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Renjith Prahlad Jan 2010
You were the days
that walked past me
when a maternal touch
melted my griefs
drizzling the drops
of sorrow's retreat

You were the days
that sang to me
the replies of the leaves
on my memory's tree
that refused to fall
but swayed in peace
to the music beneath
the subtle calls
of an autumn's breeze

You were the days
that gifted me dreams
where I could relish
the waves nudged
by the silver ferry
that blissfully rowed
across darkness's sea
as a flavour that was sweeter
than sweetness could be

You were the days
that deserted me amidst
the dance of the waves
that drowned me within
an ocean of solitude
the waters of which
failed to quell
the thirst of my desire
for your immortal kiss

Weakened by the venom
of the serpents of senility
as I lay
chained to the cot
that awaits my bid
bloomed again
a million flowers
that portrayed heaven
behind the doors of my mind
whose beauty spread
an aroma of glee
the kiss of oneness
between childhood and me
Renjith Prahlad Dec 2009
I despise the creation
as a lone wanderer
who bottomed once a wonder
to an abyss of blue

I despise the foetus
I seeded within
the mother who produced
an infant of wisdom

I despise the symphonies
of my creation's curse
whose voices I gifted
from the echoes of mine

I despise this halo
that renders me divine
A nimbus of insolence
that burns me alive

I despise your journeys
to sanctity's den
for the airs, a legacy
from my immortal breath

As an unjust painter
I confess my sins
to the rainbows I drew
with a colourless quill

I seize the wonder
cast ages ago
As a triumphant saviour
to the disarmed souls

The abyss of blue,
a remnant to bear
the stench of your despair
to my merciless adieu
Renjith Prahlad Dec 2009
From the wetted womb
of a season's mother
a raindrop bloomed
to a planet's whisper

As the eyes of the drop
glimpsed its world
foresaw the remorse
its life devoured

As the raindrop struck
the whispering grounds
shattered to droplets
a million around

The death of the drop
but certainly quenched
the thirst of a planet
from a martyr's lament
Renjith Prahlad Dec 2009
The silence of the breeze
flew down beside
and chanted a poem
so faint a voice

So faint a voice
I could hardly hear
the lines of which
would uncover never

Would uncover never
the secrets beneath
the whispers of a verse
awaiting to reveal

The awaiting verse
was asked to unveil
by my souls who craved
an embrace to liberty

An embrace of liberty
to the souls indeed
turned me a corpse
to the vulture's feast
Renjith Prahlad Dec 2009
Against the blackened auras
of the deserts of evil
there dawned a monarch
from the oceans divine

As the mane of the risen
cast weapons of light
fallen was the evil
to the warrior's might

The warrior of east
waved an ocean of glory
dropping a pearl
within the oysters of history

Betrayal at west
the verdict was set
by the clouds who turned
their shadows against

Pierced was the monarch
by the swords of dusk
shedding the dewdrop
reddened for death

Ressurect but will
the messiah of east
to lighten the lamps
of the evil's defeat

— The End —