what hey say does not matter"
That's what people tell  me.
Days. they go on. As do I.
Keep down the urge. I will not cry.
The perfect girl with a great big smile.
Skinny waist. Long hair. Ones to love.
How is it fair?
The words pierce my ears like a raging sweet song.
i am not what you say, I promise.
I am good.
Climbing the ladders, scaling the walls.
Drinking the poison...
i see him...
He screams the words known so well.
hits hard like a........
To late I'm gone.
Rivers Kay Dec 2015
Longing for the escape
Lost in the dreams

Missing the adventures in your eyes
I shall become a mystery

The long rides
the great new people

jazzing streets and sweet loving rivers.
but where will i go?

I'll be there waiting to be found so unwillingly.
Where is there exactly.

That my love is for you and I to find out.
Rivers Kay Dec 2015
They, where just two kids. She was so new to the world he lived in and she waltzed in like she was looking to win a prize. MAYBE just maybe, she did.

No one knew nothing of her. Naomi, Naomi Quinn was her name. She was by far the most beautiful disaster he had ever laid eyes on. Naomi didn’t ever have it all but she made the most what little she did have. At least she tried and sometimes she broke and when she broke her skin would separate with a close of the eyes and just one swipe. As simple as she seemed her story was not.
Mommy and daddy where known as just some people she used to know. Not around much to stop the tears and certainly not to see her pain. She relied on her best friend. Winnie was sweet and Winnie would never back down from stopping the hurt that Naomi had to deal with every day. The names, the hits, the pushes, the shoves. No one asked Naomi how her days where or how she felt. No one but Winnie. Winnie was cautious of every step anyone took towards Naomi simply because she knows how delicate she is.
A normal day was just Winnie and Naomi each school day and weekend until the kid with the big brown eyes showed up. He walked with a mind of certainty and he talked with a purpose. Brown hair and a great smile. Tall and handsome with a name that seems to make her want to melt. Spencer Ray was not the kind to fall for a girl like Naomi. Spencer was confident and loved by anyone and everyone.
On a normal day the girl went to school and the girls they went home, but this day was different. The skies where bright the air felt fresh and the day was good. Naomi freezes mid- sentence next to Winnie rendered speechless. He stands there speaking as she blinds but does not awaken. A dream, she must be dreaming but she’s not. Spencer speaks to her. Why her? “Dinner at 8?” spencer questions the look he receives from Naomi and with just a blink of an eye he—wait nope he’s still there. Spencer asks a new question “how does a walk on the beach sound?” With just a nod of her head it’s a date.
“What do I say? What do I wear? Why me? Is this a joke?” Naomi panics completely forgetting Winnie is still there she sits down and just sits and sits and sits.  Naomi sits until she figures out an outfit and she figures out what to say and she walks only after Seeing Winnie leaving in a car of a friend.
Racing home with a pounding heart she arrives only shortly before Spencer does too. In Jean shorts and a purple tank-top she hears the door and takes a breath. With a ragged old blue t-shirt and cargo shorts he hands her a flower and escorts her to the car.
The ocean breeze and the smell of his cologne with her hair down and hand in a pocket while the other dangles freely, he grabs it. Like the waves creeped up with not a noise made, her breathe is shortened. They stop and watch as the waved crash and the sun set as the sky turns darker for the night to sneak quickly. Not a word said all night then he speaks “Such a beautiful sight.” Naomi turns to see where he is looking as he is already staring into her eyes. “I have always loved the ocean its…” Naomi begins to say as spencer grabs her quickly and kisses her. On the third set past the white steps Spencer speaks the words “I wasn’t talking about the ocean” and he kisses her once more.
Weeks they pass and they begin to be in Love. Something Naomi would have never thought to know. Then something happens. The sweet loving kisses turn to loud hateful screams and the warming hugs turn to forceful shoves. Through this all Naomi stays not matter the many protests of Winnie. As this goes on Naomi becomes less strong and one day Naomi broke. Feeling like a failure she looks to spencer for comfort and all she seems to receive is question after question. “Why did you do it? How could you do that? Why are you like this?” With a response of a quiet sobbing “sorry” Naomi breaks once more.
Doing the one thing he swore not to do Spencer leaves for weeks. Naomi breaks and breaks and breaks. Weeks go bye and he calls. “I’m leaving you here with no return you are not my love I hope this won’t hurt.”
She thought she would make it. She was so strong but what’s there to do how should she move on? Bewildered destroyed once again by the one who held her together for so long. A best friend the one she loved and now what does this mean? Worthless? Replaced? Was she always JUST a friend?
The night it was cold and the skies had no stars the rain it poured down and she stood there looking at the ground. One two three four Just a couple more. Put them in swallow them all and right before the fall…… last breathe…she jumps …
They never knew of her she was the background they all say but never questioned. Mommy and daddy where just some people she used to know. Her best friend she was the best that there was. The boy she once loved gets looked down on from above now with wondrous-hatred and tears in the eyes that loved like a fool.
Not until she was gone did they question her long sleeves and why she wore pants in the summer. They began to see all of her pain and all her troubles. They learned what they lost and it won’t be back tomorrow.
Falling, loving, sorrow and pain. Close of the eyes, pinch on the skin, just one swipe and that was the end.
“Separation of the skin”

Love you, Never Forget
Rivers Kay Nov 2015
Sometimes an apology isn't worth anything.

It's like shooting someone in the chest, putting a band-aid on it, and saying i'm sorry with a smile on you're face.

The damage is done and sadly... a band-aid will simply not do.
Rivers Kay Nov 2015
"You had no idea did you..."

"No I really didn't"

"I am not the girl you have come to know. I am so much more"

"...I'd like to meet her"
Rivers Kay Nov 2015
He didn't make the basketball cuts and that seems to be more important than the cuts i have on my arms and legs...

I say one thing and get yelled at for "making it about me"...

"I'm talking to your brother about HIS ****** day"

But you never seemed to care about all the ****** days i had.

The first thing you asked him was is he okay and did he need to talk about it at all.

All they asked me was how stupid could a single one person be...
Rivers Kay Nov 2015
Pas plus de clôtures blanches
aucun voiles de dentelle de MRE ou vœux
pas plus que vous les seuls des thats un de causer toutes Dont avec maintenant

Ceci est la dernière chanson d'amour que je vais jamais écris pour vous.
Ceci est la dernière chanson d'amour que je vais jamais écris pour vous.

No  more white picket fences
No more lace veils or vows
No more you the only one cause that's all done with now

This is the last love song i'll ever write for you.
This is the last love song i'll ever write for you.
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