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Say my name, like a whisper among the trees.
Say my name and make me weak; I'll fall to my knees.

Cloud by senses and deceive me.
Let me know that nothing is easy.

This world and you just don't fit right,
The pieces of your puzzle are too tight.

Nothing works out in your delusional world,
Neither in fantasy or reality, all of your wishes swirl.

So say my name just this once, my dear.
If you do, the answers will be crystal clear.
Alone, she floats aimlessly in the ocean's waves.
Lost, she has no sense of direction.
Gone, are her hopes and dreams; they've been washed away and pulled to sea.
Quiet, are the tears she cries; they're salty just like the ocean.
Her friend, Water, takes care of her; protecting her from the dangers of the land world.

She is safe when she is lost.
She is better off when she is alone.
She is calm when she has nothing to live for.
She is happy wheb she cries tears of loneliness...

But she doesn't want to be safe or calm.
She breaks through the surface of the water and steps onto the shore...

And is finally **Free
The words, "I'm leaving" hurt to hear,
My heart breaks even more with every tear.

Goodbye is something no one should ever say,
Or replying that you're fine, when nothing's okay.

Don't leave me sweetie, I don't know what to do,
Without you here, my world will turn blue...

But then again, I'm being selfish and care-free,
How can I expect you to stay if we can never be?

I love you my darling and don't ever forget,
The day we first met...
And stole glances during sunset...

Please do not ever let this slip your mind...
You'll Always Have My *Name
"It hurts more than a bullet through my heart...torn, ripped, and split apart.
I have given the cards I have been dealt...even if it means giving up what I've felt.
True love comes from the heart...nothing can take it apart.
Even if this world puts up things to block us from being know deep down in your heart that you are mine and I am your think of me on a rainy day to change the weather...."
(I love you forever)
Nothing could stop their tears from flowing.

How could things be alright in the world if two little girl's daddy was gone? If daddy is gone, who will walk them down the isle? Or intimidate the boys who come over to meet him?

Or the son whose death leaves his mother and father empty; dying slowly more everyday.

The brother would said, "Me and you, sis. We'll grow old and raise our kids together."

The uncle and godfather that will never be seen again.

The family that was broken, will take forever to heal. The pain won't ever go away and they'll never get used to him being gone, but they'll learn to live with it. Live with the pain of not seeing that beautiful face everyday, with that dazzling smile.

Even though the man who tore the family apart will now be punished for his crime, it still won't bring their departed back.

******* they wish it did.

The only thing that killer's family will lose is a little time. They can still talk, feel, and touch him, but the other family can't. They've lost him forever in their natural lives.

They'll have to wait what feels like an eternity to see him once again.
My family has been through a very tramatic 2-3 years dealing with my uncle/godfather's death. His "killer" has finally been proven guilty for the death of him and is going away for 29 years, dealt heavy fines and will never be able to drive again because of all his recklessness as a driver. Kevin Botta died January 7, 2011. My family and I miss him dearly. He left behind 2 beautiful daughters. I love you so much Kevin. <3 Rest in peace big guy.
Tears are said to taste salty,
But I would never know,
For I wipe them briskly away,
So they'll never show.

Love is supposed to be healthy,
And give you all that you need;
Not stab you where it hurts,
And make your heart bleed.

Voices are of encourgement,
To boost up your day;
But now, all they do is spread rumors,
And no one knows what to say.

Nothing is right anymore,
And this world has turned to hell,
No one is safe here,
And even God isn't left to tell.
You're something exquiste,
Unique and different.
You have opened my eyes,
to the unfair world we call our lives.
Late night talks about our forevers,
but seperate.
It could never be.
You're Romeo, I'm Juliet,
it is forbidden and in the end, we'd only be committing suicide.
But you have my name,
you have my trust,
you have my interests....
Most importantly, you have my heart, if only  a piece of it.
You have my soul.

You Have My Name.
Nothing helps my dear,
Nothing can stop the flow of my tears.

My life is perfect and I should be so grateful,
And I know that I'm selfish for feeling weak and unable,

To deal with the pains and heartaches of life,
Yet too afraid to pick up the knife...

I want relief and I want to be calm,
I want to be strong and move along.

But, you know, it's better said than done,
Especially when you're the one who's holding the gun.....but can't seem to pull the trigger.
In the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep,
I let myself cry, and I let myself think.

Daddys are suppose to remember when their daughters turn 13...14....and 15.

And Mommys aren't suppose to be sick and ill.

Best friends are suppose to be forever and never let you down.

Love is suppose to make you happy, not second guess everything.

And so, as I lie on my bed, in this dark, dark room,
I let myself cry, for all of my life's woes.

I try to be silent and not wake anyone up, but it's so hard, don't you know, when you're all choked up.

I want to cry myself a river.

I want to cry myself a river and float away.

Cry me a river and drown my sorrows with each tear that falls.

Drown myself in a River of Tears.
I stand rigid, looking into my shattered mirror.
The glass cutting all of me.
I didn't do this.
This isn't me..
The figure standing in front of me, skin and bones, bleeding out, could never be me.
Because I'm huge, and I wish I could be skinny.
The shards stick out everywhere I look.
This body is not mine.

The world around me starts to spin...I become dizzy and nauseous.

I have no control.
My name is Erin Taylor,
I'm a quirky, sometimes shy girl who loves endlessly.
I easily get into trouble and make bad decisions.
My favorite color is Teal, because it reminds me of the 50's.
I don't have many close friends...but I think you already know that.
Yet, I'll bet you didn't know that I write about you; poems about you.
I have self-esteem issues and sometimes cry myself to sleep.
And I'll bet you didn't know that you're the cause of my self harm.
I like to sing and dance, and this year I became Color Guard Captain.

The saddest part in all of this is that you wouldn't know these things, even though you should.
I guess you don't care even to know.

And I'll bet you didn't know that I constantly think of you and wish things were as they had been before.

..But one thing I think you do know is that you've totally messed up.
You haven't been a good father or friend.
In some ways...this is meant for my Father, but in others it's meant for a few other people I used to be close with.
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