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Real4God Mar 2014
Blonde hair, blue eyes
In the night she cries and cries..
It was four years ago of living hell
But you've made it fairly well

You were blind
You could not see
All that you were ending

But He saved you from yourself
Picked you up out of the dirt
Cleaned you up and restored you
He gave you life and authority
There's no reason to remain
Full of shame and cloaked in pain

I learned from you, Mary.
You're NOT forever 15.

So much on my heart tonight
So much on my mind
And if I could I'd ask, Why?
Why look back?
Stepping back is no way to walk into the future
You're stronger than the past
You're better than you know
You are not who you were
You're not alone
Talitha Koum

I may be steering in the wrong direction
But this feels familiar. Broken
I recognize this hurt too well
Discernment has something to tell

I may be selfish for hurting
But I know you're hurting too
By life which is so unexpected
With changes made, some regretted
But the battle is not yours
Flesh is not made to win the war
I know your scarred and tired
But merely your weakness is required

God has you
He's been holding your hand
He's picked you up now for your legs have grown feeble
Steady now He walks with you as your tears hit His shoulder
Collecting them, He cries too
He knows the pain that's gripping you

But remember, dear child, His promise to you
He will give you rest.
In the midst of every burden, little one,
He will give you rest.
'Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.'

'Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.' -Matthew 11:28-30
Real4God Dec 2013
With God, all things are possible
All things inside His Will
My heart beats fast asking for this
Believing, not for my glory, but for His
We will meet
And I will greet
Her to You
Please Lord, for me, come through
There's no way for me to pay
So it's up to You to pave the way
Trust is hard
Faith is hard
But I trust Your faithfulness
I have faith in Your goodness
You know my heart
I feel Your heart
To win a contest could be
Such a great testimony
To be a witness would be
A healthy planted seed
For March 1 8
Patiently, I will wait
This poem definitely isn't anything great, more of a prayer. Praying for the opportunity of a lifetime.
In order for this to happen, God literally has to make the way!! Without His hand on this situation, it won't happen. Trusting for His provision and guidance!!! Please pray with me for March 18 of 2014! I'll give details later down the road. Thank you!
Real4God Dec 2013
I'm so scared
Sitting here with my cold heart bare
I'm tangled and broken
And there are so many thoughts I've left unspoken

At this crossroad I'm not sure where to turn
There are two paths for which I yearn
The Light
Choosing this path would be bright
The dark
This path, lately, has my interests sparked

I'm terrified
Because, for once, I feel dark inside
I want just to run away from it all
I want to hide in God's arms and not fall
When did the world become my desire?
How long has it been since my heart was on fire?

Inside, I'm crying
Everything hurts and I feel like I'm dying
To give up or keep going?
This is the question inside that keeps growing

I don't like who I am today
I'm not even sure how things got this way
And Bruised
I've forgotten His grace
And somehow forgotten how to win this race

When I look in the mirror
I shudder
Who's reflection is that staring back at me?
Because I know that this can't be Erin I see
How can God still call me His?
How can He love me through all of this?

I'm sorry, I am
Please cleanse me in Your blood, my Lamb
Sacrifice was made for my life
So how can I turn my back on Christ?

Help me, pick me up
Give me the strength not to give up
I feel like a chicken with its head cut off
Running to everything but the cross
Remind me again of Your unending love
Tell me again because I don't feel loved

Broken I am, and broken I've been
Please Jesus kneel down and heal me again

This storm could destroy me
But to You it's a breeze
Sing over me Your beautiful song
Bring me back, Lord, to where I belong

As I rest my head tonight
All I can do is hand You this fight
And because of You, l'll sleep in peace
And tomorrow wake to new mercies
War wages on between the Light and the dark.
Please, if you read this, pray for my heart.
Real4God Nov 2013
Maybe she's hurting worse than we can believe
It's life and fame that have hurt her, you see
Living in the spotlight can't all be fun
Every cruel word thrown must weigh a ton
Young and broken, caught between two worlds

      am I the only one who hurts for this girl?

Constantly praying for her heart and her life
Yes, she's a mess, but she's loved by Christ
Rejected and ridiculed, recognized and raved
Unfortunately, though, she doesn't know the Way
Someone help her, open her eyes

      am I the only one who cares if she cries?

Masked and amused by the world and the fame
In the end, she'll leave this world just as she came
Lies surround her about who she should be
Each lie entangles her, she needs to be freed
Yes, Jesus died for her

      He came to forgive and cleanse and redeem her!

Call on His name, girl
Your value is worth more than diamonds and pearls
Run to Him and accept His Truth
Unconditional is the love that He offers to you
Salvation is yours, take His free gift

       *Jesus died so that you could live.
Real4God Nov 2013
In the night this woman becomes a little girl.
She feels mighty small in this gigantic world.
Alone in the room. No one sees her there.
Just a quiet ghost sitting in an empty chair.
She's seen sunny days and cloudy rain showers.
Over time she's seen the growth of these beautiful flowers.
But with the reccuring events she has grown so bored.
It's like some ancient object that was once adored.
The item is precious and makes up her dreams.
But from her sleep she awakes with heartbreaking screams.
Fear sets in. It takes its toll.
It devours her heart and leaves a hole.
Her God. Her solution. He's very close.
And in His hands she places her highest hopes.
She looks to her right and to her left.
She realizes God is the only One left.
She prays for a change and a brand new flame.
With everything she has, she calls on His name.
Of course she bruises. She's only human.
But in the morning this little girl will become a woman.
Real4God Nov 2013
Can't wait for the day when the sky is blue.
When the clouds are gone and the tears are too.
Someday soon, you'll wear a real smile.
The end result will be worth this drawn out trial.
Don't give up. Don't back down.
God will lift your feet off the cold, hard ground.
I know it. I believe it.
And soon you'll receive it.
You'll be okay.
One day.
For my mom.
Real4God Nov 2013
I've come so far.
Climbed through struggles and lived through war.
Broken and empty but had no clue.
Lord, i had no idea that i needed You.
You took me from the bottom and placed me at the top.
From that day on, Your love has never stopped.
It's been almost five years.
I never could've imagined being right here.
Looking back, i can't believe how fast time flies.
The more You reveal, the more my old self dies.
So long, i had been sinking and dying under water.
And You jumped in to save me, like a loving Father.
Waves of the world kept knocking me down.
But now it's only in Your love that i drown.
By Your grace, i'm new and improved.
Living a life made possible only by You.
Thanks is on my tongue, but it's not enough.
Finding words to express my gratitude is extremely tough.
I'll follow Your words and listen to Your voice.
Living this life is my only choice.
I praise You. I thank You.
I love You. I need You.
Lord, i really can't wait til i see You!
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