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Jan 2010
You were the days
that walked past me
when a maternal touch
melted my griefs
drizzling the drops
of sorrow's retreat

You were the days
that sang to me
the replies of the leaves
on my memory's tree
that refused to fall
but swayed in peace
to the music beneath
the subtle calls
of an autumn's breeze

You were the days
that gifted me dreams
where I could relish
the waves nudged
by the silver ferry
that blissfully rowed
across darkness's sea
as a flavour that was sweeter
than sweetness could be

You were the days
that deserted me amidst
the dance of the waves
that drowned me within
an ocean of solitude
the waters of which
failed to quell
the thirst of my desire
for your immortal kiss

Weakened by the venom
of the serpents of senility
as I lay
chained to the cot
that awaits my bid
bloomed again
a million flowers
that portrayed heaven
behind the doors of my mind
whose beauty spread
an aroma of glee
the kiss of oneness
between childhood and me
Written by
Renjith Prahlad
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