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Alisandra Gray
In an Alabama daydream.    "My thirst and passion from boyhood . . . has been for poetry - - for poetry in its widest and wildest sense - - ...
Tide Islands
Lost at Sea    A clusterfuck of ramblings from a manic depressive stranger. Artwork: Me Everything here is my original work unless stated otherwise. © J.E. DuPont
18/Non-binary    call me sol. poet of love, light, healing, and life.
Montville, NJ    I love to write, I'm not sure why I'll continue to write till the day I die Why you ask? I own a pen, therefore ...
Liz And Lilacs
America    My writing is from the heart. I spend little time planning my poems. A thought pops into my head and I give it freedom. All ...
Tanya Chaudhary
New Delhi, India
21/F/Belgium    I live for music and the smell of new books. There is so much I want to do with my life yet so little time ...

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