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Renjith Prahlad Feb 2010
The seas wore
an executioner's robe
whose waves sung
the pathos of my bid
I followed the ripples
that lured me toward
the door that showed me
the depth to my end

It burst to reveal
a last wish
I enclaved within
the bubble kissed
by the breath that left
none to follow
to the waves that read
my words of sorrow

The last wish
that solemnly said
as the sun sinks
for darkness to rise
as a leaf falls
for autumn to rise
I shed my life
for the rise of me
behold my soul
as a seed to sprout
a blissful rebirth
from my blemished past  

Days flew by
the sun reborn
from the womb of darkness
for whom he sank
seasons flew by
the leaves reborn
from the womb of autumn
for whom he fell
but the sea which once
coffined a corpse
failed to leave
an infant reborn
from the waves that struck
the desolate shores
but abandoned a shell
which enclosed within,
the soul of a being
who perished his life
to fulfill a wish
forgotten with time
Renjith Prahlad Dec 2009
The silence of the breeze
flew down beside
and chanted a poem
so faint a voice

So faint a voice
I could hardly hear
the lines of which
would uncover never

Would uncover never
the secrets beneath
the whispers of a verse
awaiting to reveal

The awaiting verse
was asked to unveil
by my souls who craved
an embrace to liberty

An embrace of liberty
to the souls indeed
turned me a corpse
to the vulture's feast
Renjith Prahlad Feb 2010
A little was to go
A little was to journey
A little more to reach
the meadows of green
where destiny thrives
as flowers and leaves

As it glanced the miles
it left behind
a snail's ambition
to conquer a peak
was indeed a dream  
within its reach

As a second walked by
the foot of a man
stamped the snail
and mercilessly climbed
to conquer the peak
which was once a dream
to a being who struggled
a century in vain

There was none to mourn
the death of the snail
none to hear
its final heartbeat
but a million to praise
a man who stole
the life of a snail,
as key to the door
that opened to show
the meadows of green
where destiny thrives
as flowers and leaves
Renjith Prahlad Jan 2010
You were the days
that walked past me
when a maternal touch
melted my griefs
drizzling the drops
of sorrow's retreat

You were the days
that sang to me
the replies of the leaves
on my memory's tree
that refused to fall
but swayed in peace
to the music beneath
the subtle calls
of an autumn's breeze

You were the days
that gifted me dreams
where I could relish
the waves nudged
by the silver ferry
that blissfully rowed
across darkness's sea
as a flavour that was sweeter
than sweetness could be

You were the days
that deserted me amidst
the dance of the waves
that drowned me within
an ocean of solitude
the waters of which
failed to quell
the thirst of my desire
for your immortal kiss

Weakened by the venom
of the serpents of senility
as I lay
chained to the cot
that awaits my bid
bloomed again
a million flowers
that portrayed heaven
behind the doors of my mind
whose beauty spread
an aroma of glee
the kiss of oneness
between childhood and me
Renjith Prahlad Jun 2010
Bearing the stench
of my decaying self
as a prisoner beneath
the walls of death
I crave for the mercy
utterly denied
I crave for liberty
I truly desire

As the sharpened roots
of the devil's sword,
the deathbed to the cloud
painted white
by the holy messages
from sanctity's skies
pierce through my mind
and stabs to death
my memories which shed
an ocean of blood
which craves for the mercy
utterly denied
I crave for liberty
I truly desire

As scavengers devour
the final bits
of my filthy carcass
to bloodless ruins
as a helpless soul
within this skinless corpse
I crave for the mercy
utterly denied
I crave for liberty
I truly desire.

Against the deafness
of my putrefying ears
I Heard the whispers
of your triumphant sword
to the beheaded warrior
of the empire of dusk
but even as your touch
lit up this earth
your iniquitous ignorance
to my deafening plea
muted my cravings
for the mercy siezed
muted my cravings
for the liberty decieved

Destined to die
a repugnant death
as I welcomed the scroungers  
to my final breath
I silently yearn
O divine one
to be enslaved no more
and betrayed by none
I silently yearn
O divine one
to be bloomed as dawn
not ever as sun
Renjith Prahlad Dec 2009
I despise the creation
as a lone wanderer
who bottomed once a wonder
to an abyss of blue

I despise the foetus
I seeded within
the mother who produced
an infant of wisdom

I despise the symphonies
of my creation's curse
whose voices I gifted
from the echoes of mine

I despise this halo
that renders me divine
A nimbus of insolence
that burns me alive

I despise your journeys
to sanctity's den
for the airs, a legacy
from my immortal breath

As an unjust painter
I confess my sins
to the rainbows I drew
with a colourless quill

I seize the wonder
cast ages ago
As a triumphant saviour
to the disarmed souls

The abyss of blue,
a remnant to bear
the stench of your despair
to my merciless adieu
Renjith Prahlad Mar 2010
As a drop of tear
left my eyes
and wetted the stone
that treasures a life
I heard the chirrups
of the flock of birds
that joyously flew
along the beautiful skies
that reclines in peace  
above the world within me
turning it a paradise
of my mother's memories

Amidst this heaven
as I tardily walked
awed by the aroma
its splendour spread
I glimpsed a bird
who briskly touched
the face of a river
whose waves revealed
the silver reflection,
a handful of which
my mother once borrowed
to embellish her love
that lives no more
in a memory alone

Amidst this heaven
as I tardily walked
I glimpsed another
who perched a tree
the taste of whose shade
as I sat to savour
the canopy of branches
showered upon me
a myriad flowers
the petals of which
were the drops of rain
my mother once brewed
from the cloud of love
that sprinkles no more
only in a memory
in a memory alone

Amidst this heaven
as I tardily walked
I glimpsed another
whose feathers danced
to the symphonies within
the ode of a breeze
whose tunes once bid
my mother's lips
to lullaby me
beyond a door
where the waves of my sleep
rowed me as a shell
to the shores of my dream
where fantasy dwells
the lullaby made dumb
cradles me no more
but sings in a memory
in a memory alone

An eternal desire
to my mother who lives
in a memory alone
as an immortal epic
flow out indeed
as the river of love
in your womb I shall sleep
as a foetus in wait
to be born as your son
as an infant wave
the cries of whom
shall vanish the gems
your loss once scattered    
as a legacy that shone
for ages and ages
across the skies,
darkened by your shadows
that solely survived.
Renjith Prahlad Aug 2011
               -Renjith Prahlad (15 Aug 2011 : 3:00am )

Aakashamee..nee innu prashanthamaayirikkunnu..meghangal oralankaaramaayi ninte meniyil innu kanunnilla..athinartham innu pavizhangal podiyillennnalle..Appol, Vishaadamaano nee innennil ulavaakiya rasam..Ente ella rahasyangalumariyunna aakaashamee..nee ente priya suhruthu..Innoru divasam koodi alle enikku mazhathullikale sparshikkan pattu,mazhathullikalude nanvil kuliraan kazhiyoo..Garpham peri alayunna meghangale kshanikku..thulikalkku piravi nalkuvan aanjyaapikku..kaaranam mazhathullikalude gandhavum peri,mazhathullikalude sparshanathinte navaanubhavavum nenjiletti enikku pokanam..paavanamaaya pachappillatha aa lokathekku,pacha manushyarude naduvileekku,garphapaathrangal aruthumaatiya meghangal kondu niranja aakashame melkoorayaayi thangipidichirikkunna marubhoomiyilekku..arabinaatilekku..Naalathe sooryodayathinoppam ente vimanavum udikkum..Pakshe sooryaasthamanathinu manikkorukal munpu enniyaalum theeratha kathanakathakalude kathaanayakanmaarudeyum naayikamaarudeyum idayilekku mattoru kathanakathaye rachikkaan aa vimaanam asthamikkum

Oru perumazhakaalamaanu..irunda anthareekshavum shakthamaaya kaattum..Aakashatholam valarnnu pandhalichu nilkunna maavu kaatil aadi ulayunnu..Athe marathinte ettavum uyarnna kombil oroonjaal kettiyirikkunnu..Kurunnu kuttikale oonjaaliliruthi muthrunnavar aati rasippikkunnathu pole elam kattine oonjaliliruthi kodum kaatu aati kalippikkunnu. Muttathu vidarnnu nilkkunna pookalkkinnu daahamillathe urangaam..oro manthariyum mazhathullikalude thaalathmakamaaya sangeethathodu chuvaduvaykkunnu..muttathe pookkalkkoppam,marangalkkoppam,oonjaalinoppam oro mantharikkumoppam ivide oru veedunndu..veettil orammayum..Veedinte munvaathil thurannu aa amma purathekkirangi vidoorathayilekku nokki paranju..Avan varaan samayamaayallo..innaanu vimanam ennanallo kathilavanezhuthiyirunnathu..eppozhanaavo avan varaa..Mazhathullikalaal maranja vidoorathayileekku nokki avarirunnu.."nee eppol vannalum ennu vannalum ninakku ettavumishtamulla palahaarangalum undaaki ee amma ninakkai kathirikkunnathu nee kanunnille unni..nee ethra valarnnittundenkilum..ethra muthrunnittundenkilum nee poyappol ivide kettiyirunna oonjalippozhum ninne aatirasippukkuvaanaayi kaathirikkunnathu nee ariyunnille entunnii..pathinnaaraam vayassil poyathalle neeyu..ini mon
thirikeee vaa..ammaykkunniye kaananam..

Maavinmarathinte shikharangalil thoongi kidakkunnorila paranju..paavam amma..enikkavarude vishamam kaanan vayya..ethra varshanglaayi avar palahaarangalumaayi enno orikkal makanezhuthiya kathile aksharangaleyum vishwasichu,pratheekshayude kirangalaal manassineyum prakaashichu jeevikkunnu..avan ee ammaye enne marannittundaakanam..avante manassil oru kanika sneham vasikkunnu enkil varenda samayam kazhinjirikkunnuu..kazhinja vasantham kaalam muthal maathramaanu njan ammaye kaana thudangiyathu..ennalum itha avarude kaathirippinteyum pratheekshayudeyum jwaalayil mungi shirassu muthal ente udalin keezhe vare kariyunnu..shishirakaalathinu munpu thanne njan bhoomiyil
pathiyum ennu thonnunnu..

Aakaashatholam valarnnu panthalichu nilkkunna maavilninnum oela balaheenamaayi kaattil
aadiaadi nananja bhoomiyil pathinju..Ammayude novinaayi orilayude thyaagam..avarude vishaadathinte theevratha sahikkaanaavathe maavinmarathinte oro ilakalum kozhinju veenu..Aakashatholam valarnnu panthalichuninnirunna maavu shishirakaalathinu orupaadu munputhanne nagnayaay..viroopiyay..muttathorabhangiyaayi..pakshe maavinmaram
santhoshavathi aayirunnu..ammayude makan thirike varunnathu vare njan ee muttathu oru vasanthavismayamaaya nagna vrukshamaayi ninnukollam..Aa makanum ammayum orumikkunnathu vare enikkoru vasantha rithuve sweekaaryamalla..avan thirike varunnathu vare ee maavin marathinu elakalude alankaaram venda..
Renjith Prahlad Aug 2011

              ---Renjith Prahlad
                        (27th AUGUST 2011-12:30AM)

Vimookamaayoru sundara swapnam ente kannukale yaanthrikamaaya ee lokathilninnakatti
bhaavanayile mohanabhoomiyileku yathrayaakkunnu..Ennal Ivide kanunnathu yaadharhyathil
aroopiyaaya ente mohangalude kadanjedutha swaroopangale..ivide kelkkunnathu
yadhaarthyathil uumakalaya prathyaashakalude imbamaarnna prathidhwanikal..
Ivide enne sparshikkunnathu yaadharthyathil maravicha ormakalude jeevanulla viralukal..
Ivide njan anubhavikkunnathu yaadhaarthyathil oru pazhjadamaaya ente, chetananiranja
chalanagal..allayo Swapname ethakshayapaathrathil ninnedukkunnu nee ithratholam
jyothithullikale,ente raathrikalil prakaasham choriyuvaanaayi..Pakshe, oru maathrayude
maathrayolam polum illallo ninte aayussinte dairkhyathinu...Kizhakkile chakavarthiyude
udayam asthamippikkunnathu vimookamaaya aa sundara swapnathinullile sooryane ..
Kizhakkile chakavarthiyude sobha vazhithelikkunnathu swapnathil maathram
swathanthranaya ee kuthirayude adimathwathilekkulla thirichupookkine...

Njan oru kuthirayaanu..jeevashavamaayoru kalippattam..Enikku chaadaam,odaam,
shabdamundaakam..pakshe ellam oru thaakkolinte kanakkinanussarichu..,oru kurunnu
baalante manassinanussarichu..avane rasippikkuvan kazhinjal..avante viralukale
anussarikkan kazhinjal enikku kure neeram chalikkam..kalankamariyaathorukuttiyude
adimayaayi eere naal jeevanillathe jeevikkam..ente suhruthukkale...shashvathamaayoru
maranathe polum aagrahikkan avakaashamillatha ente ee janmam shapikkappettathalle...
Niraveettan aavathillatha Aashaakalum mohangalum ente manassil kumilukalaai pirann
anthimam parasparam thattichithari athmahathya cheyyunnathu shaapameetathinalalle..
avarozhukkiya chorathullikal polum adimakalaakunnathu shapikkappetta ente
manassinullile irunda shoonyathayilalle..Nikoodatha koodukoottiya vanangaliloode
paanju pokuvaan..Marangaleyum pakshikaleyum pinnilaaki kodumkaattinte gathiyepolum
athijeevichu oru kuthirayude lokathekku raapaarkkan..sharamazha peyyunna yudhabhoomiyileekku raajyatinaayi poruthunna sippaikalude naduvileekku, raajaakkanmareyum padathalavanmaareyum purathiruthi avasaana shwasathe sharangal thulachukeerumvare dheeramaayi poraadi maranamadayan oru kuthira aagrahichaal athil thettilla,pakshe oru kalippattam aaya kuthira aagrahichaal
athahankaaramaakunnathengane..Kalippatamenkilum kuthirayalle njanum..Enikku mathram
enthe aagrahangalkku neere kuda nivarthendivarunnathu...Enikkuchuttum maathram enthe
kudakkyu keezhe athimohangal nizhalikkunnathu..

Ennal, Kudaykku keezhile ANDHAKAARAM oru divasam enikku thannu, Irulil janichuveenu
shwethajwaalayayi valarunna swapnangalee..Kalippattamaaya njan annumuthal andhakaarathe
snehichu thudangi....kaaranam Swapnathil njan kalippattamalla..jeevanulla kuthirayaanu..
Njan adimathvatinte theerangalilalla, swaathanthriyathinte ananthasamudrathilaanu..
Vimokamaaya aa sundara swapnam vechuneettiya sowbhagyangale enikku nishedikakkan
kazhinjilla, yaadhaarthyathilekku oru madangipookkinu ente manassu madichu..
swapnavaathilukal orikkalum adayalle ennaashichu..pakshe ente mohangalkkethirayi
swapnasooryan swapnachakravaalathileekasthamichu thudangi..swapnavaathilukal adyaan
thudangi.swapnagale swanthamaakkunna swapnangal kanda njan, ente madagivaravinaay
kaathirikkunna yadharthyathe avaganichu..swapnalokathe sweekarichu..Vilangukal
pottichodunna kuttavaaliye pole njan odirakshappettu..Yaadharthyathinorikkalum
ethippedaan kazhiyaathathra doorangalilekku njan yathrayaay..pakshe, Aashakalum
Mohanglum niraveettiya santhoshathinte velicham amithavegam polinju..Kalippatamaay
jeevichirunna lokathorikalum anubhavappettittillathoru thalarcha ente shareerathe
aswasthamaakki..Marubhoomiyile mantharikal orittu mazhaykkayi kezunnathu pole ente
thondayum oru thullidaahajalathinay karanju..divasangal kadannu poyi..swapnathiloodeyum
narakathe praapikkam ennu njan manassilaakki...Vikruthmaayoru aantharikathe maraykkunna
ente swapnamohangalude kadanjedutha swaroopangalekkal ethrayo dhanyamaanu, roopamillatha
ente yaadarthyamohangal ennu njan manassilaakki..Vilaapaswarangal maathram paadunna ente
swapnamohangalude prathidhwanikalekkal ethrayodhanyamaanu, uumakalaya ente
prathyaashakal, ennu njan manassilaaki.Enne jeevanode njerukkunna ente swapnamohangalude
viralukalekkal ethrayo dhanyamaanu, maravicha ente yaadarthya ormakal ennu njan
manassilakki,Ennil ninnum chethana oottunna ente chethana niranja chalanangalekkal
ethrayo dhanyamaanu,oru kurunnu baalante chundilpirakunna punchiriyude maathru
janmam, oru paazhjadamaaya kalippaattathinte janmam...ennu njan manassilaakki...


Vaathilukal pinnum thurannu.."Madangivaru kalippattame"..Kurunnu baalante chundil veendum
oru niranja punchiri pirannu...

                           -----Renjith Prahlad
Renjith Prahlad Dec 2009
From the wetted womb
of a season's mother
a raindrop bloomed
to a planet's whisper

As the eyes of the drop
glimpsed its world
foresaw the remorse
its life devoured

As the raindrop struck
the whispering grounds
shattered to droplets
a million around

The death of the drop
but certainly quenched
the thirst of a planet
from a martyr's lament
Renjith Prahlad Sep 2010
Through a petite shimmer
that unravels large
as a blackened rainbow
in this whitened mirage
I glimpsed the thespians
of nature, afar
the romances of whom
always fell apart

Through a petite shimmer
that unravels large
I glimpsed the kiss
of twilight and dawn
the betrothed pair
betrayed at last
by the shadows born
from the womb of fall

Through a petite shimmer
that unravels large
I glimpsed the awaiting
mote of sand
for the single kiss
of a drop of sea
the wetness of which
an embrace to be

The drop was alas!
wrenched away
by the vicious ocean
oarsmen as waves
As the mote of sand
looked on and on
strangled was the drop
by the murderers around
leaving the mote
awaiting in vain
for the single kiss
that will never remain

Through a petite shimmer
that unravels large
I glimpsed the kiss
of the soaring breeze
to the greenish cheeks
of a branch's leaf

The breeze was alas!
brutally deceived
as the odes of peace
from its whispering breath
beheaded the leaf  
chanting words of death
Betrayal O!Breeze
Order of the storm
Your love,a dream
in the years to come.

As birds with feathers
of seconds of the past
lay dead and cold
on my memory's path
as a drop of rain
from the clouds above
paint myriad wrinkles
in the whitened mirage
the petite shimmer
that unraveled large
grows brutally dimmer
and enlightens my last

As the hideous shadow
of the glowing monarch
arose from the seas
with scroungers as drops
the birth of a dawn
as dark as dusk
bloomed the flower
in the aden of death

Blinded was I
to the eternal kiss
of the lips of the shell
that closes in bliss
Blinded was I
to the eternal love
not ever senile,
but remains a bud

A futile beholder
of otiose memories
Iam indeed a rainbow
eclipsed and maligned
by the merciless touch
of the curse of sight
of loves betrayed
and shattered to bits
of flowers that lost
its aroma within.
Renjith Prahlad Dec 2009
Against the blackened auras
of the deserts of evil
there dawned a monarch
from the oceans divine

As the mane of the risen
cast weapons of light
fallen was the evil
to the warrior's might

The warrior of east
waved an ocean of glory
dropping a pearl
within the oysters of history

Betrayal at west
the verdict was set
by the clouds who turned
their shadows against

Pierced was the monarch
by the swords of dusk
shedding the dewdrop
reddened for death

Ressurect but will
the messiah of east
to lighten the lamps
of the evil's defeat

— The End —